Plans After Graduating Essay

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Plans After Graduating

My primary purpose of applying for the distance learning program is to further my studies by undertaking a Master’s degree course which is in line with my Bachelor’s degree. As a graduate of sociology I am aware that my expertise is in line with studying society in general and also studying specific aspects of our society. However since this is only a Bachelor’s degree it is imperative for me to pursue further studies and I feel that a more focused degree like MPM can benefit me the more as it has more theories in a specific strata of society. My secondary goal is to assure me of a long-term career in education as I am currently a college instructor in STI College Santa Rosa. It is a prequisite for any budding educator to always pile up on one’s credentials to attain not just the knowledge but also an assurance of better opportunities both in the academic world but also in government agencies as well.

Upon completion of said degree I see myself continuing in the academe and also go into research on government policies and possible ways of improving the country’s state in terms of governance. My background in sociological studies is a tool that can help me be effective in research and MPM will enhance my skills and my knowledge in terms of public management. I also plan to take up my PHD inside the next 5 years depending on how long it would take to finish up my master’s degree. I am also looking forward for a possible opportunity to work for my alma mater if not Open University perhaps UPLB either a researcher or a professor.

It is also my goal that through the program that I am applying for I could impact the lives of my students by sharing with them what I have learned both from the program and also from whatever research materials are already available. If I would be able to do this, the impact will be tremendous both intellectually and also in the lives of my students. From their ranks are future leaders of this country or perhaps citizens that would help improve the lives of their countrymen their different contributions.

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