Poem Essay Topics

The three stories I have been studying

Explore how relationships are constrained and influenced by the traditions of the different cultures evident in the short stories in section 3 of the Edexcel anthology. The three stories I have been studying are, Country Lovers, A Stench Of Kerosene and Veronica. The three stories are similar to each other, as they are all about… View Article

Poems “Rainbow” and “Tyger”

Examine the similarities and differences in the way Agard & Blake deal with the theme of nature in their poems “Rainbow” and “Tyger” Agard’s poem “Rainbow” portrays the wonder and beauty of a rainbow. Agard is from the Caribbean and he uses some examples of this dialect in his poem, which reflects his background. On… View Article

‘Night of the scorpion’ (page 9)

Question: compare the ways people are presented in the ‘Night of the scorpion’ (page 9) with the ways people are presented in one other poem of your choice from the poems form different cultures, * Who the people are * What you find out about the people * Similarities between the methods the poet use… View Article

‘Blessing’ with ‘Island Man’

Compare ‘Blessing’ with ‘Island Man’ showing how the poets use description to convey the thoughts and feelings of the characters in the poems. ‘Blessing’ and ‘Island Man’ are two very different poems. The theme of ‘Blessing’ revolves around people in a third-world country, who get very little water given to them. A blessing in their… View Article

Modern Poetry Comparison

Over the past few weeks, my class and I have been studying a bank of poems, all of the same theme, they all deal with racist issues in modern life. I have chosen two of these poems to compare, these are, ‘The Negro’ and ‘Prayer of a black boy’. Throughout the coursework I shall be… View Article

‘Whoso list to hunt’ by Thomas Wyatt

Sir Thomas Wyatt was regarded of the most prominent poets of his epoch. Similar to Davinci and Shakespeare, he often is perceived as a remarkable individual who possessed numerous talents. Not only did he have a fascinating personal life and background but he also addresses profound issues in his poetry. ‘Whoso list to hunt’ evokes… View Article

Comparing blake’s london and wordsworths unpon west minster bridge

How do the poets use Structure, language and form in the two poems to help present their visions of London? William Blake’s ‘London’ 1793 and William Wordsworth’s ‘Composed upon Westminster Bridge’ 1802 stage two contrasting views of London. Having both been written in the Romantic period, the two poets use their personal experience of London… View Article

Vultures by Chinua Achebe and Night of the scorpion by Nissim Ezekie

How is language and structure used within ‘Vultures’ and one other poem to bring the message across to the reader? “Vultures” by Chinua Achebe and ” Night of the scorpion” by Nissim Ezekie, both use lunguistic and structural techniques to relay the message being brought forward by the poem. Within “Vultures” we are presented with… View Article

“Hurricane Hits England” and “Search For My Tongue”

Compare how a person’s culture is shown to be important in “Hurricane Hits England” and in one other poem. In both “Hurricane Hits England” and “Search For My Tongue”, the poems explore the theme of culture being important to person, both poems approach this theme in different ways. In “Hurricane Hits England”, the poet uses… View Article

Poetry from Other Cultures

Poets who were born in Britain don’t usually write about slavery or how important water is to them. Many poets who are not originally into a traditional English culture use English in many different ways. Night of the scorpion, Limbo and Sacrifice all seem like they are poems that have been written to represent beliefs… View Article