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David and Jennifer lead different high school social lives. Jennifer is shallow and extroverted. David is introverted and spends most of his time watching televisions. One evening while their mother is away, they fighting over the TV. Jennifer wants to watch a concert but David wants to watch a marathon of the Pleasantville. During the fight, the remote control breaks and TV cannot be turned on manually. When the mysterious TV repairmen show up to quizzes David about the Pleasantville and gives him a strange remote control. David and Jennifer resume fighting right after the repairman leaves, however they are somehow transported into Pleasantville living room. David and Jennifer must pretend they are Bud and Mary Sue, the son and daughter of the show. David tell Jennifer they must stay in character and do not disrupt the lives of the town, who does not know any difference between Bud and Sue to David and Jennifer.

David and Jennifer have to fix in the show, but Jennifer doesn’t like lives they has in Pleasantville and David love the roles he play as Bud. Jennifer was a popular girl in high school, and she never focus on school but her boyfriend. David always focus on school and the Pleasantville show. David doesn’t have much reaction to show like Jennifer. David always wanted his life as Pleasantville show. Jennifer went along with her role as Mary Sue but she changes her roles a little. Jennifer changes the Pleasantville by having sex with her boyfriend that made him color. Jennifer didn’t play her role exactly the way she supposed to, but David plays his perfect role as Bud.

He went along with the Pleasantville until Jennifer start changing her role as Mary Sue. She shows them how her lives were as Jennifer not Mary Sue. When people starting become color, they freak out; they didn’t know what was happening to them. Jennifer and David started showing the Pleasantville village people about their lives outside of Pleasantville, about how they are color and things they have outside of village. The end of Pleasantville, people reaction became angry about people and village changes. David started changing people feeling in the court, David show them about how emotion feel and once emotional get in them, they start changing color and feeling reaction toward to others.

David and Jennifer reaction has changes a little from beginning of the movie. David wanted play his roles as Bud, until he found out about the changes with his mother and his boss. David helps his family by showing everybody about the emotion and their lives outside of Pleasantville. David didn’t want his live as Bud, he miss his lives at home with his mother. Jennifer reaction has change a little, she didn’t play her role as Mary Sue. She hasn’t changed her lives outside of Pleasantville to inside of the village. Jennifer realizes that she like her life as Mary Sue and Pleasantville has changed her to become better person. End of the Pleasantville David went home while Jennifer stay in the village to enjoy her life.

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