Poles Reading Fewer and Fewer Books Essay

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Poles Reading Fewer and Fewer Books

Poles reading fewer and fewer books – speculating about the causes Fewer and fewer Poles are reading books nowadays. It is mostly visible in the libraries, book stories and even in the reading rooms. What are the causes of such phenomena? Let us look at three of them: lack of time, the rise of technology and laziness. It seems that the main cause might be that Poles have no time for reading books. These days more and more people are overworked, and when they finally have their leisure time they prefer to go to the cinema or to the party rather than read books.

Going to the library and borrowing books also requires some time and may be problematic to many people. Another important cause is that technology plays an important role in many people’s lives. The new technology, which is developing day by day offers a lot of facilities, interesting methods of spending time. People are focused on gaining new abilities, moving with the times and books are often considered as something archaic and unnecessary. What may also contribute to such a phenomenon as reading fewer and fewer books by Poles is the fact that they are simply lazy.

It seems that going to the library and borrowing a book demands too much effort for contemporary people. As far as teenagers are concerned, they prefer much easier things to do, for example staring at the television, playing video games or going to a pub. Taking everything into consideration, I can state that reading books by Poles as a way of spending their free time is becoming less popular. Nowadays people spend their time mainly on working and are generally not interested in books. It can be difficult to change this negative attitude towards reading but it is certainly worth trying.

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