Planned Response in the Event of Emergencies Essay

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Planned Response in the Event of Emergencies

In the everyday life of almost all individual it cannot be prevented that emergency situations take place once in a while. These event of emergencies can happen by means of natural causes like flood, fire, tsunami, and other related incidents. On the other hand, there are also those types of emergencies that come about because of non-natural causes and are more attributed to the wrong decisions and actions of people during a particular situation. However, despite the kind or type of emergency event, the most essential part is that for every individual to be ready for it.

In line with this, prevention and preparedness are among the essential factors that individuals should give due attention to in order to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and skill in time of emergencies. Prevention is indeed better than cure but there are cases wherein emergencies will happened even though the necessary precaution has been made. In this kind of instances it is vital that the emergency plans of an individual also have corresponding response and recovery measures when the emergency already took place. Emergency situations are not something that every individual have to deal with in each day of his or her life.

However, there are people whose line of profession requires that they think and plan of ways to address these emergency situations. This is clearly observable in the responsibilities of a Corporate Security Manager. In relation to these, it is the main objective of this paper to discuss the possible decisions and actions of a Corporate Security Manager when it comes to facing emergency situations. In doing so, the author will act as a Corporate Security Manager, which will make this individual responsible for the overall planning response for specific emergency events namely: workplace violence and flood threats to corporate assets.

The succeeding paragraphs will identify the prevention and preparedness, response, and recovery plans for each of these aforementioned emergency situations. Workplace Violence Planning in this kind of emergency is very essential in order to prevent injury and damage to property or even at a worse case scenario, to prevent the loss of life. In relation to this, workplace violence is also one of main causes for the interruption of business functions and operations. As such, it is vital that violence in the workplace is prevented and address properly.

In order to get started in the planning process it is essential that a planning team is establish. The members of the team will be responsible in developing an emergency management plan. The planning team should have members that represent all the departments in the organization in order to easily facilitate the input of each key areas of the corporation (Schiefer, n. d. ). In order to prevent violence in the workplace the policy of the organization should explicitly state that such kind of action is a clear violation of the office policy and will be seriously deal with.

The policy of the organization should specifically enumerate the type of violence in the workplace such as: threats, harassment, and intimidation. Furthermore, it should clearly define the company’s behavioral expectations and that every employee should maintain a high standard of behavior especially respect for the dignity of all individuals. The administration of the company should conduct activities and seminar that would enhance the relationship of the management with their employees as well as the employees’ dealings each other (Warrington, n. d. ).

However, sometimes despite the preventive measures that are implemented there are still some disagreements that will arise. In such instances, it is important that these conflicts are immediately addressed before it escalated to verbal or physical violence. If the worse case scenario still happens and violent incident still took place there should also be a plan to response to such problem. First, an independent investigator that is not connected with the company or related with any official or employee of the organization should conduct an investigation.

The results of the investigation should be carefully studied and analyzed by an impartial personnel. After the findings of the investigation have been obtained the people who are responsible in the incident should be properly disciplined and given the necessary sanctions if necessary. This kind of situation should not be taken for granted and the people responsible should not easily get away with it in order for the company to show its other employees that the policy of the company is indeed binding and will be applied impartially.

By doing so, other employees will think twice or completely abandon the idea of doing such untoward behavior. After this workplace violence took place, it is also necessary for the company to explain the real situation so that they will be aware of the real facts. Communicating with the company’s employees is vital because hiding something from them will only contribute to gossiping among the employees, which is a venom that could contribute to the destruction of the harmful environment within the workplace. Furthermore, it is through frequent communication that the organization could be able to foster a non-violent workplace.

Flood Threats to Corporate Assets Corporate assets is very essential in the operation and success of business organization because it serve as one of the main source of capital because it is anything of value to the owner especially those that could be converted in cash. Corporate assets could be seen in terms of buildings, land, and other tangible properties. In this sense corporate assets must be properly protected but there are natural threats like floods that tend to risk damage to these valuable properties.

Floods are a common occurrence that cane be financially devastating to corporations (Connor, 2009). In order to prepare for this kind of natural threat, the best step that corporations could do is to purchase flood insurance. Availing flood insurance for corporate assets is most cost-effective way to lessen the risk of flood damage. Corporations could be able to avail such insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that allows business owners to buy federally backed flood insurance.

This flood insurance is designed to give an alternative to potential disaster assistance, which is not usually accessible during flood disasters. Furthermore, it is also essential that the employees and colleagues of the company are educated about flood threat preparedness. Conducting campaigns that disseminate the proper practices and behavior during flood disaster could do this. It will also be helpful if every employee is aware of the amount of damage that a flood disaster will bring to the company especially in terms of financial costs (Connor, 2009).

However, if a flood disaster already affected the corporation’s assets it is only necessary that this problem is address properly. The first thing that must be done is to utilize the available water infrastructures that can control the amount of water that is affecting the corporation’s property. This will help in preventing further damage to happen. Another thing that should be done is to save everything that can still be use in the corporation’s property. The post-crisis situation should also be carefully planned. This should involve estimating the costs of the flood disaster to the company.

The next thing to do is to plan the necessary action in order to address the damages that have been done to the corporation’s property. Lastly, the organization should also analyze and study the flood disaster so that they could learn from it. This will eventually prevent the corporation from committing the same mistakes as well as identify the areas that need to be improved. The case studies that were discussed above regarding workplace violence and the flood threats to corporate assets clearly show that planning in time of event of emergencies is indeed necessary.

In the corporate world everything is possible especially unforeseen incidents that have no warnings or symptoms that the administration of the company could easily see. The very nature of the business operations entails that there are fast pacing changes that are happening and this kind of setting it cannot be help that emergency situations will emerge. Being the case, careful planning that involves preparedness and preventive measures, responsive actions, and recovery from the emergency situations plays an important role in the continuous and successful operation of corporations.

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