Plastic Water Bottles and Natural Resources

Water is one of our greatest natural resources. It is a necessary source for all living things on Earth. Humans consume water to satisfy thirst and keep their bodies hydrated. Regular consumption of water has many health benefits and promotes effective body operations. Therefore, it is not surprising that mankind has been developing ways to store and carry this resource since the very beginning of time.

Over the last several decades manufacturers of bottled water believe they have finally gotten it right by introducing plastic water bottles into mainstream markets.

It would seem Americans’ agree. In fact, Eco Watch reports that 50 billion plastic water bottles are purchased and discarded each year. That translates to approximately 13 bottles of water per month for every person in the United States.

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These statistics are on the increases and the effects of plastic water bottles have many questioning if the convenience of this product outweighs the negative impact being observed throughout the country. As an informed consumer of this product, I would like to share information that will lead others to see the need for banning bottled water in the United States. Bottled water negatively impacts our environment, poses serious health risks, and proves to be an unnecessary expense when tap water is readily available within our own households.

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