Places and Forms of Power – the Media Essay

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Places and Forms of Power – the Media

The media are called the fourth power and the internet the 5th power. The rise of the free press distributed in the street or in the metro has increased dramatically. From paper to screen, more and more people today are getting their news from the web especially young people. In the USA many papers have closed down.

The question is: the media today: vice or virtue?

Firstly, I’m going to talk about the vice of the media today, the negatives aspect and secondly, I’m going to work the positives aspect of them.

I studied many documents which explore different types of vacations and depict varied types of tourists.

Thanks to the document “image hunters” we understand that the journalists create the event, it tells it. But they do not do anything to stop the aggressiveness of the supporters. They make use of it just to make audience.

We studied a visual in class where we see much cameras and microphones and, in small, a boy. This situation is paradoxical in the sense that normally the person interviewed should be in the foreground and the journalist in the background.

It could mean that the media can be as dangerous as weapons; they are like a loaded weapon in the sense that they can destroy someone’s life or turn it into a nightmare. They can also want to distort the truth to make audiences or sell more tabloids. The cartoonist clearly denounces the drifts of the media.

The cartoonist, Nicolas Vial may want to attract our attention on how pieces of information can be distorted or invented for business purposes. We have to look at the press or watch TV with careful eyes.

I studied the negative aspects of the media here, but they have positive aspects all the same.

I read a document on the Haiti relief effort, a new media’s maturation moment. Here I have seen that media can be a virtue. Thanks to them, thanks to the tweets of people who are trapped under rubble, people were saved. Media played a critical role to inform the world of the situation immediately after the disaster. People of the entire world knew that Haiti needed assistance! To conclude, I think that the media today can be dangerous, and that it is really necessary to be careful of what we hear and of what we read, but it is important to be well-informed.

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