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Plan of interactive presentatio Essay

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Plan of interactive presentatio

In this section of the coursework I will be producing a plan of my interactive multimedia presentation. I have decided to do my product on ‘Health Promotion’ and the topic I will be producing is healthy eating. I will do a series of initial ideas and testing them with other users to ensure I do the best product. In order to do my product I will be reviewing some existing health promotion presentations and developed my idea from there. I will also look at the different current working practice of health promotion.

Health promotion is well known the entire world whether it’s from healthy eating or to stop smoking promotions. Healthy eating is the topic for most schools in the United Kingdom; many celebrities such as Jamie Oliver are promoting this. As you can see from the screen shot this is a health promotion campaign in order to stop people from smoking. These graphic images are put on cigarettes boxes to show the effects of smoking and to try and empower them to change their lives. Another health promotion that is currently taking place is healthy eating.

This is a big topic in schools and ar ound the world where people are urged to eat 5 a day. There have been many health promotions aimed at people to try and eat 5 a day; NHS is one of the leading organizations that promote this. This screen shot I obtained from the NHS website, when navigating the website I found that most of its target audience is of the younger generation, it provides games that online users can play and try to influence them into adding 5 a day. The aspect that I like about this promotion is that it provides a lot of choice on what to look at.

It has different Varity of links that a user can go and this can empower their target audience to eat healthy. Another aspect that I am really drawn too is the fact that it allows users to download certain aspects such as a ‘5 a day wall chart’ this is a downloadable chart aimed at a young target audience to tick a box each day when they have eaten their 5 a day as shown below in the screenshot As you can see from the screenshot above these are just some health promotions that are aimed at users for healthy eating.

Jamie Oliver is a celebrity helping to get rid of unhealthy dinners in schools. Looking at this promotion it gives some clear understanding in what I have to do for my project in order to make a realistic and interactive presentation. To find other health promotion presentations, I used the ‘Google’ search index to find these health promotions. A number of searches came up relating to health promotions. I open a PowerPoint presentation for health promotion that someone has created as shown below:

Good and Bad Points: There are 54 slides on this presentation; many have the above slides with just pictures and writing, although this is good for providing their target audience with information, I did find it boring as it went on which is a bad point. The down turn to this is that it is not interactive which I have to do. Initial design: Design done in PowerPoint: Good and Bad points: This design is very basic and simple; I like the use of the layout by having graphic on the right and information on the left.

But as you can see from it, it is very dull and plain which is not good for attracting a target audience and I intend to do a stylish header and more vibrant colours to make it eye catching. Existing Logo’s: Looking at existing logos gives me some idea what I can do for my logo. I picked three well known existing logos that I chose to look it. ‘Coca Cola’, ‘Kellogg’s Corn Flakes’ and ‘Cadburys’ Kellogg’s Corn Flakes – This is a well known logo for cereal. It has two different styles of text for this product; the top part has joined up writing with the colour red. The bottom part is normal big bold style of writing.

This product is plain and not really eye catching. Coca-Cola: This is a worldwide logo. I feel this product is the best out of the three that I have chosen because it is eye catching and has a nice style to the writing. As you can see it has a bottle which represents their drink also it has bubbles in the picture which I think is a great touch to it Cadbury: This is another well known product. The aspect that I like about this is the text style. It has a good curvy look to it which I think is good. I like the purple background because it goes well with the white text and makes it stand out.

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