Planning and Enabling Learning Essay

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Planning and Enabling Learning

This rationale focuses on the four areas of ‘Negotiating with Learners’, ‘Inclusive Learning’, ‘Integrating Functional Skills’ and ‘Communication’. During my research I will draw upon a range of sources which include the internet, books, organisation media (leaflets) and lessons learned.

Teaching processes should be cooperative between the student and tutor. To this end tutors should plan strategies like initial assessments, agreeing on learning goals and possible actions to be taken by in order to empower learners to achieve these goals.

Petty, G (2009, p530) states: “Each learner is unique and has individual needs. If the needs of our learners are discovered, the chances of success are greatly increased.” thus as a starting point initial assessments should be carried out prior to commencing a programme of education. Different learners have different learning needs and tutors must know their learners well to judge these requirements. This could be undertaken via a range of questions during the enrolment process, forms or/and questionnaires. Information obtained should be kept confidential so learners feel free to disclose as much information about themselves and their learning needs as possible.

Agreeing goals and actions should be accomplished between learners and tutors. The effect being the learner will also feel that his/her views and opinions are being heard and taken into consideration. The advantages to the tutor being that the learner understands their responsibility to advance their own education and tasks/objectives/deadlines required to do so. The tutor should monitor the process to make sure learners reach their learning targets along the way and amend goals by agreement setting new actions when objectives are not reached.

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