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Points of change and contention over funding Essay

Essay Topic:

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Smiling perhaps is very common among all the cultures of the world. A smile can start or end a war. A smile could even be immortalized and glorified just like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Basically, a smile has some unexplainable power to make any situation somewhat lighter. However, misusing a smile could also spark disputes. The complexity and the potential of a smile is explored by profit-oriented groups. And as it turns out, a smile could really attract profit.

Prioritizing how to smile is just as essential as planning the whole business.

This simple yet effective practice is what some of the business sector is overlooking. People work hard for their money, not to mention life is getting more complicated as time passes. So it is just understandable that people would be carefully thinking—sometimes even over-thinking how would they spend their money. A smile could wash away that fear of spending. A smile is the business sector’s way of communicating that the customers are being valued.

Moreover, a smile is the business sector’s way of saying that it is a pleasure providing the customers with quality product and service. If we would observe the evolution of the market, enterprising people were initially offering very basic products, then things got more complex as time passed by. Let us take for example food, in the earlier years of the market almost any variety of food, as long as it is edible, proven delicious, and safe for consumption people would buy them.

However, we could just observe the how the food industry had evolved. People now are considering the packaging, nutrition facts, taste, and other details. In sophisticated restaurants, presentation is being considered as just as important as taste. This overload of details to analyze is likely to intimidate the consumers. However, if a smile is incorporated in the presentation of the food, the consumer’ thinking would circle back to the basics. A smile would tell the consumers that the food is edible, delicious, and safe for consumption.

And as an added effect, a smile would suggest that eating the food would be an enjoyable experience. This analogy of putting a smile in the food business could be easily translated in the language of other business fields. It would just be as effective if a computer salesperson would smile as he or she would explain how a complicated computer program would work for the consumer. In relation to the previous paragraph, the business groups, particularly the corporations, even professionals, are being perceived by the public in a negative tone.

Professional and business groups are being regarded as merely profit-driven. Incorporating the practice of smiling into businesses and professional endeavors is one likely solution to the problem. A smile is a message that tell the consumers that a business would not exist without them. In a profound sense, a smile is the way of professional and the business sectors way of expressing their gratitude. To simpler statement, a smile is the best way to make a person relax.

In addition to that, a smile is one of the most effective tool in difficult situation. It just requires common sense to assume that any endeavor would have more chance of success if done with a smile. Moreover, smiling requires no financial investment, yet it could help increase profit. Of course, it would not hurt if we flex a few facial muscles. Work Cited True Profit Systems. The Real Value of a Smile. Retrieved 16 July 2008 <http://www. trueprofitsystems. com/>

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