Poaching Essay Topics

Hunting laws essay

Why are people likely to break hunting laws, whereas the people with the license are the ones that suffer? Over the years people have violated hunting laws. There has been little research for motivations for poaching. Illegal taking of wildlife is a serious problem in today’s society. Questions such as these prompted are discussed in… View Article

Rhino Capture at Kruger National Park

1. What is SANParks/ Kruger National Park’s objective and vision? Is selling rhino consistent with their objective and vision? If not, then what should it be? The objective and vision of Kruger National Parks is to create a safe haven for black and white rhinos to avoid extinction as well as keeping the park running… View Article

Poisoning of the rhino horns

Question: Whether the government intends poisoning the horns of live rhinoceroses in situ as a deterrent to poaching: if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details? Answer: If the government intend to poison the rhino horn there is a lot of factors to consider, including legal and toxicological factors. According to the… View Article