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Play Helps Children with Difficult Circumstances

It helps children to deal with difficult circumstances such as emotional stress or medical treatments. Play gives children chance to let off steam and have fun. Children learn when they are in a safe and caring environment. They are stimulated through play. Babies and young children develop best when they are in a caring relationship with an adult. A baby will learn to walk faster when they have a safe pair of arms to walk towards and learn to talk when they have an adult who listens to them and responds accordingly.

I aim to provide children with an environment that is caring, fun and stimulating.

I aim to expand each childs individual, intellectual, physical and emotional capacities within a secure environment where each child, will be confident and settled. I will implement ideas from the EYFS and I will provide activities/opportunities that support the six main learning areas which are :

  • Knowledge Understanding Of the World
  • Personal social and emotional development
  • Communication language and literacy
  • Creative Development
  • Physical Development
  • Problem solving, Reasoning and Numeracy.

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Each child will be able to choose their own activities and access continuous provision throughout these six areas.

Activities will be both planned and spontaneous according to your child’s preference. My weekly plan will be dependent on the children in my care and their ages and stages of development although I will be attending various groups and clubs within the local area that I live. Sample weekly plan: Morning afternoon Monday – outdoor playchildren’s centre childminders group Tuesday -soft indoor play (wacky)creative play/ arts and crafts Wednesday-country park/ play areachildren’s centre playgroup Thursday – baking/cookingoutdoor play

Friday – children’s centre groupindoor play at home Play can be constructed to fulfil areas of the EYFS, especially any areas where a child may be struggling, such as Playing with sand – Texture, Weight, Pouring through containers, colours, measuring, shapes, make sand castles etc this can link to the following areas of the EYFS– personal development – personal, social and emotional development – creative development – communication language and literacy All of the above would be flexible dependant on the children and any new sessions that can be accessed.

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Before any weekly plan can be made you would need to observe the children in your care to produce a plan that is appropriate to their development this will also help identify when to add/remove new toys/resources. I will use Natural resources and household items to provide stimulating play for the children to look after such as Sawdust and Bark for dinosaur play, jugs, funnels, guttering for water play, blankets pillows and throws and pegs for den building and communication friendly spaces etc.

All children are individuals first, each with a unique profile of abilities. All planning starts with observing children in order to understand and consider their interests, development and learning. I will make systematic observations and assessments of each child’s achievements ,interests and learning styles. I will use these observations and assessments to identify learning priorities and plan relevant and motivating learning experiences for each child that I care for. I will match their observations to the expectations of the development matters principles.

I will need to make regular observations on each child, using different techniques. These may include photographs, tick lists written observations and photographs. Where a child is not achieving their development goals I may then decide to speak to the parents regarding accessing other services for the child. All children need to feel valued and given the same options. I will ensure that children, parents/carers and visitors have equal rights and choices. Everyone will be given the respect that we all deserve as individuals.

No person will be discriminated against and any remarks or comments of this kind will be challenged and discussed to ensure that it does not happen again. I welcome and include all children, their families and members of the community into my setting and I will ensure my setting is accessible to everyone. If a child in my care had specific requirements, certain changes would be made to the interior and exterior of my premises, dependent on the individuals circumstances. Certain activities are also adapted. All the children who come to my setting will have the same opportunities available to them.

I am aware of the following legislation, The Children’s Act, The disability Act, UN convention on the Right of the Child, The children’s Bill 2004 and the Special Educational Needs Discrimination Act 2001. I will talk to different specialist groups, health visitors and read appropriate books to learn more about the condition and needs of the child, thus enabling me to provide the best possible care. If a child required assistance from a speech therapist or occupational therapist, then this could be arranged at my setting if it was more convenient for parents.

I will do displays and have equipment in my setting that promotes a positive multi cultural attitude. I welcome parents/carers and visitors to talk about cultures, religions, food, clothes etc. I will never refuse or exclude a child. I will build on each child’s previous experience when accessing play opportunities. I will enable children to gain confidence and independence in play and identify individual requirements and provide appropriate support as/when required. I will also borrow and gain resources to enhance the inclusion of children with mobility or sensory difficulties.

During snack time I will encourage children to help where appropriate eg. Older children could help butter crackers, or younger children could help divide fruit onto plates, I will encourage the children to help prepare our shopping list for the week for snacks and mealtimes and also encourage them to help with the meal plan for the week. During our week I will plan our activites a sample week could include : Monday : AM – Childrens centre drop in PM – Park – weather dependant Tuesday AM – Wacky Warehouse PM – play at home LEGO, PUZZLES and nap time Wednesday AM –

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