Planning and Organizing Meetings Essay

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Planning and Organizing Meetings

Planning ahead of time is one virtue of Christian leaders. There are a lot of pointers that you need to remind yourself when planning and organizing meetings for your organization. There are details that you need to check because planning a meeting is not just calling people to come together and talking with each other without anything in mind to accomplish.

First Things First

Prayer is an important discipline for Christian leaders especially in terms of planning and organizing. This is the first and foremost thing that you should do. You should ask the wisdom of God and ask Him to let you know the tasks that are at hand in the organization. This is the time when you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you and to let you possess strength that you need.

Secondly, set your objectives. As said earlier, calling a meeting is not just getting people in to meet and talk at certain place and time. You should set your objectives even before you call people to come. What do you want to achieve after the meeting is done? Be sure that your objectives are specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable and time-bound. Part of your objectives is planning for the agenda. Setting the agenda means that you need to identify the most important things to go first and the least important to take the lower priority.

Thirdly, identify the people that you want to be in the meeting. Will there be people from other organization? Do you need a committee to help you out in contacting people? As a Christian organizing a meeting, it is necessary that you consult people according to their availability so won’t be missing out someone on the date that you will set. Also, identify the place where you will be holding the meeting. Is it conducive to the activities that are involved in the meeting? Do you need food as you talk together?

The Important Things

When planning, you should make sure that you get the important things under a checklist. Sometimes there are details that we think is important but are actually necessary. On the other hand, we may left out important things that are basically needed. Make a roster of the participants of the meeting. List the names of people and check or cross the name out when they already confirmed or not. List also the equipment that you need and check if they are available on the day and time of your meeting. What about the logistics and financial implications of the meeting? Make a budget and be sure that it is attainable and you will have it released in time for your use.

After the Meeting

Planning and organizing meeting do not end after the meeting is already done. Your responsibility as the organizer does not end when the meeting ends. During the meeting, you should have talked about a lot of important things that needs action or implementation thereafter. As such, do not lose your checklist. After the meeting you will need another again. Evaluate if your objectives were met, if not, what you can do after to meet them. After the meeting, be in gratitude to all those who attended. Your meeting is only the take off of another planning and organizing so you should plan well your starting point.

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