Plan Essay Topics

Water and Air Pollution Plan

According to the peer material provided for review entitled “Water and Air Pollution Analysis” dated September 19, 2007, among the main environmental problems of Arkansas is water pollution. The paper stated that polluted water caused people to be sick, obliging them to file a lawsuit against several big poultry farms believed to have caused the… View Article

Eight-week counseling plan

The following counseling plan is for Pierre, a 19-year-old Jamaican male student. Pierre has learning disabilities. His reading level if for a fourth grader and his IQ is 70. He is also emotionally disturbed. He is a homosexual and has recently heartbroken when another student with which he is keeping a romantic relationship broke up… View Article

Technology Review and Integration Plan

In the 80’s children normally depended on flash card, heavy encyclopedia, libraries and their parents to learn. When the age of personal computers (PC) started to gain momentum in the 90’s, children started to experience computer programs that help them learn. In the late 90’s multimedia application distributed in Compact Disc (CD) can be installed… View Article

Summative Plan

In summative evaluation information about the efficacy of the whole learning process is provided, this is achieved through the use of quantitative assessments which involve numeric scores or letter grades to assess learners achievements. The efficacy of the materials used in the learning process and the methodologies employed is determined by good performance by the… View Article

Energy Resource Plan

Energy has always been important in our ability to function and do our tasks. However, with the increasing consumption of man, energy sources are slowly depreciating. Due to this, there is a drive towards conservation so as to lessen the impact caused by man’s exhaustion of energy. By understanding the different ways one can contribute… View Article

Emergency Response Plan

The world is as fearsome as it is beautiful. It is full of hazards, man made and natural alike. Florida, of all the states in the United States, is positioned at a prime spot where it is vulnerable to natural disasters. Hurricanes, floods, and thunderstorms are frequent flyers to the state (Haddow & Bullock, 2007)…. View Article

Bylli All’s Five Year Career Development Plan

As I am currently the president and CEO of J-R Equipment, my career is where I always thought it would be. I was chosen by my mother to head this 50 year-old family business. My sole endeavor is to have it continue for another 50 years. More specifically, over the next five years my goal… View Article

Plan is a Magic Instrument for All

“Plan” is a small, four-lettered, apparently innocuous-looking word packed with power that can make or break the world, both literally and figuratively. In fact the connotation of the word plan spreads across the universe, as even the universe is an outcome of a divine plan! There is a plethora of definitions of plan (Definitions, 2010),… View Article

Creating A Methodology Case

1. What can you determine about the corporate culture from the fact that they waited this long to consider the development of an EPM system? It is clear from the description that the company has been a vertical organization so far. So far, there are units that are managed by managers who would like to… View Article

Project Motorcycles

Select one of the types of project management that would suit for the development of the larger touring class motorcycles. Outline the process steps that your company would take in order to develop the motorcycle. Provide a rationale for the response. The matrix organizational structure would best suit for the development of the larger touring… View Article

Management annotated bibliography

The purpose of this paper is to provide an annotated bibliography of three articles that deal with innovation and strategic management. And will include a review from the author’s perspective on current trends being shaped by innovation and specific aspects of innovation influencing strategic management. Innovation strategy: 4 key tactics of top growth companies The… View Article

An Essay Plan on the History of High Heels

The aim in this essay plan is to identify classes and gender of high heel shoes. It also aims to construct in cultural terms why high heels has developed and remained a paramount accessory, its reasons why high heels shoes were made, and its representation in both gender. I also intend to frame how man… View Article

Early Retirement Plan

This paper presents early retirement plan, one classical and very popular case which takes place internationally and a part of the business and financial strategy of different kind of enterprises, especially the very large ones. This project entails a detailed discussion and financial or accounting application on the proposed alternative strategies and the data derived… View Article

Resourcing Plan to Resource the International Convention Centre

The resourcing plan for the International Convention Centre is a recommendation for establishing the most accurate staffing requirements, timescales, cost attributes, and the internal/external phases for implementation of the key resources required. The findings of research of prior organizations building a strong community to house the Olympics revealed the necessity to recruiting a competent senior… View Article

County Backs Plan for Inland Port in the Glades

The commissioners in Palm Beach County found the need to support the construction of an inland port because it would give employment opportunities for the locals. Summary: A vote of 5-2 was the result of the discussion among Palm Beach County commissioners favoring the development of an inland port in the area. They believe that… View Article

Ten Secrets to the Women’s Complex Way

Women have been confusing men since time began so I’ve decided to research why they confuse us so much. The fact is that the male mind processes language more in terms of facts and outcomes where the female mind responds much more to emotion and empathy. Secret number two, Women rely on being comfortable with… View Article

Plan balanced meals snacks

During a child’s early years it is essential to obtain a balanced diet due to their rapid growth, development, and activity levels. Children also begin to develop eating habits and patterns at this stage and therefore planning a good balanced meal, snack and drink will encourage them to continue a healthy eating pattern in the… View Article

Management Manifesto

What is management? According to Kinicki Williams textbook “Management, management is defined as the pursuit of organizational goals efficiently and effectively by integrating the work of people through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the organization resources (Ch. 1, pg. 5 Management: A practical introduction). I believe in order to be an effective manager you must… View Article

Engage in personal development in health

Identify Sources of Support for planning and reviewing own development. I personally write a diary of my setting so I can reflect on this and also ask my Teacher if I am progressing or if there are areas I could improve on. Line manager – they help me by answering any concerns I have about… View Article

Impement and Monitor Marketing Activities

Executive Summary The marketing plan reviewed in this report is for BBQ fun 2009. BBQ fun aims to be e leading outdoor‐lifestyle retailer, catering to the growing need for furnishing new and renovated dwellings in the greater Brisbane area. The assortment offer of BBQs, outdoor furniture and BBQ accessories will position BBQ fun as best… View Article

Will GM’s Strategic Plan Lead to Future Success

(1) I would have to say that GM is a defender. Even though they downsized a lot of their operations, the company still managed to re-claim their title from Toyota. General Motors are experts at what they make and I am sure they would use the slogan “We’re sticking with the basics.” GM is focusing… View Article

Grant Proposal

There are many steps to writing a grant proposal and it’s has to be written very well with all the grammar and spelling done correctly. You have to have a Request for Proposal this is a notice to the public will be generally be distributed and applicant agencies usually have 6 to 8 weeks to… View Article

Sample Questionnaire

The purpose of this survey is to determine to what extent the different factors in attitude do and study interest affects individual. Enclosed you will find a self-addressed, stamped envelope to use when returning the survey. Please feel free to include any additional comments you deem necessary or relevant to improving the behavioral aspect of… View Article

Action Plans: Enhancing Training Development for Employees

Abstract This research paper analyzes and summarizes three published articles and a textbook that provides information on the results from a previous research conducted. The previous conducted research analyzed and summarized the use of action plans that employers and employee structure to develop and enhance training methods to improve job performances. The three articles vary… View Article

Mountain Brook Fitness Center SWOT Analysis

The Mountain Brook Fitness Center is a business which provides service in health and fitness. The fitness center currently offer swimming, tennis, court sports, massage, physical therapy, childcare, and cardiovascular and weight training fitness center. It attracts mostly young people under the age of 45 and accredits the center success of the ability to provide… View Article

Project Risk Management Plan

The purpose of the risk management plan is to identify any event or condition that may occur which could have a positive or negative affect on the project. Risks management is the process of identifying, assessing, responding to, monitoring, and reporting risks. The Risks Management Plan will define how risks associated with the Baderman Island… View Article

My Future Plans

As a current senior in high school, I have reached the point where it is time for me to decide what I want to do with my life.  Throughout my four years in high school, I have been intrigued by a variety of different paths such as teaching, marine science, and even journalism.  After growing… View Article

BAE Automated Systems

1. Evaluate the implementation of the Denver International Airport Baggage Handling System? By understanding the case, it can be said that the Denver International Airport Baggage Handling System implementation was not successful due to the factors such as advanced technology, no proper implementation of time, lack of planning and scheduling. Apart from this, there were… View Article

International Foods

The International Food Group (IFG) was the largest purveyor of food products in the world. Since IFG went public in the 1980s they continued to grow while acquiring companies by the dozen each year. Some of the companies were competition that needed to be eliminated while others had good ideas which IFG liked. Josh’s company,… View Article