Plague Essay Topics

The Demon In The Freezer

Richard Preston has established himself a reputation of being a storyteller that mastered on putting faces on otherwise undistinguishable deadly viral diseases like ebola virus, anthrax and smallpox. He is keen on carefully describing to his readers how fatal these viruses are in his novels. He has proven himself to be an expert on stirring… View Article

The Plague DBQ

Beginning in the mid-fourteenth century, a plague swept the world like no other. It struck in a series of waves that continued into the eighteenth century. The first wave was estimated to have killed twenty-five million people, about a third of the Western Europe population at that time. Throughout the different outbreaks, the plague, also… View Article

The Effect of the Black Death on Europe

The Black Death, also known as the Bubonic plague, was an extremely deadly pandemic that struck Europe around 1346-1353. The Black Death arrived in Europe aboard Asian merchant ships in the form of fleas riding on the backs of rats. The plague then spread rapidly throughout Europe leaving destruction in its wake, sparing few souls… View Article

AP Euro FRQ on Renaissance

“Even though the renaissance had begun in main Italian city states by 1347, the rest of Europe was still basically Medieval in culture and outlook. Analyze how the Black Death put an end on to this medieval culture and hastened the development of the renaissance.” The Bubonic plague, also known as Black Death invaded the… View Article