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|STAGE 1 | |CONTENT STANDARD: The learner understand the different types and forms of drama, the features ,elements and conventions which distinguish | |them from narratives thereby leading him/her to produced a reaction paper. | |PERFORMANCE STANDARD: The learner writes a meaningful reaction paper on a drama presentation. | |ESSENTIAL UNDERSTANDING: The learner exhibits understanding… View Article

Treatment of Villainy in Hamlet and Duchess of Malfi

In the light of your critical reading of plays, “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare and “Duchess of Malfi” by John Webster, discuss the treatment of villainy in relation to the theme of revenge. Villainy was a genre introduced into plays during the period of Seneca. The Senacan period was popular for the uprising of plays with… View Article

Literary Villains: Iago and Krogstad

In “Othello” and “A Doll House”, the two plays resulted in destruction of two families due to one’s jealousy and revenge. The antagonist in “Othello” is Iago who served as Othello ancient in the play was against him from the start. Iago had several motives for plotting against Othello, because they did not give him… View Article

Kongi’s Harvest

President Kongi, the dictator of an African developing nation, is trying to modernize his nation after deposing King Oba Danlola, who is being held in detention. Kongi demands that Danlola present him with a ceremonial yam at a state dinner to indicate his abdication. Daodu is Danlola’s nephew and heir, and he grows prized yams… View Article

Ruby Moon Monologue

Ruby Moon is set in Flamming tree grove, about a couple Ray and Sylvie who’s child Ruby goes missing. The worried parents continue to spend all their days and nights trying to piece together any information they can find about their missing daughter Ruby. As they review everything they know about the case the story… View Article

A Raisin In The Sun Study Guide

Part 1: Multiple Choice: Choose the best answer. (worth 1 point each) Act I Scene One 1. Why did Walter ask Ruth what was wrong with her? 2. Why was Ruth upset when Walter gave Travis the money? 3. Who are Willy and Bobo? 4. Walter said, “Damn my eggs…damn all the eggs that ever… View Article

Our Country’s Good, Acting Advice For Act

The scene starts off with just Ralph. I think I would tell the actor to look studious and intellectual, as Ralph would be making every effort to make the play to a very high standard so he can impress Captain Phillip in the hope of getting the promotion he has desired for some time. The… View Article

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is a universal phenomenon with the organization is making judgement about one is working with and about oneself. It serves as a basic element of effective work performance. Performance appraisal is essential for the effective management and evaluation of staff. It aims to improve the organizational performance as well as individual development. Performance… View Article

A View from the Bridge. By Arthur Miller

A View from the Bridge is a play by American playwright Arthur Miller. The play is set in 1950s America, in an Italian American neighborhood called Red Hook near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. The main character of the play is Eddie Carbone, an Italian American longshoreman, who lives with his wife, Beatrice and… View Article

Henry Higgins

Higgins is an extremely interesting character and the life of the play. Although the play’s obvious concern is the metamorphosis of a common flower girl into a duchess, the development of Higgins’ character is also important. The play isn’t only Eliza’s story. One also detects changes in Higgins or to be more precise he appears… View Article

The Shoehorn Sonata

The opening scene, with Bridie demonstrating the deep, subservient bow, the kow-tow, demanded of the prisoners by their Japanese guards during tenko, takes the audience straight into the action. As the interviewer, Rick, poses questions, music and images from the war period flash on the screen behind Bridie, and the audience realises they are watching… View Article

Shirley Valentine Essay

All literature is written for a reason, the author is intending to communicate something often found at the very core of the work itself. Willy Russell’s Shirley Valentine is no different, told through the perspective of an aging housewife it draws attention to both social and personal messages. One such message is the concept of… View Article

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll

? Summer of the Seventeenth Doll premiered on 28th November 1955 at the Russell Street Theatre in Melbourne ? Before the 1950s, very little Australian work was produced on Australian stages and often a whole year would go by without a single work by an Australian reaching the commercial stage. ? The Doll was a… View Article

Angels in America Essay

Tony Kushner’s play, Angels In America, explores the trials of the journey of human life through the development of his characters throughout the play. When Rabbi Chemelwitz says “Great Voyages is this world do not any more exist. ” (Millennium 16) he speaks only the partial truth. It is true that none of the characters… View Article

Short Essay on a View from the Bridge

At the start of the play we can see that Catherine is obedient and submissive to Eddie, this is demonstrated by stage directions such as ‘she turns to him’ and ‘she gets a cigar for him’. However at this point Beatrice is in opposition to him over Catherine taking the job at the plumbing company…. View Article

The Cripple of Inishman by Martin McDonagh

? In the play, “The Cripple of Inishman” by Martin McDonagh the characters display forms of cruelty and violence. The characters are unable to express themselves in any other way except brutality, which could be due to their education. Living in Ireland has played a part in their way of life, and has shaped them… View Article

Explain the significance of Marco

In the play, Marco is very important. After all, he was the one person who killed Eddie Carbone which is the main event in the play. When Marco comes into the play for the first time, he is proven to be the most mature brother who has a quality life worth living. “What can I… View Article

Comparison and Analysis

Both characters show traces of mental instability; Blanche perhaps more-so than Eddie, as throughout the play there are constant reminders to the audience that Blanche’s already feeble mental state is deteriorating. For example, when Blanche recalls the death of her ‘young husband’, Tennessee Williams cleverly has the music of the ‘Vasouviana Polka’ playing in the… View Article

View from a Bridge – Extract from Play

Analyse a passage from A View from A Bridge that runs from “Eddie, moving up steps into doorway: Well, I’ll see ya, fellas” on page 5 to “Beatrice – her hands clasp at her breast; she seems half in fear, half in unutterable joy: They’re alright? ” on page 8 of your edition of the… View Article

Promoting Children’s Play, Learning and Development

In this TMA I have met the ethical requirements of the E105. I complied with the ethical guidance published by BERA, 2011 under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) by informing parents and giving them the option to withdraw their child from participating; as some children were of an age… View Article

Pygmalion: the Play and Higgins

Pygmalion is a primarily Shavian reworking of Ovid’s Metamorphoses with undertones of Cinderella. Romance and satire dominate both the play’s plot as well as style. Shaw takes a strong central situation–the transformation of a common flower girl into a lady–and surrounds it with superficial trimmings. There is technical innovation in the plot structure since Shaw,… View Article

The play’s Hamlet

In Act II, Scene ii, Hamlet conceives the plan of staging a play called “The Murder of Gonzago” and inviting the king and the queen, besides the courtiers, to see it. His motive in staging this play is to seek a verification of the story of his father’s murder as narrated to him by the… View Article