Plastic Surgery Essay About Korea Essay

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Plastic Surgery Essay About Korea

Cosmetic surgery has been growing these past decade and it started to grow ginormously in the capital of South Korea, Seoul thanks to the new wave of fashion and music called Hallyu. Everyday teens of all ages ranging from 12 and 25 get from a little double eyelid surgery to extreme jaw shaving, just to look like their idols. Girls and boys have this obsession with beauty that once they finish highschool as a graduation gift they get surgeries to start college fresh and with a new face to show the world. Surgery is most common in Gangnam and Apgujeong since these area’s are for the richer people and there are more plastic surgery clinics, nearly 100 only in Gangnam. As of 2012 1 in 5 women in seoul have had work done. The most common surgery in this country may be double eyelid surgery orEast Asian blepharoplasty. This surgery starts with local anesthesia so the whole eyelid is numb that way the patient won’t feel anything just senses pulling and pressure. Since the Surgeon is going to ask questions through out the procedure general anesthesia isn’t recommended . Usually it takes an hour max when the surgeon is experienced and really well traned. The recovery in the clinic takes less than one hour. Its price depends on the clinic, most of them charge between $1000- $1500 dlls. The next surgeries would be Jaw shaving also known as feminizing of jaw, requires, general anesthesia, intraoral incisions so no scars will be visible on the outside, a micro-saw to cut the prominent bone and achive the feminine contour and then the stitching to close wounds. Usually patientis have to spend two or three nights at the hospital because swelling is expected, numbness also. This prodecure is probably really expensive, it ranges from $9,800 – $10,000 not including the two nights of staying at the hotel. This type of surgeries are really common nowadays because young people want to look exactly like their idols. In South Korea, many of the female and make idols look really doll like so all the young kids and young adults aspire to be like them.

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