Police Administration Essay

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Police Administration

In the general concern of police administration, strategic program evaluation is indeed important for the effectiveness of their service and function in the society. Through the thorough evaluation and analysis of their administration and programs, the police organization can understand their processes and strategies in which they can notice their challenges, pitfalls, and problems thus ensuring measures to further develop their performance and service.

Another is that through evaluation, the police administration can likewise determine their strengths and advantages, which they can incorporate in their organizational development and further performance plan. Indeed, with the knowledge determined in the administration and program evaluation, the police organization can find effective solutions and strategies for the realization of further development in their function as public servants.

However, for the effectiveness of the program evaluation, certain measures must be implemented to achieve the desired results and information accuracy. In this aspect, most evaluations of the police organization programs are conducted by outsiders from the said institutions who mainly represent the public sector which are the primary target of the said program. There are three reasons for this arrangement namely as inclined with humanitarian concern, neutrality view, and the awareness campaign for the fundamental characteristics of the program.

Indeed, the dialogue of program evaluation by outsiders counteracting the police institutions is arranged mainly for the intention of achieving effective influence and positive results from the program for the benefit of its target namely the public sector. The arrangement placing outsiders as the evaluators of the programs and strategies of the police organizations is established based on three reasons inclined towards the effectiveness of the police function concern.

The first involves humanitarian concern wherein the outside evaluation will be conducted on the perspective of its target sector and the realization of its effects on the public. In the process of outside evaluation, the examiners can thoroughly consider whether the said police program, strategy, or action will be either advantageous or detrimental to their concern.

With them conducting the evaluation as the party representing the public interest, they can significantly determined if there are any abusive characteristics or grounds in the program which would be contradictory to the function and responsibility of the police department. Another reason for the said evaluation arrangement is the neutrality pursuit wherein both parties namely the police force and the public sector desire a transparent and unbiased view on the examination.

Having an outside party conduct the program evaluation will result to a process free from the political nature and pressure existing inside the police organization. With this arrangement, any bias qualities inside the program can be reduced or even eliminated as both contrasting parties have reviewed and commented on the nature of the said program. The third reason for the said arrangement in police program evaluation lies in the awareness campaign and interest of the police organization.

In this concern, the police group must acknowledge the presence and relevance of the public sector representation in terms of information dissemination and awareness. Manifested in the outside party evaluation, a party representing the public must be allowed to investigate and acquire knowledge regarding the program of the police organization. Having been informed of the program’s nature and characteristics, the said party can aid the public in understanding the purpose and relevance of that program thus, gaining the trust, support, and participation of the public sector.

Indeed, doing the arrangement of outside party evaluation can effectively aid the interest of the program of manifesting the function of the police organization and benefit the need of the public sector. In the pursuit of achieving effectiveness in the action and performance of the police organization, programs embodying the function of the organization are created as part of their action. In the concern of achieving the beneficial interest from the police performance, the arrangement establishing outside parties to evaluate and examine the performance program of the police organization is created.

This approach is developed mainly based on the reasons of humanitarian concern, transparency in the organization’s activities, and the interest of the public for awareness in the presence and activities of the police organization. In general, the development of the said arrangement as part of the procedural activity of the police organization is for the effectiveness of their function and duty of protecting the welfare of the public and promoting peace in the society.

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