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Plastic Surgeries

Lately, a new trend showed up and obviously followed by many individuals especially women; as there is a huge rise in the number of plastic surgeries. Some countries became very popular due to their rate of plastic surgeries held, as for example the top 4 countries in that field were (South Korea, Greece, Italy, and U.S). Moreover, plastic surgeries reached a level where some figures can be popular for their plastic procedures, as well as influencing millions to undergo plastic surgeries; the Kardashians are famous for their several cosmetic surgeries and the family is the largest influencer for raising the amount of those surgeries.

Amy de Klerk claimed in an article published on March 31 2017 the Kardashian are the ones should be blamed for the raised trend of plastic surgeries. The reason behind choosing this topic was due to an article about history of plastic surgeries where I found that it was used just in miserable cases that was caused by creation or accidents ; however looking to the present and predicting the future of those surgeries it shows exaggeration in usage of procedures.

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The issue will while held through two different scopes, the issue from a global scope may seem to have positive impacts on deceivers that’s why trend in raise; while the Egyptian scope may contradicts due to culture, traditions, or even religious beliefs.

From the Egyptian lens, plastic surgeries became a popular trend; but does it gains acceptance? Regarding many sides from the Egyptian culture, traditions, and beliefs, plastic surgeries may be popular as a trend and many individuals are following significantly women, religious beliefs, however may show unacceptance to those surgeries unless its necessity.

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Depending on what came in the Islamic law, plastic surgeries and change in his creature is not accepted and that was mentioned in the verse 119, in Surat Al Nisaa; ” Surely I will mislead them create them false desires and order them to slit the ears of cattle. I will order them to alter god’s creation and whoever take Satan as a protector instead of god has surely suffered manifest loss.” it wasn’t only mentioned in Quran but also the prophet saying deduced by Ibn El kayim showed its unacceptance, “God cursed the thieves and the infidels, and the nymphs and the hypnotists, and the forgives of the good changers created God”. Plastic surgeries are usually used to boost physical attractiveness as people are attracted more to the physical appearance.

Nevertheless, cosmetic procedures do not always meet the patients expectations, it may lead to worst and more dangerous results; two of the Egyptian stars that treated plastic procedures had the worst results. Maysra the Egyptian actress deceived a surgery in her nose and had Botox for her face, but it turned to more dangerous results. She faced perversion in hair face that acted then as permanent disability specifically on her right eye brow, it was mentioned also that there was a possibility for infection that may caused death. Furthermore, Ghada Abd El razik had done Botox to her face as a way of cosmetic procedure but she faced negative responds from her crowd.

Plastic surgeries may also be dangerous on the physiological level as well as the physical; in an article written by Gihane Shahine on July 5 2017, it was mentioned that patients may face lower self-esteem if they faced lower results than expectations they had given to themselves. Not only that but also she had mentioned that plastic surgeries cares only about the physical beauty regardless the soul.

A survey was made shown that a result of 35% said no to whether Egyptian exaggerating plastic procedures or not, but 65% were with that Egyptians are exaggerating in plastic procedures. As well as they gave their justifications and they were almost common.

On the other side of the spectrum, from the global scope it seem that an array of reasons are leading to huge acceptance of the trend of cosmetic procedures. Globally plastic surgeries seem to be needed for the boost of the physiological health the most, as it’s needed to increase self-esteem. An 18 years old girl called Kristin, suffered from depression and low self- esteem as she justified that she didn’t feel like a woman and was due to the growth of her curves at the 15 except her breast that remained not big enough. Kristin had her breast augmentation at the 18 of her age, as well as she reported that previously she didn’t feel normal but after the aesthetic surgery she does.

Plastic surgeries may cause boost in the psychological side, besides it may afford physical health benefits. For instance, those procedures can improve breathing, vision, neck and back pain. Procedure as Rhinoplasty, that includes nose job can benefit both side appearance and physical health, and that’s through improving nasal spectrum and nasal passage. Droopy eyelids often affects vision before affecting the appearance of the patient, so vision will be improved through a plastic surgery that treats droopy eyelid.

Globally women are more addicted to beauty due to the western culture were beauty had its precious level and to the myths like Aphrodite and Venus. In the western side women are very sensitive toward their body parts that are not similar to the beauty standards which leads them to cosmetic procedures; in a country like brazil they appreciate women first physically by appearance so this lead them to those procedures.

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