Poetry Essay Topics

“Piano and Drums” poem by Gabriel Okara

Commentary – Piano and Drums by Gabriel Okara In Gabriel Okara’s poem, “Piano and Drums”, Okara expresses his feelings and thoughts of a primitive society in contrast to a western society. Being an African himself, and having studied in a western society, the poem reflects the confusion in his emotions as well as the loss… View Article

But These Things Also

‘But these things also’ brings “to the centre of attention what has previously overlooked”, as Judy Kendall writes. Thomas explores his fascination with the unimportant in this poem and looks at the connection and merging together of Spring and Winter. Much like his other poetry, here, Thomas struggles to put his finger on precisely what… View Article

Mrs Aesop Analysis

‘The worlds wife’ is a collection of poems by Duffy written by the female halves of well-known men of time in both reality and myth. Duffy has created a literal version of an old saying behind every great man there is an even greater woman. These poems are both shocking and thought provoking as Duffy… View Article

‘Mending Wall’ by Robert Frost

In the poem ‘Mending Wall’ by Robert Frost, the poet considers the value or otherwise, of boundaries. In contemplating whether good fences make good neighbors, he is including all barriers and boundaries in that – including walls. He is concerned that the saying may be becoming so popular – and spouted so often – that… View Article

”I am Australian” by Bruce Woodley

Poem Analysis – I am Australian by Bruce Woodley and My Country by Dorothea Mackellar The two poems that I have chosen to analyse are “I am Australian Written by Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton and “My country” written by Dorothea Mackellar. Both poems portray the love for the country and the sense of belonging… View Article

Elizabeth Bishop

There are many fantastic poets out there today and there were many in the past. One of these many great poets is Elizabeth Bishop. She started writing poems in 1946 and stopped in 1979. Her poems were very imaginative yet serious and sophisticated at the same time. Each poet has their own way to write,… View Article

“Mirror” by Sylvia Plath

The poem “Mirror” by Sylvia Plath is told from the point of view of a mirror hanging up on a wall. This mirror has, over time, been privy to the tears of a woman over who she sees in it, desperate grasps at moonlit lies, and the endless speculations of a pink with speckles wall…. View Article

Archaisms and historisms

Introduction We often hear about words being added to dictionaries as they become part of everyday vernacular, but have you ever heard about any words that get removed? Some people argue that if a word has existed at some point in time then it merits a place in the dictionary. After all, who knows when… View Article

Wind by Ted Hughes analysis

Hughes’s opening line is sculpted in such a way that it gives the reader an abundance of sensations. The poet achieves amazing efficiency in the line “far out at sea all night” in that the reader is exposed to distance, time and environment. The metaphor of the house being “out at sea” projects the image… View Article

Shoe Horn Sonata

Compare in which ways distinctively visual images are created in The Shoe Horn Sonata and one related text Distinctively visual images can communicate important ideas to responders, allowing them to understand the perspective of the composer and the purpose of the text. In the “Shoe Horn Sonata” John Misto creates a play that surrounds two… View Article

“Those Winter Sundays” VS. “My Papa’s Waltz”

“Those Winter Sundays,” Robert Hayden and “My Papa’s Waltz,” Theodore Roethke describe the emotional and personal relationship between the son and their father. Both narrators seem to be reflecting on a childhood memory of their father. The two poems, “Those Winter Sundays” and “My Papa’s Waltz,” show a father’s love for his family. “Those Winter… View Article

Poetic Drama /Verse Drama of Modern age

Eliot’s plays attempt to revitalize verse drama and usually treat the same themes as in his poetry. They include Murder in the Cathedral (1935), dealing with the final hours of Thomas à Becket; The Family Reunion (1939); The Cocktail Party (1950); The Confidential Clerk (1954); and The Elder Statesman (1959)..(1) Indeed, Eliot hoped that the… View Article

‘Toads’ and ‘Toads Revisited’ Comparison

Toads and Toads Revisited are poems in Philip Larkin’s collection that describes both the perks and burdens of a work life. Larkin’s view of work in ‘Toads’ is seen as a heavy load whereas in ‘Toads Revisited’, it is seen as something that keeps him occupied and helps him though life. ‘Toads Revisited’ was written… View Article

Poetic Analysis of Crossing the Swamp by Mary Oliver

In Crossing the Swamp, poet Mary Oliver illustrates her effective work of poetry. A vibrant relationship with a swamp changes from argumentative to victorious. By creating a scene that every reader can relate to, Oliver develops a connection between a deep swamp and life. Through diction, imagery and metaphor, Oliver forms a spectacular idea of… View Article

Comparism of an everyday text with a literary text

Choose one every day and one literary text. Using at least two analytical techniques from E301, analyze and compare your two texts in terms of their creativity and literariness, drawing on material from both parts of the module. In this paper I will analyze and compare a literary text and an everyday text, in terms… View Article

“Icarus” by Edward Field

“Icarus” by Edward Field is about a young man named Icarus Hicks who experiences anguish while living in the human world, but attempts to fly again. The original Greek myth of Icarus states that Daedalus, father of Icarus, made wings out of feathers and wax to escape from the Labyrinth (a complex maze he built)…. View Article

‘Harmonium’ and ‘Manhunt’

The speaker’s attitude towards his father in ‘Harmonium’ is honest and realistic. The speaker names the brand of his organ “Farrand Chapelette” and he names places such as ‘Marsden’ in Yorkshire possibly having a connection of where he and his father grew up. This makes the poem a lot more personnel and therefore the poet… View Article

Poetry Final Exam

Directions: Answer the questions below. Use full sentences when applicable. 1. Give two examples of each of the following elements of poetry from the poems you have read in Units 4, 5, and 6. Metaphor: “I wandered lonely as a cloud” “By the side of the pale-faced moon.” Simile: “Nothing but a hot Swish of… View Article

The Growth and Industrialization of Manchester

In the late eighteenth century and throughout the nineteenth century Manchester had been growing. The city had been expanding and it was becoming a leading textile manufacturer once the mechanised cotton mill was built. The growth and industrialization of Manchester over the course of the nineteenth century caused the people to have three main issues…. View Article

Wilfred Owen: War Poetry

“Owen explores the impact of war on society and youth in WW1” When WW1 was declared in August 1914, a huge number of men wanted to enlist, their enthusiasm being shared amongst many others, aged only 15-18. It was a global war centred in Europe, and although devastating, also gave birth to some of the… View Article

The Poem “My Final Farewell”

Mi Ultimo Adios or My Final Farewell is a poem written by our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal on the eve of his execution on Dec. 30, 1896. When Jose Rizal walked from his prison to the place of his execution, he not only walked proudly for himself, but he planted the seeds of pride… View Article

Reflective Piece – “Why?”

Cast away in the distances, abandoned some may call it searching for a better life, others may utter. Trying to find a better way, Parents may justify. Truly, did you think it would make it any better? Financially… the world you seek to provide an answer? Where’s your justification? Does money make the world go… View Article

Beowulf: Movie or Poem?

Before watching the Beowulf movie, I had the opportunity to read the poem along with ghthe class. I thought the movie was going to be a slight different from the epic poem, but that it was still going to stick to the message that the poem had given us. As we started to watch the… View Article

Poems “Nettles” and Praise song for my mother”

Explore how the parent child relationship is presented in “nettles” and “praise song for my mother” and comment on the feeling expressed in both poems Introduction Both “nettles” and “praise song for my mother” focus on parent child relationships. “nettles” is a poem that tells a story about a little boy who falls into some… View Article

“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost

In the poem “The Road Not Taken,” Robert Frost presents a look at the choices a person has in his or her life, how he or she may arrive to a conclusion, and how that conclusion will affect life in the future whether it be in a small, indirect way or rather in a more… View Article

Response Paper Gilgamesh

The Epic of Gilgamesh is very complex, but it is also considered one of the greatest epics in the Western literature. In the story we can find several contradictions, from which I chose the friendship between Enkidu and Gilgamesh. The story of Gilgamesh starts off by the description of Gilgamesh, “the strongest one of all,the… View Article

The poem ‘Spring Offensive’

‘How are war and Nature depicted as the antithesis of each other in the poem ‘Spring Offensive?’ Wilfred Owen was one of the many soldiers who fought for our country during WW1 in 1917. Owen left for the western front early in January 1917. Whilst at war he was diagnosed with shell shock one of… View Article

Analysis of the daffodils by Wordsworth

In this poem the poet speaks to a friend or family member about a spectacular group of daffodils that he recalls seeing when on a walk one day .The poet has an exultant tone which is obvious when reading this well-known poem. The theme is introduced with an end rhyming scheme which allows the poem… View Article

Poetry Analysis- A Litany In The Time Of Plague

Context Nashe is most famous as a pamphleteer. an odd career that now would see him working for some Chinese restaurant or another. In Elizabethan times a pamphleteer was a bit more prominent as pamphlets were one of the most effective ways to spread ideas or news across the country. Nashe’s pamphlets were apparently pretty… View Article