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Healthy Snacks Joint

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (460 words)
Categories: Brands, Business, Business Management, Business Success, Health, Health Care, Healthy Lifestyle
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Burger Kings will launch the Healthy Snacks Joint in UK market to cater to the growing demand of varieties of health foods. The company will assess the success of the business model in the UK market before deciding on expanding the services to other global locations. Promotion Strategy Advertising and creating consumer awareness for the products in the specific markets is essential to carve a market niche. Consumers today are more informed and aware of where they spend their money and this information is availed mostly from online sources.

This requires consolidated efforts from the sales and marketing team. Positioning the brand and creating brand awareness of the intended product involves great deal of planning and execution of advertising campaigns that will assist customers in recognizing the brand and creating brand loyalty. Effective brand loyalty strategies include identification of target client group, market acquisition, and understanding client needs and alternatives available in the market.

This type of market research will enable the company to understand the specific market needs and choices available to the customer in the market. The next strategic step that the company needs to take is the effective use of marketing campaigns and advertising strategies to promote the product and trigger brand recognition. Burger King proposes to pursue an aggressive advertising and sales promotion strategy to capture increasing market share.

Advertising of the product will be implemented in four levels promoting the wholesome goodness and health benefits of the new range of products:

  • Advertising campaigns on televisions and cable network
  • Display hoardings and billboards at strategic locations
  • Print media campaigns
  • Sponsored articles in newspapers and health magazines
  • Endorsements on the Internet

The prime objectives of the advertising and promotion campaigns through these various media forms will be to create high degree of awareness among consumers of the associated health benefits and nutrition value.

The contents of these campaigns will be highly informative in nature and the approach will be to drive the sales through increased consumer interest. The television commercials will feature public figures endorsing the health benefits of the products and how it can add to wholesome enjoyable outdoor eating experience. Advertising through billboards and hoardings will ensure maximum visibility and wider reach to intended consumer base. The campaigns will be designed to promote increased brand recognition and consumer awareness.

The brand or product positioning of an organization is an essential parameter for successful marketing strategy. This generally constitutes of how a particular product is better and different from its alternatives or choices available in the market. It assesses the functional aspects of the product. It also represents the kind of image the consumer will have on seeing the product on display and distinct its qualities in terms of value and benefits from other competitive brands.

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