Planned Parenthood Donald Trump's Attack on Justice Scalia's Comment

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Planned Parenthood is a very debatable topic for people. I believe that there should still be Planned Parenthood, because it offers medical services, just like a normal pharmacy or hospital. Furthermore there’s nothing wrong with abortion; a fetus cannot even feel or think anything yet. However, there are politicians who try to get rid of this service, and they claim that Planned Parenthood was disposing of aborted fetuses in landfills. These were Ohio politicians, and the attorneys for Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit in federal court on Sunday claiming that the politicians were trying to ban abortion.

I think this isjust stupid, because the politicians are trying to find any excuse they can in order to ban abonion. It shouldn’t even matter where the fetuses are disposed of. However, Planned Parenthood claims that the fetuses are disposed of according to Ohio’s laws, so everything should be fine. On Sunday, Donald Trump made a comment to Justice Scalia‘s comment of how black students would perform better in “slower-track” universities.

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Trump said that it was “very tough”, In this way, he is not being his racist usual self, and he is defending the black people. I don’t think he has really gone against black people in the past (’2) but if he did, then he might be saying this to try to gain some more supporters. He thought that Justice Scalia’s comment was “very tough to the African-American community”. However, he’s not really going out of his way to attack Justice Scalia.

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I think that Donald Trump is just being very fake; after all, almost evew candidate is probably fake and has to hide things in orderto gain supporters, Furthermore. I’m not sure even if Donald Trump’s comment on Justice Scalia’s comment was worth reporting about. It shouldn’t matter what Donald Trump thinks, especially if he doesn’t even do any action.

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