Planning to Work Efficiently Essay

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Planning to Work Efficiently

This activity is concerned with the way that you plan work for your team. You should: * Identify the targets set for your team, including the indicators that will be used to measure these targets * Identify which, if any, of these targets is related to efficiency and/or effectiveness * Use one planning technique to plan a job activity in your workplace and explain how you would monitor the planned job activity. * Explain why the supply chain is so important in delivering results and meeting your customer requirements.

Mike Pevitt

Bolton College mission statement

Bolton College works with a wide range of public and private sector organisations, including the ‘Bolton Family’ of public sector organisations, to meet the education and training needs of Bolton, its geographical, cultural and business communities. The College seeks to contribute to the education and training needs of the region and sub-region and, in relation to some niche markets, it will play a national and international role. We will support social and economic regeneration and contribute to measurable business success and community cohesion through the provision of flexible, innovative and responsive high quality training opportunities, working in partnerships with employers, local communities, key agencies and training providers.

We will create a high quality learning organisation which captures outstanding practice including a culture of continuous improvement, by providing inspirational, cutting edge teaching and learning which is responsive to the needs, interests and experience of all learners and leads to success. We will widen participation and increase access to lifelong learning opportunities in education and training at a variety of locations and assist all our learners to reach and maximise their full potential and progress in their learning and employment. Key performance indicators for the college and department are retention, achievement and success of the students, Functional skills feeds into all of these targets for the college as a whole and now also individual department who use the services of the functional skills area. The current targets are set out below:

– Ret Ach Success

Long 1 89% 93% 83%
Long 2 89% 93% 83%
Long 3 87% 93% 81%

The above targets are set for all teams within the college, this year the Functional Skills team have similar targets with the added support from other college departments to encourage qualifying students to attend, enrol and work towards passing their Functional Skills exam in Maths and English at the appropriate level for that student ranging from Entry Level 1 to Level 2. The aim of the Scheme of work is to enable the subject to be taught in a logical planned manner, to make the lessons interesting for both the student and the lecturer and to ensure that the correct resources in place to aid teaching and learning. The scheme of work will also assist in the retention of students on the programme by also allowing them access to their planned year of study and regular assessment to measure attainment and learning. So it is essential that as a team we can plan the scheme of work and lesson plans together and allocate various duties to members to gather resources or research new resources and report back to the rest of the team at regular monthly meetings.


At the start of the college year the Functional Skills team will met before the start of the first term to plan the forthcoming year’s scheme of work and effective lesson plans that all members can follow and be able to deliver the same programme to all learners whatever department they are in or their ability. The process involves the gathering of resources and planning a logical scheme of work which follows a dedicated learning process to enable the team and most importantly its students to achieve at their given ability level. This process can be perfectively demonstrated in the following Gantt chart.

Development of Functional Skills maths staff scheme of work and lesson plans.

The scheme of work is developed with regards the college targets and the Ofsted new inspection Framework standards so that we can deliver a well-balanced logical course to the college students to enable them to progress to their ability level and obtain the qualification. All targets set are SMART :-

S – specific, significant, stretching
M – measurable, meaningful, motivational
A – agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented
R – realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented
T – time-based, timely, tangible, track able

A goal would be to hold a weekly project meeting with the key members of the functional skills team or to organise and run a continuous test programme throughout the completion of the general scheme of work. Weekly meetings are monitored and progress is measured against each member of the teams own target areas. The team leader will also monitor on a daily basis using email to ensure that the members are on track and are not falling behind on what they have to do, The scheme of work has to be completed to enable the college supply chain to be maintained for other departments who use the functional skills team to deliver at least two hours a week of functional skills maths to those departments’ learners at the appropriate level.

The general scheme of work and lesson plans will enable the other staff members to step in if a colleague is off for any reason they will know exactly what lesson should be delivered that week because they will be delivering the same one to their usual classes. This means that the learner does not miss out on their lessons and will also enable them to achieve, this will also impact on that department as functional skills now forms part of their own performance criteria so a seamless delivery can only assist in the attainment of the department success.

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