Poem Essay Topics

Last poem

Dogen was greatly surprised by the fact that making a strong accent on the study of koan Chinese masters did not teach their disciples Buddhist sutras, which made the core study in Buddhist monasteries in Japan (Tanahashi, 5). Dogen’s discontent with the style of teaching became even a reason of his refusal to take Dharma… View Article

Famous poem

William Cullen Bryant’s famous poem “Thanatopis” literally means a view of death. This poem is one of the classics about death as it offers a peaceful view of death, comfort for the living, and no matter what a person’s religious beliefs, the poem is still applicable. “Thanatopsis” views death as part of the return to… View Article

First Grade by Ron Koertge: Poem Analysis

The shorter a poem is, the more striking it is. Ron Koertge’s First Grade proved this through a magic of splendid simplicity, most especially in the last line of the poem- “For the rest of our lives.” Sincerely, I was struck by the swift and wholesome change or transition in scene from the first stanza… View Article

Drama In Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

A very living and breathing drama of life is painted in “Road Not Taken” that presents a situation in which speaker is caught in a decision-making dilemma. The setting of the poem presents the speaker t a bifurcation of road where he must decide which trail to take. He can not make out where either… View Article

1800 Century English Literature

Introduction Poems have been used for centuries to communicate, hide, preserve and transform meaning that in normal parlance would lose its significance. The significance of poems is as vital as the human race as is echoed by the words of John Keating who said, “We don’t read and write poems because it is cute. We… View Article

Shakespeare and Kafka

Both Shakespeare and Franz Kafta were the men of their contemporary world, placing the world as they see with irony and forms a juxtaposition of a psychological trauma of man troubled by the societies unwarranted interference and trouble in their lives. Shakespear’s tragedy and Kafta’s trial are the tragedies and both of their protagonists have… View Article

Poems, American Culture and Values

The poems “America” written by Allen Ginsberg and Langston Hughes’ “I, Too” are two of the most controversial pieces in American Literature. The two poems acquire such attention because of the subject they discussed and the points and issues they presented. Ginsberg’s “America” and “I, Too” by Hughes tackled values and ethics that is deeply… View Article

Rogerian Argument

The poem “Sex Without Love” by Sharon Olds is as controversial as the topic itself. The author describing the phenomenon that has become pervasive in modern life could not refrain from taking a stand on the issue, and this position can be either supported or refuted by the audience. When so many people are motivated… View Article

Robert Frost’s short poem “The Road Not Taken”

Robert Frost’s short poem “The Road Not Taken” allegedly written on the mountain interval in 1920 unites nature with a larger symbolic meaning in an elegant poetic manner. The author standing high in the sky, commanding a view of the two roads, makes the final choice, taking one road. Realizing later that the road left… View Article

Daystar` by Rita Dove

In the poem “Daystar” Rita Dove uses different stylistics devices and language means to create a message of the poem and appeal to readers emotions. Using stylistic devices the poetess hides themes and motives giving only a slight hint to readers about the symbolic meaning of the objects and words. Rita Dove uses language means… View Article

Explication on “Living in Sin” by Adrienne Rich

The poem tells the story of the lovers that starts just after the fairytale of their lives has ended. Actually, it reveals the continuation of relationship where fairytale usually cuts the story at the kisses and declaration of love followed by “The End” (a story of a Princess which has to wash dishes on a… View Article

The Junk Box by Edgar Guest

The message that I understood after reading the poem “The Junk Box” by Edgar Guest was that all men are good for something.  I felt that the poet was trying to relay the caring message that just because we might not need someone at a certain time, we shouldn’t just dispose of them.  There are… View Article

The Irony in the Poem Ozymandias

In Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem Ozymandias, there is an overriding irony presented to show the difference between the sculptor and the sculpture of the pharaoh Ramesses the Great. Ozymandias was actually another name for the pharaoh, who ruled over the nineteenth dynasty of ancient Egypt. Shelley’s poem showed the mockery which seem to be evident… View Article

The importance of the past

The importance of the past as well as its strong connection with the present times is often underestimated, especially in this era of information, high technologies and mad rush. Memories are an integral part of our daily life; they help us to learn from the mistakes we have made, they shape our character, they make… View Article

The Last Words of my English Grandmother

The poem gives an account of the last moments of the author’s grandmother. From the title of the poem, it can be inferred that the woman in question is already dead and this poem was written after the death of the woman. Some words like “… I’m tired of them and rolled her head away”… View Article

Paraphrasing the Poem entitled “My Last Dutchess”

Look into the wall so that you may see the last of my beloved woman with glee Wondering why upon looking at it comes alive for it is made intensively out of love. Everyday the painter worked expansively as he watched my woman to a pause. Asking for the painter to take a look at… View Article

Love Is Not All, or Is It?

Edna St. Vincent Millay, “Love is Not All” Love is not all: it is not meat nor drink Nor slumber nor a roof against the rain; Nor yet a floating spar to men that sink And rise and sink and rise and sink again; 5Love can not fill thickened lung with breath, Nor clean the… View Article

Alexander Pope’s poem The Rape of the Lock

There are several aspects to Alexander Pope’s poem, The Rape of the Lock which cement it as a unique and important work. Not only do Pope’s use of imagery and other literary tools create a landscape of the world which is represented here, but Pope also creates the feeling of total emersion into the story… View Article

Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken”

Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” described by John Savoie as the “most American of poems” (Savoie, 2004, p.5), evoked different reactions from lay men and professionals alike. It has lead one writer to another to delve into the real meaning behind the poem. In this paper, the thesis would show that the poem… View Article

The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

The poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost strikes me as having a dual meaning.  One perspective of the poem seems to be a statement of advice for people to take the “one less traveled by”.  Another perspective is that the “Road Not Taken” may be the road that he took and he was… View Article

The Secret by Petrarch

During the Middle Ages, European thinkers began to examine the world of humanistic thought.  While this way of thinking was not new and humanism was pondered by ancient thinkers thousands of years earlier, the thing that made this line of thought so unique in Europe during this time was the strong influence of the Church. … View Article

Comparison and Contrast of Two Poems

William Blake’s poems entitled “The Tyger” and “The Lamb” are depictions of human self. The narrators in these poems described their characterization through the illustration of the lamb and the tiger. There are similarities and differences between these two poems in terms of theme, tone, and literary images. By reading these poems, readers would recognize… View Article

William Blake’s “The Tyger”

William Blake’s “The Tyger” is a very interesting short lyrical poem about nature, the creation of nature, things in nature, and the creator or creators of nature.  The AABB rhyme pattern makes the poem very sing songy, and therefore, easily read by all ages.  There are only seven syllables in each quatrain and there are… View Article

The White Dress Poem

The White Dress is an expressionism poem discussing a powerful, universal connection with the dress hanging in the woman’s closet. She analyzes how she thinks the dress sitting in the closet would feels, should it be alive, ready to be at her service upon demand, cosmetically. When she wears decorative highly fashionable dress, the dress… View Article