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The phantom of the opera

The world of this play is constantly hilarious as many events unfold opposite of the viewers thinking. The element of phantom depicted as a ruthless person and also as a loving person humbles me. The writer of the play shows that every person has his good side despite the negative deeds each one does. The play puzzles me how phantom let’s go Christine and wishes her well in her love e...

Doubt: Father Flynn's Parables

As a result of Sister Aloysius’ determination to get rid of Father Flynn not only does she not get the answers she needed to be sure of his behavior, she can only wonder that with his new promotion and new placement still in the priesthood that she could have been very wrong. Or maybe that she was right and he just knows how to work the system. Either way she still ends the play with doubt of he...

"No Sugar" by Jack Davis Drama Analysis

No Sugar is a play ultimately about family, identity and survival. Through the character of Jimmy Munday, Davis provides us with an Indigenous man, who although troubled by the injustices and dispossession thrust upon him, is still able to find a sense of purpose in his family. He does not survive physically but his legacy will live on through his nephew and his nephew’s son who bears his name. ...

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Much Ado About Nothing

The quarrelsome couple believe what the "love-gods" say because on some level it's true and because Beatrice and Benedick want to believe that each is in love with the other. In the same way that we see what "we are predisposed to see" (Wilders 147), we also hear (and believe) what we are predisposed to hear. The final (and perhaps most important) overhearing connects the comic subplot of the cons...

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

The other elements of the stage had a good amount to do with the story telling. They worked hard on a set that gave a small effort to make you feel that you were in the time. Was very well lit the entire time and lighting not once changed even though they tried with the change of coloring to the light with not much avail. Props looked cheap and unreal such as the ladder taped up with sports tape, ...

The Birthday Party Play Analysis

Finally we can assume that the play of the birthday party is an illustration of the state of modern man in the historical context after the second world war. I suggest that it main purpose is to describe the modern man who was influenced by the wars and violence he is lost and this feeling of lost is clearly shown in the play when Pinter used darkness in his play and this action made the reader an...

The Merchant of Venice the Three Caskets

The trial of the three caskets, devised by Portia’s late father, does more than just ‘test the quality, ability and performance’ of each of Portia’s suitors (which is clearly the test’s original purpose); the trial also affected all of the suitors who took the trial. Trial, both literal and figurative, are amazing theatrical devices; this creates drama and gives, both the audience and th...

Significance on the Title as You Like It

Orlando, when he disrupted the Duke Senior's dinner, was much more harsh, abrupt, and forceful than Rosader in the same situation. Duke Senior was the same as Gerismond in showing kindness to Orlando/Rosader when the latter demanded food. Shakespeare's Rosalind was better than Lodge's Rosalynde, for when they gave Orlando/Rosader the necklace, Rosalynde gave it to him to toy with his emotions. Ros...

Belonging in Human Life, Literature and Visual Arts

The relevance of the perceptions and ideas of belonging in these texts is astonishing; the composers have raised issues that we are all able to understand and relate to, they create an emotional response within us, allowing us to understand the longing inside of us to belong and that it has always been and always will be a part of human life at the heart of our soul. Without belonging we feel disc...

Play Review: "Metamorphoses" by Mary Zimmerman

The costume design for this play was also another challenge to create I saw. The play tended to jump a couple centuries at a time with leads to vastly different wardrobe changes. Like in the beginning they were wearing very basic white sheets, yet underneath you could notice the other layers they would be needing for later. The sound however was probably the biggest drawback for this play. Maybe i...

Critical Thinking in a Play Twelve Angry Men

The boy’s alibi that he was at the cinema watching a movie was greatly debated upon but here also juror 8 brings reasonable doubt by showing that it is understandable to forget such details as the movies name under stress. He does this by cross questioning juror 4 on similar questions. In conclusion, reasonable doubt is an effective safeguard in the jury system as the boy’s life is eventually ...

Christopher Marlowe's Dr. Faustus Tragic Hero

Finally, in keeping with Elizabethan tragic form, Faustus gets himself in so deep, his tragic flaw or error in judgement is so aggregious that it leads ultimately and necessarily to his death, thus fulfilling the fate of an Elizabethan tragic hero. Since Faustus has overestimated what he can attain from an arrangement with Lucifer and since he underestimated the power of Lucifer's evil, his ultima...

Analysis of a Play The Shoe-Horn Sonata

For this photo has captured the moment when the British Empire teetered and fell …” After this, Australians no longer trusted Britain to defend Australia. This is conveyed very effectively in the play. Misto juxtaposes projected images of the fall of Singapore with the sound of Sheila singing the famous British hymn Jerusalem. “These former rulers of the British Empire are now skin and bone ...

Allegory in Ben Jonson's Play The Alchemist

Therefore in an allegoresis the characters would be The Puritan Ananias, The Law Clerk Dapper, The Rich Young Man Kastril, and The Master Lovwit, etc., and the themes might be woven together to teach a serious lesson, perhaps about Morality and Order in a Disordered world that requires vigilance against Victimization through right-minded Religion. Furthermore, in allgoresis, the satire that Jonson...

The road to Mecca Among Plays

Helen explains herself to Marius: when her husband, Stephanus, died she “lost faith” and used as many candles as she could find, because the “candles did all the crying”. She created her own “Mecca” as personal goal to set herself free. The candles that were lit after the funeral inspired Miss Helen to express her inner feelings: “I had all the candles I wanted”. Elsa says it beaut...

Dramatic Irony in A Play An Inspector Calls

In this extract, JB Priestley also builds up drama and tension through having Sheila realise the truth of the situation long before her mother. Sheila is constantly interrupting trying to explain to her mother that by blaming the father of the child she is only blaming her own son. For example, she says 'Mother-stop-stop!' and 'But don't you see-' As well as her words, the stage directions show th...

Christopher Marlowe's Play Dr Faustus

As the end of Faustus’s life draws near, the mood of the play inevitably lurches from the farcical to the terrifying and demonic. A pious Old Man, warns Faustus of the eternal agonies of hell and entreats him, to repent. Shaken, Faustus nonetheless gives way to the sin of despair and begs Mephistopheles crying out pitifully for more time; the unholy trinity of Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Mephistophe...

Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll

An expository essay provides a suitable form for a personal exploration of these ideas, with the aim of encouraging readers to reflect on similar ideas and issues as they occur in their own experiences or in the society more broadly. While the essay is subjective it retains some formality and refers to sources beyond personal experience, and uses conversational but grammatically correct language. ...

Analysis of John Misto’s Play Shoe-Horn Sonata

The contrast of using dark images such as “…their happy smiles that they are soon to be victims of history’s worst massacre” sets the distinctively visual image for the scene in which it will be very dark. The comparison between the two text show the strong distinctively visual images portray in both the shoe-horn sonata and schindlers list. Different techniques show the contrast between t...

Distinctively Visual Images in a Play Shoe Horn Sonata

In conclusion, it becomes evident that John Misto has crafted a drama that has created distinctively visual images of the thematic concerns of the text using a variety of sound, lighting and visual techniques. In addition, Dawe’s effective use of language and structure all cleverly engage the reader and make the audience evaluate the theses of the negative aspects of war. Both texts has effecti...

The Road to Mecca Study Guide Answers

Marius almost gives a defensive response to Helen’s statues the reason for this is that they are different. People don’t accept something or someone that is different so easily. In the play it can be seen that Helen being different scares the children and the people in town only because they are not educated and do not understand. Elsa does not fear the statues or Helen even though they are di...

Athol Fugard’s play “The Road to Mecca”

In conclusion, the play, The Road to Mecca, sends out an important message of free expression that all women deserve and are entitled to and that women's problems and rights appear to be mainly caused by men. Athol Fugard distils the intimate personal stories and the physical and spiritual struggles against apartheid in South Africa that women have to face and he voices the concern that they were ...

Shakespeare’s Friar Laurence and The Nurse

The Nurse is the only guest at Romeo and Juliet’s wedding and it is Friar Laurence who marries them. Each of these characters, therefore, has a central role in the play. It is Friar Laurence who gives Juliet the sleeping draught to be used to convince her famnily that she is dead. His letter to Romeo goes missing and this is key to Romeo’s suicide when he too believes that Juliet has taken her...

Beatrice in Shakespeare's Play Much Ado About Nothing

Through the use of visual gag, involving Benedick jumping around with a grin on his face (as seen in Branagh’s interpretation of the play), the audience can easily tell how smug Benedick actually is. However, Beatrice’s reactions are the polar opposite. Instead of reacting in ways similar to Benedick, she takes a turn into self-improvement. Dismayed by people’s apparent ‘dislike’ for her...

Masculinity in A View from the Bridge Play

Without a doubt, Miller has many different views on masculinity. You have Eddie and Marco, who are two extremely strong men, and you have Rodolfo, who is extremely keen on more feminine activates. In my opinion, there isn’t a lot of difference between these. All three are men in their different ways, but one thing in my view is a must is respect. And Eddie had lost it, all of it by the end. He u...

"The red room" by H.G Wells

Metaphors and similes can sometimes be expressed as personification where the surroundings are intangible and inanimate. An example of how the author used this metaphor personification is 'ocean of mystery', where the atmosphere of the ocean is mystery, this cannot be seen nor touched therefore it is personification. These are more techniques that the author uses in creating suspense full of 'spi...

The Definition of Avant-Garde

In our performance we used the music of Massive Attack, 'Teardrop' which is about a foetus in the womb, we chose a poem about sacrifice, change and love, and we took the form of a foetus making the journey from womb to world. Visually our performance was simple; we combined movement and drama, with the poem being read over the music. Although simple because we had five different people displaying...

Personality in The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter

Overall I thought that The Birthday Party was a very well set up play, the visuals were good and the costumes played well to their role. I thought the characters were very professional in their acting and played very well to their roles. The only blemish on it was the ruling out of the Pinter Pause, which was one of the reasons the creator of the play became famous in the first place! Other than t...

Edward Albee's "The Sandbox"

When she dies, she is going to take her values and traditions to the grave. The bareness of the stage suggests the society in which we live today. When Grandma buries herself using the pail and shovel, she represent one of the millions of people with values and traditions, who is tired of living in a society that is so empty of emotions. When she dies, it represents the passing of an age, one in w...

Overview of Characters in a Play Educating Rita

Frank is a university lecturer in English Literature with a drink problem. He has had one failed marriage and his present relationship wit Julia is not an easy one. However, he does appear to have a comfortable middle-class lifestyle and has achieved some minor success as a poet. His job, nevertheless, bores him and, in fact, by the end of the play, he has been s...

Twelve Angry Men - Prejudice

His characterization of the 3rd and 10th jurors displays the impact they may have on the democratic system, however the 8th and 9th and 11th jurors depicting integrity and impartial thought counter this. The 11th Juror clarifies “We have nothing to gain or lose by our verdict. This is one of the reasons we are strong. We should not make it a personal thing,” such words mirror Rose’s belief t...

"No Good Friday" by Athol Fugard

Willie does not view himself as a hero. Infact, rather than being a selfish hero, I view Willie as being a selfless tragic hero. He could not have been sacrificing his life for selfish motives because he would not benefit from them. He believed that it would serve as an awakening to those around him and maybe change their mentality. He may not have fulfilled his purpose as the mindset of the peopl...

Feminist Perspective in the Merchant of Venice

Also, Portia was desired by men for her wealth and beauty, rather than her intelligence and personality. Women were merely a prize that should be flaunted. Their inner-value was worthless; it was their material value that mattered. Finally, both women had to disguise themselves as men in order to express the independence and power they possessed. The female characters in the story were inferior to...

"No Sugar" by Jack Davis

The stage performance of No Sugar presents the Aboriginal people as they were treated in the 1930's they are presented as being an inferior race and this is an accurate representation of their treatment during this time period. The performance conveys the groups responses to their poor treatment and is used as a means to finally give these people their much deserved voice, confronting Australian w...

Metaphors in The Play "As You Like It"

When Orlando asks who time stands still for Rosalind says, "With lawyers in the vacation, for they sleep between term and term, and they perceive not how time moves,"(III, ii; 300-01). Lawyers on vacation sleep away their holidays and have no sense of time. To them it is like time is not moving at all. Whenever I am on vacation I usually sleep it away and when I do wake I have no idea how much ti...

"Inheritance" by Hannie Rayson

It is a typical Australian value to have strong family ties. In this play, the cracks in the Hamilton and Delaney families begin to show. This is because of the different lifestyles they have lead over a long period. Farley Hamilton betrays his wife by having an affair with a younger woman, producing a child in the process. He betrays her again when he changes his will without Dibs notice, giving ...

Salarino and Solanio

Salarino and Solanio play key roles in bringing new parts of the play to stage in order to get the audience involved and in helping to define the characters in the play. Without them, the play would be more confusing for the audience, for they would not know what has happened off stage like Antonio’s ships being wrecked. Also, without Salarino and Solanio, the audience would not fully understand...

Elements of Drama

It is a clash of actions, ideas, desires or wills. A conflict is a person against person, a person against environment or a person against herself/himself. Spectacle: It refers to the visual elements of a play: sets, costumes and special effects. Spectacle is everything that the audience sees as they watch the play. Genre: Genre refers to the type of play. Some examples of different genres include...

Birlings' Crime in An Inspector Calls Play

Priestly portrays through the character of the inspector that the upper class have a welfare to take care of the lower class, “Public men have responsibilities” The inspector points a finger of blame at Birling because of his failure to acknowledge that his social position entails a duty of responsibility towards the lower class. In my opinion responsibility is the main theme is the play, Prie...

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