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Planning and Allocating work

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1129 words)
Categories: Business,Management,Project Management,Science,Time,Work
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Before I start my shift or finish my shift, I have a 15 minute change over meeting with the Duty Manager either starting or finishing, about what jobs throughout the day have and haven’t been completed, we also discuss any maintenance work that has taken place, if any. We also discuss who has and hasn’t had they breaks, so we can ensure everyone on shift has there’s at some point. After doing the change over with the other Duty Manager I then review the rig sheet (day sheet) making sure I’m aware of all activities that will take place and all facilities that will be used during the shift.

I put a plan together for the best cause of action during the shift to achieve an effective and functional workforce. I then have a meeting with members of staff explaining our objectives/ jobs that we need to achieve during our shift. I feel by having a meeting with the other members of staff, they understand what is expected of them, and are aware of any events or activities taking place on our shift, it also gives them a chance to ask questions if they are unaware of something.

Whilst I discuss my objectives for the shift with the members of staff, I ask when it would be a good time for them to take their breaks, so I can make sure there is someone in the department to cover them.

I make sure all the change overs are set up on time, by making the plan at the beginning of the shift. This ensures the shift runs as smoothly as possible and I feel by using the SMART system, I make sure that the objectives/jobs given our specific, measurable and can realistically be achieved in an agreed time frame. I also understand the capabilities of my staff members and would never expect them to work beyond their capabilities without any assistance. I’m always willing to help the team with anything they may be unaware of on shift. Specific – Specific to the individual person or to the task, it should be clear and direct. Measurable – The goals need to be measurable you set targets to improve performance and to achieve you cannot measure success if you don’t know what has been achieved. Achievable – It has to be a realistic target, the objectives can be designed to be challenging. Realistic– The task has to be achievable to you or the task. The objectives should be realistic this does not mean that they need to be easy.

Time – There must be clear deadlines for the task/ plan.

Identifying the objective – A successful team must know what their objectives is and make sure SMART targets are put into place to make clear what needs to be achieved. All members of the teams must be extremely clear on their ultimate individual and group aims for the project to be a success. Organising -Any team taking part in a task requires organisation. This includes meeting times, planning and scheduling. Most projects have a project manager to take care of this stressful role, allowing the technical specialists to do their job without worrying about other issues. Review progress and evaluation -Any team objectives must be subject to ongoing reviews and evaluations to ensure that it is on course to achieve its goals. It makes sense to check a project that it is on track and to make adjustments as and when necessary rather than get to the end and fail to meet the objectives. Evaluation is looking at what the team can learn from the process in order to perform better next time. Planning -Teamwork, whether it is routine daily activity or a special project, it needs to be planned in advance.

Without targets and scheduling, achievements it would be very easy for teams to lose sight of their goals and find it difficult to achieve them. Scheduling should be clear and precise showing each team member what they are supposed to have done and by when. All members of staff are given set tasks to complete before the end of their shift. The tasks are very specific to their job role. I make sure what I’m giving them to do is definitely realistically achievable within the time frame of their shift. I always tell members of staff if unsure about anything please ask me and I will pop back in about 20 minutes to see how you’re getting on, I monitor staffs work very closely and make sure its being done properly. I have to plan ahead when there are parties, I have to make sure that the games are suited to either boys, girls or a mixed group, making sure I take into consideration their age group. I also have to plan what member of staff suits the type of party, I will put the best person for the job, because the customer is paying for a service and we want to give them the best experience we can offer. When the reception area becomes busy I have to make sure there are two members of staff at all times, just for the busy times, to make sure all members are getting to there classes on time, without having to queue for to long.

I plan this by looking on the daily sheet and seeing what time the classes are due to start and making sure I send another member of staff to reception 15 minutes before the rush of people for their class. I work to a very high standard and make sure all members of staff have completed the agreed objectives / jobs to an agreed standard which has previously been discussed between myself and the members of staff. If their standard of work is not to a satisfactory level we will have another discussion about what I expect the standard of work to be. All of this is achieved by good communication, understanding, leadership and management. It is my job to allocate the Deep cleaning schedule.

Every member of staff has ten cleaning jobs do complete within the month. I make sure all members of staff get different jobs every month so they get a variety. Every month I email everyone with the new deep clean schedule for the month, every member of staffs name is on the top of the spreadsheet. I also print the spreadsheet and put it on the back of our office door. Members of staff can sign the jobs of as they go. All members of staff know theses jobs are to be completed with the highest of standards and all members of staff know if they miss any jobs from the previous month it will be added to the following month.

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