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Play on Social Evils: -Dowry

N:-Today we, the seven members {names} of this play greet you all. Here we have in our play Mr. Rai being played by XYZ…. He is a retired person who had worked in Indian navy before. Now we have Mrs. Rai being played by XYZ…. She is a kind person and loves sincerity .Their daughter Sagarika Rai or the person to be playing the role of a wife is XYZ…. She is very shy and coward girl who is also very kind like her mother.

Now let us meet with Mr. Ghosh who is XYZ…. He is a brave person but cannot withstand his wife’s anger. Here comes the villain of this play or Mrs. Ghosh who is a religious concerned and an old fashioned lady being played by XYZ…. Here we have the last person but not the least Sagar Ghosh who is the son of Ghosh family. Scene-1

N- Rai Family .Mr. Rai sitting on his chair reading his daily newspaper.

Mrs. Rai sitting to the adjacent chair enjoying her tea with toasts, when Mr. Rai sees advertise of a matrimony website. Mr. Rai- Sagarika has grown big so fast. Hey do you remember how she used to walk with her small legs and smile showing her small teeth. Mr. Rai-Really. I still remember combing her hair and making it when she was small. Mr. Rai-But now I think our Sagarika should be married.

Mr. Rai-Even I was thinking of it. You see I heard from our neighbor Mrs.

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Das whose relative is Mrs. Ghosh. Das was telling me about the boy of Ghosh family. Mr. Rai-Well it would be better if we could have a talk with Ghosh family and speak about the proposal. Mr. Rai-Oh! Yes you can wait I will get it from Mrs. Das.

N- {Mrs. Rai exists} After Mrs. Rai gets the number. Mr. Rai-Oh! So the number is 7322252241. Let me call the Ghosh family.
Mr. Rai-Hello!
Mr. Ghosh-Hello!
Mr. Rai-With whom am I having the line across?
Mr. Ghosh-Well, this is Mr. Ghosh.
Mr. Rai-I am talking to the right person.
N-The conversation goes on and they finally decide to meet at Mr. Ghosh’s house. Scene-2
N- Ghosh house. Both Ghosh Family and Rai Family are present. They all sit down on their respected places. Mr. Ghosh-It is pleasure in having you all here? As the proposal was decided. We are ready for the marriage. If you wish Mr. Rai can I ask Sagarika some Questions? Mr. Rai-Obviously you have all the rights.

Mr. Ghosh-So, how much educated are you?
Sagarika-I have completed my MSc and wish to do owners in this field. Mr. Ghosh-Very good! Girl do you have some hobbies?
Mrs. Rai-Yes, she is very good with thread and needle along with studies. Mrs. Ghosh- So you must also know cooking? In Ghosh family everybody is fond of eating and I don’t want a Layman’s girl as my daughter-in-law. N-Laughing and enjoying Rai family now turned some what into a sad mood. Mr. Ghosh-Girl you can talk with Sagar and Sagar my son please show her the park. N- Sagar and Sagarika leave for the park.

Mr. Ghosh- Sagar and Sagarika the name sounds so common. They will make a heavenly combination. Mr. Rai-Really. Even both look like true prince and princess. Mr. Ghosh -That all is ok then let us talk about the arrangements. Mrs. Rai-Truly…… But I don’t wish that you may not talk about the social evils like dowry and all that to be paid in this world of 21st century. Mrs. Ghosh- How can it not be possible? It is a ritual and all must follow it. N-and so the debating goes on .but Mrs. Ghosh sticks to her opinion and demands a 30gm gold chain+Rs.5lakh cash, at last it is reduced to a 10gm gold ring+Rs.2lakh +all the wedding cost.

After Marriage

N-Though the wedding goes good Sagarika’s life ruins. Her Mother-in-law treats her badly. Sagarika learning all the moral values from her parents behaves very politely with her mother-in-law but her mother in law is terrible. Mr. Ghosh cares for her as his own daughter and Sagar loves her a lot.


N-Today is the auspicious day of karvachauth.
The Holy day when wife’s fast without having a sip of water from morning to evening and break their fast after seeing their husband’s face. It is like a type of prayer for husband’s long life. Sagarika is also following the ritual and doing her 1st karvachauth. Mrs. Ghosh-Sagarika! I wish you are keeping your karvachauth. Sagarika-Yes mother! But I have to attend my college as I have my major tests today Mrs. Ghosh-Girls Nowadays! They just don’t give importance to these rituals. What should we say now? Sagarika- But mom I am following the rituals too.

Mrs. Ghosh-Oh! Then why are you going to the college. Today you can stay and help me as the maid has taken holiday. You nasty girl I know you, you will go out have fun eat food and leave this old lady with loads of work. You daughters of laymen are like this only. Sagarika- Mom whatever you want to say you can say it to me but don’t insult my parents. N- {Mr. Ghosh enters}

Mr. Ghosh- What is happening here? Why so much noise?
Mrs. Ghosh-Oh! See your daughter in law and her spicy tongue. Mr. Ghosh -Oh! Oh! Maya stop it now. Why do you blame her always? Mrs. Ghosh- Blame her! Oh! You are a mad person. Don’t you hear her shouting at me? Mr. Ghosh- Sagarika, sweet Sagarika I know you are innocent but what is the matter. Sagarika- Actually today I have my major……….

N- {She is interrupted}

Mrs. Ghosh- Oh! She doesn’t want to do karvachauth so she is making reasons. She will go out and party with her friends and at the same time she will make us fool by doing karvachauth. Oh! I am worried about Sagar. Mr. Ghosh-It is her 1st karvachauth. It is her wish if she wants to keep it or not. Mrs. Ghosh-Go on! Keep on taking that laymen’s daughter’s side. You want to know why I trouble you. I trouble you because your father didn’t pay the demanded dowry. N- Sagarika starts crying and misses her major tests that day. She starts getting annoyed by her mother in law. She often complains her husband but Sagar can’t raise his voice against his mother. Sagarika even complains about these matters to her mother but being a good person used to advice to behave with her mother in law properly and used to say that such fights are common after marriage life. {Days passed, Months passed, after 2 years}

Mrs. Ghosh is a widow and there is no one to save Sagarika from the troubles that were caused by Mrs. Ghosh.
Sagarika is now a teacher. One day……….
Mrs. Ghosh-Hey you layman’s daughter. Why do you work while my son Sagar earns so much? Sagarika- Mom it is because it includes passion.
Mrs. Ghosh-From now on you will not work anymore.
Sagarika-Mom but I like my job and I am happy with it.
Mrs. Ghosh-Oh so now you will teach me. Sagar, where are you. See this your wife is telling me to wash her clothes. Sagar- What is it, Sagarika? Why am I having complains from mom? I never knew that you treated old people like this. Sagarika – But………

Sagar- No ifs or buts. Enough is enough.
Mrs. Ghosh-Not only that Sagar that day when the maid was absent she ordered me to clean the house. Sagarika-But mom I never said you like that instead I myself cleaned the house. Sagar- I didn’t expect this from you.

Sagarika-Mom why do you do this to me?
Sagar-Now I order you Sagarika that you will leave your job and take care of mother. N-Sagarika as her mother obeys to her husband and leaves the job. Mrs. Ghosh has stopped the maid from coming and forces Sagarika to do all the household chores.

Mrs. Ghosh-Where are my spectacles?
Sagarika- I broke it.
Mrs. Ghosh-Oh! Sagar see here she broke my glasses so that I fall down and break my legs.
Sagar-Sagarika, what is it?
Sagarika- but I didn’t do it knowingly.
Mrs. Ghosh- Oh! See this Nasty girl, Daughter of a beggar.
Sagarika-Mom speak properly.

Sagar-Oh! Now you will teach my mom how to speak after breaking her glasses. You need a good thrashing. Mrs. Ghosh-So good bring the whip. Let me give her some brains that her parents lacked. What would have happened if your father paid the demanded dowry? N-Sagar and his mother went on torturing her. Sagarika then finally decide to suicide. Friends like this many woman suicide in a year. Dowry is one of those social evils due to which lives of so many innocent girls are threatened and they end up dying. So it is the responsibility of the youth to spread awareness and stop social evils.

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