How does the poet use the theme to present a happy event in the poem 'Blessing' compare this with a poem of your choice?

The poet in the poem ‘Blessing’ uses the theme to present a happy event which is ‘… The municipal pipe… ‘ that bursts which is a ‘… voice of a kindly god’ these two quotes clearly connote that water is precious to them and is treated religiously and there is never enough of it. After many days in which ‘The skin cracks like a pod. ‘ Their prayers have finally been answered.

Correspondingly, in the poem ‘Island Man’ the poet uses the theme to present a happy event is where he talks about his island and when the ‘island man wakes up to the sound of blue surf’ it could be interpreted that the island man feels alone in his actual situation and dreams about the ‘blue surf’ whenever possible, it shows that to the ‘Island Man’ his home island is as precious as water for the inhabitants in the poem ‘Blessing’.

The effect on the reader is that we comprehend that what we take for granted for some people is like ‘silver’ and makes us realise how lucky we are but it also makes us feel sorry for the people in the poem where ‘There is never enough water.

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‘ In the poem ‘Island Man’ a similar theme is introduced because some people that came abroad from different countries just like the ‘Island Man’ may feel like strangers and it makes us feel sympathy to them however, we understand that we are very fortunate that we are safe and well-off where we were born and don’t have to move anywhere else.

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In the poem ‘Blessing’ the poet utilises structure to show the flow of water. We can see this in stanza 3 where the poet uses enjambment to show the water flowing like ‘silver’ that ‘crashes to the ground’ and describes it as a ‘sudden rush of fortune’ because the pipe never bursts and the event that they are experiencing is very sudden and it is a fortune to them. There never is enough water’ – the way that the sentence is structured is grammatically incorrect but the writer has put the word ‘never’ first instead of the word ‘is’ to once again highlight the horrible conditions that they are living it and that literally there never is enough water…

Uniform to this, in the poem ‘Island Man’ Nichols uses structure to present a happy event by shaping the first two stanzas to look like the ‘blue surf’ that is ‘breaking and wombing’ and he also uses enjambment so the poem flows like the sea with no interruptions, no matter what. His island is contrasted with a busy city with seas of vehicles.

Stanza 4 is disjointed which is a comeback to reality from his dreaming and it is the shortest stanza because he thinks about the humdrum reality the least. In the poem ‘Blessing’ Dharker uses alliteration to present a happy event, we can see this when he writes ‘the small splash’ which indicates that even a small splash causes an ‘echo’ and the idea of never having enough water is then confronted with the ‘municipal pipe’ bursting which provokes an thoughtful response in the readers mind which in this case is a total shock that something precious like ‘silver’ to the people in the poem suddenly has found its flow.

Likewise, in the poem ‘Island Man’ Grace uses a metaphor to show that his island is indispensable for him and that he dreams about it all the time and he still has hope to place his foot there one day, once again.

A quote to show this is: ‘small emerald island’ and it could be analysed that compared to the busy city that he found himself in, his island is an emerald to him and he wishes that one day he will wake up to the sound of the sea again but in this poem just like in ‘Blessing’ bad events are juxtaposed with good events which in these cases are the the skin cracking like a pod due to lack of water compared with the surplus of water and people collecting it in ‘plastic buckets with their ‘frantic hands’.

In ‘Island Man’ the poet compares the ‘blue surf’ with ‘Another London day’ telling us that every day in London is the same whereas, days on his ’emerald island’ are his dream and make him feel ecstatic and London his nightmare making him feel melancholic.

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How does the poet use the theme to present a happy event in the poem 'Blessing' compare this with a poem of your choice?

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