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Essay on Poems

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"Up the Down Staircase"

 And speaking names in this story such as Mr. Winters that, on the one hand, shows his indifference and apathy. He got used to work there without any changes, and, on the other hand, this name reflects that he is severe and strict. Another speaking name is Mr. Bester. His name is formed by adding the suffix “er” to the superlative degree “best” that means that he is better than the best. ...

Walt Whitman Most Popular Poet

After the war Whitman worked in the Office of Indian Affairs. Upon his supervisor’s discovering that he was the author of Leaves of Grass, he was summarily released. "Friends [then] secured for Whitman a post at the attorney general’s office, where he remained until suffering the first of a series of strokes in 1873, which left him a partial invalid" (Introduction). In March of 1892, Walt Whit...

The poem As I Walked Out One Evening - W.H.Auden

W.H. Auden through the shift of narrative voices explores the different perspective of love. This technique shows us not only one sided opinions but various views. And readers are shown, that perhaps what is right in the minds of one, may vary to the eyes of another. The image of romance is often twisted to extremes by society. As human beings, we have the tendency to form opinions based on our ow...

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Violence Has a Major Impact

The boy soldiers are exposed to violence in their society which causes them to both think and act violently. The boy soldiers in the novel A Long Way Gone; memoirs of a boy soldier, are exposed to violent images in the media and in real life, which causes them to become addicted to violence. The boy soldiers in this novel are exposed to violence through movies and real life action. In conclusion v...

Stylistic Analysis Of The Poem "Going"

To contrast the idea the poet intended to put across in the third stanza he closes the poem with a question which expresses the oppression the new system is making on the poet. This is by the use of the words “loads my hands down” to show that he cannot feel the benefits rather fills burdened by something he does not know. In terms of style the poet in the first three stanzas has maintained a ...

My Researching - Sherman Alexie

This reminds and wants readers to explore their new options in reading and writing, it may save your life (Sherman 112). I think that exploring new options in reading may ultimately save my life. The more I explore new options in reading, the more I gain more knowledge. Just like Sherman Alexie, he was surprised he became a writer despite all the books he read and all the time he spent reading; co...

We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks

The poem opens with the scene of seven boys at a pool hall named the Golden Shovel. Seven is a number that is typically associated with being lucky. The seven pool players can also be seen to represent a small gang, and they need luck on their side, in order to survive their various financial and risky endeavors. The name of the pool hall, the Golden Shovel, signifies the short life expectancy of ...

Critical Analysis of the Poem “Breaking Through”

Characterization of the father in the poem is also very effective. In the context, the father is portrayed as caring for he sends the persona a package box although its very far. Unlike other father figure, the father in the poem is very mild-not ruthless and cruel. Though there is a use of belt slapping in the poem, it is being done to discipline his child. The father did do it for a good purpose...

Oodgeroo Noonucal Speech

We are going conveys the spirituality of the aborigines. The poem lists the many belongings of the aboriginal culture that makes up who they are. We are the old sacred memories, the law of the elders, and we are the wonder tales of dream time, the tribal legends told, are the metaphors used, it compares the Aborigines to the sacred things that define them, this conveys the strong connection betwee...

Rizal Chapter 6-7

-Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Wandering Jew – aroused his sympathy for the oppressed and unfortunate people First Visit to Paris (1883)”Costliest capital of Europe” * Purpose: To improve his minds by observing closely the French way of life and spending many hours in the museums, botanical gardens, libraries and art galleries, and the hospitals, including Laennec Hospital, Dr. Nicaise, and the La...

Rizal's Poem

'Through education, our motherland receives light' is part of the poem by Jose Rizal. The idea behind this statement is that the success of the country is on whether the citizen receives education. This is because education shapes the values, knowledge, and skills of a person. There seems to be a strong correlation between a strong spiritual community and the strength of their education. This is l...

‘Minority’ – Unseen Poem Analysis

Dharker also uses manichean imagery to emphasise her emotion towards the subject of the poem. She writes “so I scratch, scratch through the night.” The fact that the speaker works on this “through the night” suggests that the problem is keeping the persona awake. The use of “the night” creates a dark atmosphere and a dismal but strong tone as the reader feels as though the persona work...

Analysis of Poems Hawk Roosting and Golden Retrievals

Hughes uses a dark tone to portray the hawk as a very powerful, wild, and sinister animal. The Hawk states, "There is no sophistry in my body:/ My manners are tearing all heads-" (15-16) showing how he views himself as a ruthless king of the earth and the “whole of Creation” (10). In opposition to Hughes, Doty uses a more playful and distracted tone to depict a character who is concerned with...

Comparison of 'Bayonet Charge' and 'Belfast Confetti'

Neither of the poems use any rhyme. Rhyme can sometimes suggest harmony as the sounds match, but Carson is trying to stress the division in the city and the blunt, aggressive and violent events. In Hughes’s poem the lack of rhyme is perhaps because the man has just ‘jumped up’ and is running in a bewildered way, so again, rhyming would be too neat and ordered to effectively convey this chaot...

Imperialism in Africa in White Man’s Burden Poem

In the poem the White Man’s Burden, Kipling shows that Europeans believed they were culturally superior to the African’s by describing it as the white man’s “burden”. The Europeans believed they needed to take over Africa to improve their culture. Though technological advances, political and cultural beliefs were driving forces behind European imperialism in Africa, the primary force was...

"Mental Cases" by Wilfred Owen

In conclusion, Owen is highly successful in delivering the message that war is not filled with glory in his poem “Disabled” through contrast and metaphors. The poem was very impactful for me as it really expressed the sorrow and the desolation that the man who sacrificed everything for my country felt. I am an American. As an American it makes me sad to see such sacrifice met with such little...

Australian Culture in Jack Davis's Poems

The second poem “The First Born” also emphasises the poor situation the Aboriginals are in. Just like the first poem, it is also written in first person, but in a different angle, the “mother” land’s perspective. It uses lots of emotive language and negative words to present the enmity and hatred towards the whites “you whom I bore after”, whereas the first poem stated out their situ...

Belonging in Human Life, Literature and Visual Arts

The relevance of the perceptions and ideas of belonging in these texts is astonishing; the composers have raised issues that we are all able to understand and relate to, they create an emotional response within us, allowing us to understand the longing inside of us to belong and that it has always been and always will be a part of human life at the heart of our soul. Without belonging we feel disc...

Like the Molave

The main interpretation of the Filipino poem Like the Molave is one regarding how the people of the Philippines must work to make the nation stronger. The poem states that a region of the Philippines - Rizal - cannot yet rest, as there is still much work to be done to make the area successful. At the beginning of the poem, the poet outlines how the Philippines is dependent on other nations, and mu...

Tintern Abbey by William Wordsworth

Eric K. W. Yu is Associate Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at National Chiao Tung University. He has published essays on Romantic poetry, postcolonialism, and Chinese folklore. His current areas of research are urban space, travelogues, and the Hong Kong cinema. One of his latest articles, titled “Productive Fear: Cultural Anxieties and Ascetic Labor in Bram Stoke...

“A Blessing” by James Wright

Wright has created new interpretive descriptions of crossing into another lifetime. He developed a life where animals and humans can walk as one and where humans can walk as freely as animals. He also incorporated the common human need for rejuvenation and created “A Blessing” as a new way to fulfill that human need. James Wright developed a poem that touched on several topics, bringing them a...

The poem Ode on a Grecian Urn

The poem draws to a quiet conclusion in the fifth stanza. The poet addresses the beautiful urn and muses once again on its lovely pictures. The urn with its exquisite beauty and silent message baffles and confuses the human mind just as eternity does. The urn is a pastoral poem in marble. Even when this generation has passed by and away, the urn will remain as it has remained for centuries. It wil...

"On Being Told I Don't Speak Like a Black Person" by Allison Joseph Poem Analysis

I believe it is then that the author realizes how personal ones language is and that no person should have to defend the way they speak or what language he/she speaks. I also, found it interesting how Allison, a black woman questioned why black people just drop syllables, and sound lazy, instead of just speaking clear, clean English. She brings this up because her college acquaintances noticed how...

A Moments Indulgence by Rabindranath Tagore

The fourth stanza shows that the speaker believes that the present time is the best time to dedicate himself to God; he does this by singing to God and sitting quietly. Surrounding himself with nature, and the speaker believes the silence and free time is the perfect time to devote time to his creator because he is not distracted by worldly tasks and is surrounded by a gift, the beauty of nature,...

Gabriela Mistral’s, “Tiny Feet” Analysis

The general message of the poem is to tell society to open its eyes to children in poverty and stop taking everything for granted. I feel that the poem is an expression of the children’s emotional and physical pain that is endured in poverty, as well as the pain the author feels by seeing the neglected children. Mistral expressed that children were the future, and in order for the future to look...

Comparison of Housman's and Updike's Poems

The speaker held very high regards for the deceased athlete and felt that the athlete’s accomplishments and life will forever be remembered by the speaker. Although the speaker in “Ex-Basketball Player” did have an appreciation and interests for Flick’s athleticism, the speaker as well held a feeling of disappointment for Flick. With flick being such a great athlete, made the speaker belie...

Tone and Mood

Tone and mood are very important when it come to readign and understanding literature. They give the reader a better sense of what is going on in the story, how characters and the author feel, and how they themselves feel about what they are reading. Tone and mood, because they are constantly given throughout the story, they help you better understand contex, setting, character,and how you are sup...

Faith and God in They by Siegfried Sassoon

It is really heart breaking that society blames God or Religion for things that go wrong, instead of taking responsibility for their own actions and decisions. I am writing this essay on the 12 year anniversary of 911, and I cannot help to think about all the innocent people that have died and have been injured in the attack. Not to mention the soldiers that had to leave their families behind to g...

John Keats "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer"

The error Keats made in mentioning Cortez as the discoverer of the Pacific Ocean indeed does not detract from the overall meaning of the poem – names are almost irrelevant, it is the actions and accomplishments that are so potent in his work. What is important is human truth, not historical accuracy, and Keats has once again created a work of enormous ambition that reflects the importance of kn...

Poetry of Muir and Wordsworth About Nature

The poem “Calypso Borealis” by John Muir and the poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” by William Wordsworth two great works centered on nature that contain vivid imagery and emotional changes of tone the pictures in your mind are the illustrations, your emotions are the story, and nature is the cover. These two works inspired by events in the 19th century are different in many areas, but no...

Whitman vs Dickenson on Locomotives

This can be symbolism for how the train can get past any obsticle even in the worst of situations. It seems he wants to indulge and share this feeling of power, "Roll through my chant, with all thy lawless music."He observes every little detail of the train, it's "ponderous side-bars... rods, gyrating, shuttling at thy sides", and connects all the details with it's beauty, strong will, superiority...

The Lotos Eaters and Choric Song Poems

Ulysses show the extremes of living life to the fullest and never having a rest, whereas, The Lotos Flower and Choric Song shows the other end of the spectrum which involves relaxing and taking part in nothing that involves hard-work. Neither of these ways of life work out, as both Ulysses and the mariners leave loved ones behind, furthermore Ulysses can never be happy with what he’s got and the...

Analysis of “Dulce et Decorum Est”

I also like the idea that Wilfred Owen didn’t give much away to what the poem was about, and left you thinking and wondering after reading the title. Although the rhyming in “Suicide in the Trenches” is more memorable, I like the fact that in “Dulce et Decorum Est”, you don’t really recognize the rhyme at first. But I do like the poem “Suicide in the Trenches”, but I felt it more e...

The Poem "My Final Farewell"

His brilliance and patience are just some virtues he portrayed. I think Rizal is encouraging the Filipino youth to be proud of being a Filipino and to use their talents and skills to transform what is happening to our society to a better one. Jose Rizal is really a well-known and popular hero to the Filipinos. The Philippines will never forget what power and strength he had to die to his own blood...

Distinctive voices of Patterson's Poems and Day's Novel

It is without question that AB Patterson's poetry highlights one of the most illustrious voices within Australian history. Through analysis of his poems his love for the country and outback is illuminated best in his poem " The man from snowy river". Patterson shows his strong affection for the country in the line "he would go wherever horse and man could go" in the literal meaning that he will go...

"The Lotus" by Toru Dutt

The “lily” is a representation of the white race and the “rose” depicting the reddish skin tone of the eastern race, such as her native India. Thus the poem “The Lotus” indicates a fusion between the West and East (Dutt, 82). Although Toru herself was raised as a Christian with western ideology, she was able to relate herself back to her Eastern roots of India in the sonnet. The lotus ...

José Rizal's "My Last Farewell" Analysis


"Icarus" by Edward Field Poem Analysis

“Icarus” includes a number of literary devices, such as alliteration. In line 1, Field writes “feathers floating” and in line 3, “police preferred.” In the third stanza, there is “curtains carefully” (line 22) and “hates himself” (line 25). Field also describes the setting, the human world, as dull and mundane for example in line 11 Icarus is wearing a “gray, respectable suit...

Philip Larkin’s Poem vs Advertisement by Debeers

Hence, Text 1, with its few glimpses of linguistic patterning and deviation, may still be regarded as literary by many readers, whereas, Text 2, with its density of patterning and deviation will hardly be regarded as being literary only because it is classified as an advertisement. This, however, depends upon individual readers since point of views and approaches present in the texts will arouse ...

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