Placement Proposal Niam Essay

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Placement Proposal Niam

(An Organization of Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India) Kota Road, Bambala (Near Sanganer), Jaipur-302033, (Rajasthan) Telephone: 0141-2795121/2795143, Fax: 0141-2771938, 2770595 Website: About the Institute The National Institute of Agricultural Marketing (NIAM) is an apex level autonomous institute set up by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India in Agricultural Marketing which conducts training, research, consulting and educational programmes along with formulating policy inputs. With a view to developing Agri-business and Marketing professionals, NIAM conducts an AICTE approved two-year Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Agribusiness Management (PGDABM) since 2001.

Our students imbibe knowledge, excellent academic strengths and also see things through a different perspective as imparted by our programme which is closely associated with institutions like IIM-A, IIM-I, XLRI, IIFT, MICA etc. with the constant support from our Director General- Shri. R.P. Meena (Additional Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture), Director-Shri. Kamal Mathur, Deputy Director-Dr. Hema Yadav and our experienced faculty members, PGDABM has become a flagship programme.

In a recent survey NIAM has been ranked among India’s top sectoral B schools in ‘Outlook India’ B-School Survey 2011-12. About the Students The current batch (2011-13) is the ninth batch and has strength of 50 (40 boys and 10 girls) with varied qualifications. Serial No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Educational Background of Students Agricultural Engineering Biotechnology B.Sc. Agriculture B.Sc Commercial Ag. & Business Management Dairy Technology Fisheries Food Technology Horticultural Sciences Veterinary Sciences Total Number of Students 2 2 32 1 3 2 1 4 3 50

There are 7 students in this batch who have work experience.

The students take field projects in rural areas, Agricultural markets and processing industries etc as Summer Projects, Live project, Individual projects and we have organized several Training and National /International Workshops. We have collaborations or association with FAO, CII, NABARD, ASSOCHAM, UNSAID, WORLD BANK, APEDA, ADB, EXIM BANK, NCDEX, FICCI State Governments, National Cooperatives and many more International forum constituted for a particular purpose. Our students have proven their credentials in various events like B-Plan, Business quiz, Debate, AD Mania, Sports, etc. organized in several prestigious institutes like IIM-A, FMS, IIT-Delhi, IIT-Mumbai, AMITY, IBS Jaipur, TAPMI, etc.

Recruitment Mode of recruitment is through campus recruitment which we could be initiating in the month of December-January. It would be a pleasure to be associated with your organization and we would like our students to begin their career in an esteemed organization/ company like yours. To invite you for the recruitment, we are sending you the corporate response sheet. We would be highly grateful to your organization if you send the duly filled sheet to us at the earliest. This will ensure your participation in recruitments.

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