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Play a View from the Bridge Essay

This play a View from the Bridge raises many complex issues. Like the fact, that Beatrice’s cousins maybe found out by the immigration services and the fact that Eddie is overprotective over Catharine but Beatrice wants her to grow up. In addition, the way Eddie objects to Rodolpho’s appearance and manner. The biggest problem Beatrice has is that there seems to be no romance in there sex life no more. She feels that there is no sex life. It becomes clear from the very beginning that Eddie has worries about his wife’s visitors from Italy. He fears that Catharine maybe putting her self out too much for her guests which maybe be a little true. The reader can tell he has these concerns when eddies says

“Beatrice, all I’m worried about is you got such a heart that I’ll end up on the floor with you and they’ll be in our bed” Act One Pg 8 This statement shows that he is not just worried about his own well being he also worried that his wife maybe to kind to notice when people are taken advantage of her. Beside that, he is worried about his reputation in his local community. He wishes to be seen as a local hero around his community, but I think as soon as he realized that his new guests maybe a threat to reputation for two reasons. The first being that Rudolph is courting Catharine and Eddie feels that inappropriate because in courting Catharine, Rudolph is drawing the wrong kind of attention to himself. This worries Eddie that the immigration may find them out and arrest him. Therefore loosing his reputation as the rock in the community.

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The other worry on eddies mind is that Catharine is growing up to fast and is very overprotective over her. In everything, she does, he is always protesting and making things difficult an example of this is when he asked her why she was all dressed up and where she is going. In addition, he shows his overprotective nature when Rodolpho decides that he has sexual feelings towards Catharine. He was doing everything in his power to prevent there wedding or there progression of there relationship. He made arguments.

For example in act one tried to teach Rodolpho how to box just to pick a fight with him. He even went to extremes and kissed him to prove that Rodolpho was gay. As if that was not enough he also kissed Catharine, which showed his love and caring nature towards her, but it may also show that he may have more sexual feelings than a parental love for her. Eddie is a very old-fashioned man he believes that men should dress and act in a certain manner. To Eddie Rodolpho does not act in that manner. Eddie has his own theory that Rudolph is a homosexual. Tries to prove his theory many times. Every time failing to prove his point. Much to his embarrassment in the end, it provoked him to try to stab Rudolph and Marco.

The biggest problem is that the romance between Beatrice and Eddie do not have that much romance in there life. In the beginning of the play there is barley any romance between the two by the end the pair have no love for each other at all. The main wedge between them is Catharine. She has become a wedge between them because Eddie through out the play developing feelings for Catharine romantic and otherwise. Making Eddie grow ever more distant from Beatrice. This probably made Beatrice feel unwanted and a little bit jealous. She had hostile feeling toward Eddie when the hostile feeling should be towards Catharine.

The only thing she had to say to Catharine is that she has to grow up. Whereas when she confronted Eddie about it, he just shrugged it off with “it’s complicated”. This statement may have made Beatrice feel alone and unwanted. In conclusion Eddie drove him self to a state of madness and drove his family to a point of hatred. He has forced his family to despise him. To the point of wanting to cause him, harm. Even though the main two women in his life still love, him they may feel over protected and to controlled.

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