Point of sale system Essay

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Point of sale system


Most of this day the business organizations are using latest technology to ease their transaction and to improve their business process to another level. They are now applying computerized systems to their transactions according to their needs. Point of sale system is one of the most systems that are used of many businesses. It helps to improve the process and to fasten the transaction with the customers. Point of sale system is commonly used in fast food chain, pharmacy store, grocery store and some of the business that needs to monitor their transactions, sales and financial status. Creating a point of sale system of a facial care center can also improve their business transaction with their customers and can also help them to improve their business process.

As the proponents see within the transaction of the Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center, they are using simple application but the feature of that application was very limited and prone for human errors that can cause of business conflict. The Proponents propose the Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System to help the facial care center in terms of security, reliability and accuracy of every transaction. From manual process, this system transforms the transaction into a modern way that will benefit a lot especially the cashier, employees, customers and the owner.

Background of the study

Most this days, many companies and businesses want to enhance and have a great technology to improve and make the jobs easily. A new generation comes, the point of sale system invented. Truly, it is so very helpful in companies and businesses locally and internationally.

The Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System was created for the development of transaction for this facial care center. It will be used to help the business for a better and easy transaction. Also it has lot of features that surely help the business. Before, beau’ secret skin essences facial care center doesn’t have a system. They using a manual computation, auditing, checking, sorting, finding and many more that was so embarrassing even they have hundreds of products. In addition, this proposed system will surely help the business to change from manual to automatic and over whelming transaction.

Statement of the problem

General Problem:

The foregoing study aims to develop Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System that will serve as a tool of beau’ secret skin essences facial care center to enhance and to have a better transaction performance.

Specific Problems:

1. Is Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System fulfilling the needs of the cashier and manager?

2. How Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System lessens the days of accounting, adjustments, and inventory and would help the business grow?

3. How Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System secure cash receipts, audit inventory away from the theft that wants to gather some data from the business?

General Objective:
To find useful tools that will help to make a complete and accurate point of sale system.

Specific Objective:

1. It fulfills the needs of the user specifically the manager and cashier because it accommodates the common problems when it comes to transactions, business process and lessens the common human errors.

2. Point of sale would make audit easier. Less errors with a systemized way of reducing the days of audit into hours with just one click away. Adjustment would not require that much more anymore since everything is already arranged in the system ready for review. Gain in profit would be most likely. Since the system is already doing the compilation of all incoming and outgoing transactions with the supply of products, earned money and money lost in the process. This will definitely be beneficial for the growth of Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center.

3. In retail, it’s important to keep tight control over cash receipts to prevent theft. The Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System will provide log-in and password program. This is the best way to secure all audited files of the business that only the manager and administrator can open, check for status, add inventory, edit the audited files and print the files.

Significance of the study

The following persons are the beneficiaries of Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System. Manager – He / She will know the reliable result of total net, payouts and expenses of the business. Cashier – Less effort on calculating transaction.

Proponents – The proposed study will be their guide and will help them to improve their skills and hard work.


Conceptual Framework
Figure 1.1

Scope and limitations of the study
Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System has its own capacity and scope of operation as well as its own limitation and incapable to do.


The study can do easy and faster transaction, do printing like receipt using this system, saving list of the data and manage the sales of the facial care center. It can accept barcode reading and count the number of each product in inventory list and it has a meter percentage and message alert so that the user can check and be warned for their inventory list. It recognizes the availability of the stocks and inventory in the store. It will be friendly user and easy to understand the whole features inside of it. It is composed of textboxes, checkboxes and buttons, each of products will be arranged by group, it will be properly labeled accordingly. In addition, the system has a tool form where the register log-in account and settings of the system can be seen. It will work compatibly with the use of windows Microsoft from server 2008 up to windows 7.


Only the administrator can operate the tools form of the system. The foregoing study does not require an internet connection. The barcode system can be performed by typing the item number. The foregoing study will only run with the use of Microsoft windows operating system and will be limited to other operating systems.

Definition of terms

The operational and technical terms that used for Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System.

Operational Terms

Log – In – For Security of the system. User requires entering two important data, username and password. Inputs – Information fed into a data processing system or computer. Process – A series of actions or operations conducing to an end. Outputs – The information produced by the system.

POS – The place where sales are made. On a micro level, retailers consider a point of sale to be the area surrounding the counter where customers pay.

Technical Terms
Visual Basic – The third generation event – driven.
Programming – Programming language and integrated development environment from Microsoft for its COM programming model. IPO (Input Process Output) – one of the most fundamental designs patterns and makes perfect sense. HIPO (Hierarchical Input Process Output) – Technique which a tool for planning and/or documenting a computer program. It consist of hierarchy chart and IPO charts.

Local Literature

EasyPos (DPos)

Source: http://easypos.com.ph/
Findings: In this system, it has a barcode reader, monitors the log in and log out of the staff in time, monitors the inventory, can print receipt, computes the salary of each staff, automatically creates database for each customer and have the ability to handle specials and coupons.

DPos is a Windows® based point of sale system custom built for the retail industry, with a strong focus on the bar, restaurant, resort and hotel business models. Various login profiles allow for certain levels of access to utilities, maintenance and reports. Serving staff can be restricted to only placing orders, cashiers access to cash register, managers to reports and an administrator complete access to amend, add and delete items.


Source: http://www.posworldphilippines.com/possoftwares.html

Findings: This system has a report generator that helps the user to produce any kind of reports that is needed by the user.

Supra Plus has been specifically developed the ultimate architecture of Windows-based Point of Sale (POS) system to satisfy various retail requirements. Provide systems for Fast foods, Bars and Restaurants. SUPRA PLUS is an operating precision-engineered DELPHI Language programs designed exclusively to perform cash register operations on a computer. This compact and brilliantly constructed software product performs virtually every cashier operation known to Human with lightning speed and impeccable performance. SUPRA PLUS offers an exhaustive set of cash register features combined with the universal hardware connectivity, software accessibility, and computational speed that only DELPHI Language programming can deliver.

Foreign Literature

Source: http://pos-systems-review.toptenreviews.com/pos-guys-review.html Findings: This point-of-sale company offers a large selection of POS hardware, software and supplies. It is also provides software for printing barcodes and managing inventory. According to Pamela S. Stevens, POS Guys offers both choice and flexibility. POS Guys provides everything for point-of-sale systems, from scales and kitchen monitors to age verifiers. POS Guys is one of the best full-service point-of-sale hardware and software providers online that offers a choice of components.

The company offers numerous all-in-one systems, a wide range of hardware, a choice of popular POS software and three hardware support plans. In addition, you are not required to enter a payment processing agreement to obtain an affordable POS solution, so you have the freedom to shop around for the best rates. POS Guys is perfect for business owners who have a bit of startup capital and want the freedom to shop around for the best payment processor.


Source: http://pos-systems-review.toptenreviews.com/accupos-review.html Findings: The system provides propriety software solutions for retail stores, grocers, restaurants, quick-service restaurants and bars. They also provide mobile POS software for Android devices and line-item accounting software integration. AccuPOS does not skimp on hardware. All full systems arrive with a touch screen PC, cash drawer, card reader and receipt printer.

Retail POS bundles include barcode scanners. The retail entry-level version includes a single-line barcode scanner, while the deluxe version has an omnidirectional scanner and the grocery package includes an in-counter 52-line omnidirectional scanner. All but the entry-level system also include customer displays. This POS service’s accounting integration product, called AccuLink, is a unique tool. Most POS software can export CSV files and reports and accept CSV files of inventory or customer lists.

Synthesis of Related Literature and Studies

Much of the literature agrees that point of sale system is helpful, makes business transaction faster and easy and monitors everything in the business. According to EasyPos (Dpos) the point of sale system has various login profiles allow for certain levels of access to utilities, maintenance and reports. Serving staff is only allowed in order placing, managers to reports and administrator to maintenance. According to Supra Plus the point of sale system can generate any kind of reports that is needed by the user. PosGuy mentioned the point of sale system can print and read barcode. Accupos mentioned that the database of the point of sale can be backup and restored.


Method to be use in developing the system

In this concept it focuses on the components and elements of a structure or a system and unifies them into a coherent and functional whole, according to a particular approach in achieving the objectives under the given constraints or limitations. The proponent’s software development may be used to refer to the activity of computer programming, which is the process of writing and maintaining the source code, but in a broader sense of the term it includes all that is involved between the conceptions of the desired software through to the final manifestation of the software, ideally in a planned and structured process.

Cash Purchase Customer Data

Cash Flow Reports Stock Storage Input Data

Figure 3.0
Context Flow Diagram

Figure 3.1
Entity Relationship Diagram

Entity Relationship Diagram

The entity relationship diagram is a data modeling technique that graphically illustrates an information system’s entities and the relationships between those entities. In this diagram it shows the customers pay their bill while listing correspondent detail for the cashier that would input in the system then inform the owner whether the input is correct then the owner can update the data.

Software Prototyping Model

Prototyping Model is a systems development method (SDM) in which a prototype is built, tested and then reworked as necessary until an acceptable prototype is finally achieved. Prototyping is an attractive idea for complicated and large systems for which there is no manual process or existing system to help determining the requirements.

In such situations letting the client “plan” with the prototype provides invaluable and intangible inputs which helps determining the requirements for the system. It is also an effective method to demonstrate the feasibility of a certain approach. This might needed for novel systems where is not clear those constraints can be met or that algorithms can be developed to implement the requirements. The process model of the prototyping approach is shown in the figure.

Figure 3.2
Prototyping Model of Software Development

System Analysis

The phase where all possible system requirement to be developed are identified. System requirement are those set of functional and non-functional that the end-user expects from the system. There are tools in gathering the requirements, consultations, interviews, research, etc. The goal of this phase is to determine how this requirement will be accommodated in the system. There should be broad communication between the customer and the developer. Finally, a requirement specification document is created to serves the purpose of guideline for the next phase of the model.

System Design

Once all the requirements have been collected and analyzed, this time is to identify the system will be constructed to carry out their task. The system has to be properly designed before any implementation is started. This phase is focused on the data requirements, software construction and the system interfacing. This phase is also will define the hardware and software needed. The aim of this phase is to generate a system architecture document that serves as an input for the software design phase of the development, but also as an input for hardware design or selection activities.

Respondents of the study

The respondents of the study include the employees wherein the proponents prepare a set of carefully prepared and logically ordered questions. This respondent focuses on the company’s employees for a very important in a sense that this study is all about them.

Primary User

The primary user of the proponents is the cashier of facial care center that is responsible of selling and the one who are knowledgeable enough to answer the problem.

Secondary User

The secondary user of the proponents is the owner of the facial care center that are more knowledgeable that can answer more detailed to the questions ask by the customers. The owner helps the employee to clarify and distinguish the gather data in the system.

System Flow Chart Diagram

The Importance of Technology
http://voices.yahoo.com/advantages-technology-education-12209998.html http://www.shelbyed.k12.al.us/schools/rms/faculty/wrodgers/technology%20int/students.html EasyPos (DPos) Point of sale system
SUPRA RETAIL PLUS v2013 Point of sale system
POSGuys Point of sale system
http://pos-systems-review.toptenreviews.com/pos-guys-review.html AccuPOS Point of sale system
http://pos-systems-review.toptenreviews.com/accupos-review.html The Entity Relationship Diagram
http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entity%E2%80%93relationship_model The Prototyping Model

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