Plead Letter to Go Aactive Duty from National Guard Essay

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Plead Letter to Go Aactive Duty from National Guard

My name is PFC Frye, Steven. I am 20 years old and have lived in a military family since birth. I joined the Scouts at age 7 and continued to stay with the program until obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout. I have learned a lot from the Boy Scouts and how to be a leader. I try to follow a path on which is morally straight. I attended Western Kentucky University for one and a half years, following graduation from Allen County Scottsville High School, while there I attended the ROTC program. I learned so much about Army tactics and how to lead men and women through most situations. I was approached about the SMP (Simultaneous Membership Program) contract by a very motivated and charismatic recruiter named SGT Bradley while going through the ROTC program.

I was very much interested in becoming an officer for the Army at that time. I felt as though I was not cut out for the officer role as the semester went on but felt as though I needed to live a life style as an enlisted soldier. I will then continue with my effort in becoming an officer for this great Army after getting experience as an enlisted soldier. I have thought about this decision for quite some time now and believe that going enlisted before I earn my officer rank will better prepare me for a leadership role in young men and women’s lives. I looked back on my time in Fort Benning, Georgia after attending basic training.

I realized I felt as though I hadn’t worked one day while in basic training. I hunger for more knowledge and getting a taste of the active duty lifestyle. I have grown accustom to the life style the Active Army has to offer. I feel the pressure of this crumbling economy have taken a toll on my family and me after being back in the civilian world. I have not regretted joining the Kentucky Army National Guard but feel as though I could serve my country better as a full time active duty soldier.

I am a motivated person who only wants best for his country and serving my country is what I feel is the best for me. I want nothing more than to serve my country as an Infantry man and protect the rights so many of America’s soldiers have sacrificed to protect. I am willing to do what it takes to maybe one day lead men and women through any challenge. I feel as though this chance to go active duty will give me time to grow as a soldier and most of all as a leader. I thank you so much, for your time and patience.

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