Earlier chapters have set the phase for transporting out of this research. This chapter builds on the old 1s by describing the consequences of the information analysis. The primary informations collected through interviews and questionnaire is presented in graphs along with analysis and findings. From these analysis research workers will be able to continue towards decision and recommendation.

Qualitative Data analysis

This portion of chapter will analyze the interviews conducted with pizza hut direction.

Scheme Importance

To happen out and analyze scheme planning and its importance research worker asked inquiries from Pizza hut direction ‘What was the strategic planning behind ERP ( MICROS ) ’ and ‘What were the chief aims behind ERP ( MICROS ) , and Is Pizza hut as an administration able to accomplish those aims? ’ .

In answer to these inquiries Operational support director replied.

Strategic program behind ERP system was to be a market leader in fast nutrient market and to supply first-class client service through ERP execution. Harmonizing to Operational support director and country directors of pizza hut the aims behind ERP were to run the concern more expeditiously, better merchandise quality and client service, enhanced fiscal processs through existent clip figures and effectual selling through client information.

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( Hammer & A ; champy, 1993 ) presented theory of concern procedure reengineering, in their theory they explained that really basic rethinking and indispensable reforming of concern procedures to obtain singular betterments in current public presentation is called concern procedure reengineering. Hammer farther described information engineering is the of import factor to assist BPR.

Pizza hut direction identified ERP systems are really expensive to put in.

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The difficult work non merely finished after installing but administration have to make more to pull off them. So to make all this Pizza hut needed a house strong scheme. Harmonizing to ( Porter, 1996 ) merely we have no thought what is scheme and how we can construct a good strong scheme. But on the other manus Whittington and Mintzberg helped to give the tools for scheme devising. Pizza hut operational support directors answer showed that pizza hut scheme is pre-planned where as an administration pizza hut direction consider non merely to put in ERP but they besides had looked after installing stage and ERP direction. Beside this some peculiar aims demands for a strong and steadfast scheme. ( Bendoly, 2005 ) Informed that every clip administrations managing ERP undertakings they should hold corporate degree scheme for ERP.

Unlike Mintzberg emergent school of idea where he highlighted that in administration usually people don’t know about scheme and certain process developed into scheme.

( Robert & A ; Norton, 2008 ) made intereting point he said both scheme and opertional attack helps to minimise hazard and manage hazard. Operational director, country director and shop directors all are agree that the basic scheme is growing in sale like earliar Operational support director said the scheme planning behind ERP was to acquire maximal portion in fast nutrient market and client service through ERP. ( Porter and Millar, 1985 ) explained corporate degree scheme means to do full organisatin ready for growing and information systems plays critical function in this procedure that is why ERP are really critical for competitory advantage.

Harmonizing to pizza hut direction they are able to accomplish their mark and as an administration they are turning. Area director revleas that pizza hut in 2007 sold 35.4 million pizzas in the UK and pizza hut serve over 97,000 pizzas and 171,000 clients a twenty-four hours at pizza hut UK. Overall sale of Pizza hut is more than ?600 million after put ining MICROS. Cheshunt shop director informed that the client ailments are dropped to 2 to 4 ailments per one-fourth where before MICROS figures were 10 to 12.

Reseacher besides tried to happen out the challenges faced by pizza hut direction. So the chief intent of this inquiry was to findout the troubles and challenges faced by pizza hut direction during execution. ‘What jobs did you brush during implementation’ . In answer to this inquiry operations support director said, although they had pre programs for ERP ( MICROS ) still they faced tonss of challenges and jobs. The first large challenge was cost, MICROS full bundle was really expensive to purchase and implement. After put ining MICROS the 2nd biggest challenage was to alter employees mind set and organisation civilization. ( Bendoly, 2005 ) made interesting points in ERP execution, he explained after installing most of the clip emplyoee do non hold believe on information which ERP system provide.

Employees do non hold importance of information, that how of import it is to set accurate information into the system. Bendloy argued employee drama of import function in successful execution. Pizza hut country directors besides explained that to over come employees behaviour and to state them how of import it is to set accurate information for better analysis and cognition pizza hut ran a dominanting preparation plan. Which helped to get the better of this job. Shop directors agrees that the preparation imporved employees public presentation and staff start to take proper phone no, client information and order information and support directors start executing daily look into harmonizing to the processs. ( Kling & A ; Iacono, 1984 ) argued that debut of engineering to administration frequently produces chances for directors to alter the manner they control workers.

Cheshunt shop director told in start the MICROS aid desk was non helpful plenty. ( Kalling, 2003 ) besides pointed out ERP systems are more than put ining package plans. He clarified ERP system execution trigger alteration in full administration. So directors have to believe otherwise to pull off alteration. He farther argued that ERP and concern procedure rhenium technology is linked with each other. Southgate shop director responded it was non easy to pull off alteration in shop. It is hard to alter employees mind set and to convience them on new processs. Training plays of import function but it is clip taking procedure. ( Frenzel, 1992 ) besides identified that alteration direction is non a easy procedure. It is a large challenge in direction country.

Reseacher found Strategy doing dramas of import function in administration growing. It helps to gauge hazard and to look frontward in future. ERP plays of import function to accomplish scheme aims by bettering administration efficency and client cognition. ERP execution is non merely package executions but it triggers alteration in organisation.Proper planning and scheme to pull off alteration helps to get the better of different alteration jobs.

Impact on operations

Researcher asked this inquiry from pizza hut direction to happen out ERP impact on administration operations and this besides was core inquiry of interview. ‘What is the impact of ERP ( MICROS ) on operation direction after execution? ’ In respond to this inquiry Operation support director explained after implementing MICROS pizza hut communicating is improved via intranet and directors are able to hold existent clip figures in speedy clip. This helps them to better velocity, determination devising procedure, quality of merchandise and client service. After put ining ERP ( MICROS ) pizza hut is able to hive away client information.

Operation support director explained about new term in pizza hut “Every 2nd counts” thanks to MICROS. ( Mintzberg, 1991 ) besides speak in favor of this harmonizing to him the most of import thing in these yearss an administration can hold is its cognition. Organisations ever maintain traveling from one way to another for better efficiency and invention.

North Area director identified MICROS helps to calculate for future in the visible radiation of customer’s old order behavior. MICROS took last 6 hebdomads gross revenues and client form to supply prognosis with such a item where directors can happen out extremum and off extremum times even on hourly footing. It help directors to better programming, cost of gross revenues. ( Mata, Fuerst, & A ; barney, 1995 ) illustrated that resource base theory demands administration I.T resources should hold wide range in administration sections. Area director descried through MICROS pizza hut direction is able to command on waste. Because intelligent calculating allow directors to fix harmonizing to demand this helps to cut cost of gross revenues. Southgate shop director further explained that programming is more accurate this leads towards better cost of labor. Harmonizing to pizza hut country trough MICROS aid to hold “Right people at right place” . By cutting cost of gross revenues and cost of labor through efficient processs we are able to maximise net income.

( Porter, 1996 ) defines operational efficiency as executing organizational maps better than rivals. He farther explained operational efficiency leads towards low cost. South gate shop directors answer was continuance of porter theory. He besides identified MICROS aid to give under 3, under 14, under 30 figures which help directors to look into the order processing at different degrees so they can happen out the job country. Grays shop director revealed that after execution they have better pre-prep program. This saves clip and increase velocity. Customers get better merchandise and service. ( Deming, 1986 ) presented a system where he said to better quality ( Plan, do, look into, act ) . He believes by following this sequence we can better quality.

Operational support director

Operational support director identified the large measure towards online telling system MICROS ] offer pizza hut clients online telling installation. It is major accomplishments to heighten client service, conveying truth and velocity in order processing. ( Jashapara, 2004 ) pointed out that administrations premier aim is to give merchandises and services which can carry through clients altering demands. Questionnaire figures make Jashapara point more valid where most of the clients like to put order online. Cheshunt shop director told online telling system save clip and cost of labor. When client order through online it save order taking clip and assist to cut hours which used to take order on phone.

One of Pizza hut Area director explained since pizza hut introduced on-line order service pizza hut‘s North country is salvaging round 2 % labor per hebdomad. ( Porter, 1985 ) argued that administration willing to accomplish competitory advantage demands to make value concatenation.

Value concatenation refers to increase in border.

In order to accomplish this border all the resources of administration have to execute. Primary information shows that most of the clients like telling online due to many grounds such as online telling system let them to order more accuratly, supply more information about required merchandise and bringing velocity is fast. Primary information shows that most of the clients like telling online due to many grounds such as online telling system let them to order more accuratly, supply more information about required merchandise and bringing velocity is fast.

Researcher found ERP systems have a immense impact on operational direction. ERP systems help to do operations efficient and effectual. ERP systems help to cut cost and to maximise net income. At the same clip aids to better client service straight and indirectly.

Impact on Decision Making

This inquiry was asked from pizza hut direction to happen out impact of ERP ( MICROS ) on determination devising and what they do different now. ‘Do you think Pizza hut’s over all determination doing ability is improved’ . In respond to this inquiry all the directors were agreed and their reply was positive. Operation support director Tells MICROS produce existent clip figures which mean we can see even 10 unsweet advancement from different point of positions. This precise information allows directors to move fast, analyse to do accurate and efficient determinations. Communications between different directors are easy and secure. ( Liebowitz, 2000 ) pointed out that in cognition direction major job is distribution and organising of cognition. He farther explained informations excavation tool helpful to get the better of this job.

Area director explained directors can reschedule the staff harmonizing to concern demand. If the sale is low and nil occurrence director can look into on MICROS how many team member required and can set harmonizing to that information. ( Bacij, Chaffey, & A ; Greasley, 2002 ) explained that administrations want to work efficaciously their all the activities must be arranged and monitored by directors harmonizing to good informed determinations. Operation director explained MICROS helped to screen bringing country determination devising procedure through drive clip studies. These drive clip studies provide clip to grid bringing country. ( senge, 2006 ) thinks otherwise and he argued that a individual can hold a more information because of proficient promotion but it create no difference if the individual have non appropriate accomplishments to associate this specific information in a functional manner.

Marketing determination devising is improved because of client order records. Net income and loss histories are available online. Overall fiscal determination devising is improved. ( Howard Dresner, 1989 ) first clip introduced the idea of concern intelligence. He explained it as a set of ideas and methodological analysiss arranged to heighten decision-making in concern through the usage of information and information-based systems. Shop directors were agree that determination devising is improved through MICROS. They can hold a expression on different studies.

Decisions about telling stock are improved. ( Davenport & A ; Prusak, 1998 ) thinks oppositely harmonizing to them two 3rd of directors information and cognition came from face to confront meeting or through phone treatment. One 3rd information can be getable through paperss. ( Rainey, 2006 ) argued that the chief duty of executives and corporate direction systems is to bring forth a good designed concern theoretical account that can supply enhanced strategic way, control and administration to the administration.

Researcher found ERP supply information distribution to different directors of different sections. Information handiness assists to better determination doing procedure. Through available and existent clip figures directors are able to take in clip and accurate determinations to respond consequently.

Customer service and impact on selling

Researcher asked this inquiry to ask from Pizza hut direction which section of pizza hut as an administration tool most of the advantage from ERP. ‘What is the most improved country in whole administration procedures, e.g. HR, operations or finance.’ The reply was consists on operation, finance, selling and client service. Researcher has done item analysis on operation and finance in this portion research worker is analyzing marketing section to look ERP impact on selling. Harmonizing to Operations support director ERP facilitate to hive away client information and from this client information different analysis can be done to happen out client tendency, their ordering behavior and disbursement capacity. This helps to supply more cognition about client. ( Sveiby, 1996 ) explained difference between information and cognition he argued information is non equal to knowledge.

Southgate shop director besides speaks in favor of this he said client information helps to construct client cognition after some analysis. In analysis of client information we need some peculiar information to construct cognition. For illustration clients order frequence and last order. ( Polanyi, 1967 ) presented a theory about cognition where he identified cognition is an activity defined as procedure of cognizing. For ( Devanport and Prusak, 1998 ) cognition is mixture of experience and information. This gives base to develop new accomplishment and information. Pizza hut country director thinks harmonizing to these theories and explained MICROS database shop client contact information, their last order record. Marketing section is utilizing this information to do new trades, particular trades to promote differentcustomers.

MICROS’s online telling systems introduced new selling processs which are low in cost and have high consequence in result. For illustration through on-line systems MICROS informations base shop electronic mail of clients and selling section usage this electronic mail information to publicize new trades or merchandises. Grays shop director compared before MICROS client information was merely available in shop. This means merely store direction can entree that information and shop director do non hold the capacity to organize full selling section. MICROS enabled portion and centralised database which helps to entree client information of all shops from anyplace. ( Fiol & A ; Lyles, 1985 ) presented a theory that rapid alteration in engineering and competition bring new manner of thought in administrations and larning improves administrations public presentation. ( Hubber, 1991 ) besides identified the importance of information he said administration learns the manner of information processing is changed.

‘How new client related cognition and information is utilised.’

This inquiry was asked to happen out how pizza hut as an administration is utilizing client cognition. Operation support director identified in his reply new client information helps to maintain client record. This gives great cognition about client behavior.

MICROS aid to hive away customer’s experiences with pizza hut. Their ordering form helps to analyze extremum and off peak clip. MICROS online telling system helps to make effectual selling through web site and electronic mails. Marketing section is promoting clients to order online because on-line order save clip, better truth and client service and enhance velocity. Area director pointed out new client cognition helps to distinguish the regular clients. And pizza hut direction is able to present particular offers to regular clients and more attractive offers for new clients. Overall MICROS provide cognition to do an effectual selling scheme to vie. Cheshunt shop director gave illustration of presenting new concern trades merely for Cheshunt shop this helped to increase gross revenues. Questionnaire replies figures shows that overall more than 70 % like online ordination and particular offers.

Researcher found ERP systems helps to make cognition about client and administration. And have positive impact on selling and client service. ERP systems provide new selling processs, ERP systems besides help to cut selling budget through new processs and ease even to make individual to individual selling. Researcher besides found cognition is more than information.

Fiscal Impact

‘How much pizza hut spent on ERP and what is the expected clip to retrieve this investment’ and’ Do you believe so far puting in ERP was deserving to pizza hut as an administration? ’

These inquiries were asked to hold thought about return on investing. Operation supportmanager replied it is hard to unwrap exact figure of MICROS executions. However he briefly explained MICROS systems were really expensive to implement merely to hold an thought one MICROS’s enable touch screen system cost ?2200. A little bringing unit at least have 6 touch screens. Pizza hut full direction were agreed that ERP systems execution investing was deserving. It helped to heighten operations, addition sale, directors have better ability to execute and to present. ( Gattikar & A ; Goodhue, 2000 ) identified benefits of ERP, he explained ERP systems improve administrator function such as finance and human resource.

Questionnaire consequences shows more than 60 % clients agree that they have better accuracyand velocity with new online telling system. They besides agreed that online telling system provide easier and faster manner to order. ( Hossain, Jon & A ; Rashid, 2002 ) besides described ERP benefits they gave account that Enterprise resource planning systems are implement to heighten and better public presentation of administration and these systems have impact on full administration. Pizza hut direction is agreed although MICROS are expensive but their benefits are deserving to pass on MICROS.

Researcher found even though ERP systems are expensive for an administration but they are deserving for investing.


This inquiry was designed to inquire from interviewers what is the difference after ERP execution. ‘What do you make otherwise now’ . In answer to this inquiry Operation support director place now pizza hut direction have secure and easy handiness of information. Online telling system is step towards distinction. Most of pizza hut rivals do non hold online telling installation. ( Porter, 1996 ) explained administration privation to hold competitory advantage have to bring forth a scheme either to put to death different actions or similar actions with different technique. Area director identified that MICROS produced improved coverage sing different sections such as stock list study, more powerful gross revenues study. Prevent fraud and more unafraid communicating between client and administration. ( O’Brien & A ; Marakas, 2008 ) described ERP package based and related to fabrication, distribution, gross revenues, accounting and human resource coverage package. This allows ERP systems to supply analysis and planning studies of different sections. Grays shop director reveals now because of better and precise prediction they are able to pre-prep more accurately. This makes us able to cut down order devising clip and better velocity. In questionnaire figures shows 98 % clients agree that online telling system improved velocity and order truth. Operation support director identified MICROS provide more accurate answerability and fraud bar because MICROS record every individual dealing between client and administration and it besides store price reductions records. Shop directors informed MICROS helped to better CHAMPS. CHAMPS is Pizza hut criterions for single shop public presentation where they look at Cleanliness, Hospitality, Accuracy, Maintenance, Product and Speed.

Researcher found ERP systems aid to heighten truth in different sections of administration for better public presentation and answerability.

Quantitative analysis

Customers respond sing ERP system

This subdivision of chapter based on informations analysis of questionnaire study to happen out clients responds for on-line telling service and pizza hut direction answer on this questionnaire study. Survey was completed in one hebdomad. Survey respond was 100 % .

Pizza Hut online Service system Survey Statistics

Started 100

Completed 100

Completion Rate 100 %

Drop Outs ( do non utilize Pizza hut service ) 3

1. Make you utilize Pizza Hut service in the country?

Yes. No.

In respond to this inquiry 97 % clients answer was YES and they order nutrient from pizza hut. 3 % said no. The figure shows there is high per centum of people who likes to order nutrient from pizza hut. It gives Pizza hut great advantage in fast nutrient market and shows have great trade name name impact in fast nutrient market. Pizza hut direction told in interview it is their premier aim to be a fast nutrient market leader.

2. How frequently do you utilize Pizza Hut Service?

1. Once a hebdomad

2. Twice a hebdomad or more

3. Once a month

4. Once a twelvemonth

Question two was designed to acquire the ordering frequence of client that how frequently

client order pizza.51 % clients answered one time a hebdomad. 40 % said twice a hebdomad or

more. 7 % said one time a month. And 2 % said one time a twelvemonth. Researcher found that pizza hut has good loyal clients. As there are more than 50 % clients who order at least one time a hebdomad. Harmonizing to Area director client order frequence information helps to better

selling scheme and prediction. L.R analysis

Order frequence

3. What is your preferable manner for telling nutrient?

1. Naming at Pizza hut

2. Walk in

3. Online

This inquiry was asked to place what is the convenient manner to put an order. In answer to this inquiry 43 % said they prefer order online 40 % peoples likes to order via phone and 17 % clients likes to put order in individual at pizza hut. Figures clearly show the different tendencies in clients. Customers have mixed attack towards telling service but there are 43 % clients as comparison to 40 % and 17 % who use other services. Researcher can retreat consequence in the visible radiation of above figures that peoples have more tendencies to order through on-line service. Operations support director besides told that MICROS helped them to take one measure frontward it let pizza hut to present on-line telling service. Online telling system is accurate and faster manner to put order. ( Shanks, Peter B, & A ; Leslie P, 2003 ) pointed out administrations program to put in ERP when they found it is their demand to upgrade their active operational processs

4. How you get more information about your required nutrient?

1. Naming at Pizza hut

2. Printed Cusp

3. Online merchandise description

The chief intent of this inquiry was to happen out does online telling service provide adequate information sing merchandise of pizza hut as comparison to printed cusp and naming at pizza hut. So researcher can find about client reaction about merchandise information through online system. 67 % people voted that they will acquire more information via online. 29 % clients said they find more information on printed cusps. Merely 4 % clients agreed that they get more information about merchandise when they call at pizza hut. After roll uping primary informations it is easy to place the findings that 67 % clients are agreed that online system supply more information as comparison to other merchandise descriptions. Area director explained in interview that Online system provide merchandise information in item because it iseasy to update and give merchandise item information on web site as comparison to printed booklet.

5. The information on the web site is clearly written and easy to understand

1. Strongly Disagree

2. Disagree

3. Undecided

4. Agree

5. Strongly Agree

This inquiry was designed to understand customer’s respond about information that is available on website sing merchandise and order. In respond to this inquiry 82 % clients strongly agreed. 11 % clients said they are agreed and 7 % client replied they are open. After analyzing the primary informations research worker found that high per centum of client 82 % strongly agreed and 11 % are happy that information on the online telling system web site is clearly apprehensible. This clearly shows that online telling system is playing good function in pizza hut merchandise apprehension.

6. The content of the web site is up-to-date?

1. Strongly Disagree

2. Disagree

3. Undecided

4. Agree

5. Strongly Agree

The purpose behind this inquiry was to cipher the truth of website offering merchandises as comparison to advertisement offers and new printed bill of fare. 82 % client strongly agreed that pizza hut web site is up to day of the month, 10 % people said they are agree that pizza hut is up to day of the month, 6 % people said they are open 2 % people said they are disagree with this statement.

Above figures depicting that most of the clip clients find website up to day of the month. Researcherfinds still 2 % of people are there who said they are non agreed. This is country of concern being a transnational company Pizza hut have to decide this and the website content should be up to dated for better impact and this is necessary for online system success that all the portion of ERP systems in working status and capable to play their function in administration services.

Southgate Store director explained this job as on-line web site is for National degree, whilesometimes pizza hut run particular offers for local country, and client find struggle in trades. Area directors described they are working to work out this job by leting particular price reductions for clients.

7. Please rate the easiness of pilotage of Pizza hut online service

1. Excellent

2. Good

3. Average

4. Poor

5. Very Poor

This inquiry was designed to happen out the easiness of pilotage when clients are telling their nutrient or in between their order and alteration head to other merchandise. 61 % clients said the pilotage of web site is first-class, 31 % said it is good and 6 % said it is mean and 2 % said it is hapless. There is assorted ratio of replies sing easiness of pilotage. Area directors and shop directors identified ERP installing helped to better visuals and pilotage through supplying intelligent order taking plan. Researcher found that on-line system can be more user friendly to promote client for on-line telling service.

8. How easy was it to happen a peculiar point you were looking for?

1. Very Easy

2. Somewhat Easy

3. Easy

4. Slightly Difficult

5. Very Difficult

This inquiry is back uping above inquiry and focused peculiarly on specific point or product.68 % people voted really easy for this inquiry, 21 % said slightly easy, 9 % said easy and 2 % said slightly hard. Pizza hut direction explained because of user friendly layout and merchandise item aid to happen and choose merchandise. Researcher found that 68 % respondent said it is easy to happen their needed points this shows that online telling system is truly helpful for happening their needed merchandise and good for hunt of points.

9. Please rate the overall content of Pizza hut web site.

1. Excellent

2. Good

3. Average

4. Poor

5. Very Poor

This inquiry covers by and large about truth and relaxation of the online telling system. In respond to this inquiry 61 % client said first-class, 25 % said it is good,11 % said it is mean and 3 % replied it is hapless. The statistics illustrate that there is high volume of clients who are satisfied with overall content online telling web site. Pizza hut direction identified MICROS online telling system is on measure frontward towards better client service. ( Gattiker & A ; Goodhue, 2000 ) Pointed out ERP execution provides benefits from many angles.

10. How easy was it to modify points in your shopping cart? e.g to alter pizza base,

1. Very Easy

2. Somewhat Easy

3. Easy

4. Slightly Difficult

5. Very Difficult

This inquiry was designed to happen out the easiness of altering order, if a client wants to alter order after make up one’s minding concluding order is it easy to alter the concluding order as comparison to other service.37 % clients said really easy, 35 % said slightly easy and 22 % said it is easy and 4 % said slightly hard and 2 % said really hard. Researcher found that 37 % people found it really easy to alter concluding merchandise this figure is low as comparison to above customer’s respond towards online telling system. This is the country of betterment for on-line service. In respond to these figures operations support director told MICROS support squad is working to repair jobs as they are logged. They ever try to supply best possible and user friendly interface to clients and order takers.

11. Be your order complete when you received it?

Yes No

The chief aim of this inquiry was to happen out truth when order received at pizza hut and processed how accurately it delivered when topographic point through online ordination system. 96 % said yes to this question‘s reply and merely 4 % said no. Findingss show the truth degree for on-line telling service is good. Where 96 % of people said they find complete order. Cheshunt shop director revealed that since they have MICROS online telling service their shop bringing service is improved to more than 80 % as comparison to under 70 % before on-line system.

12. What is the fastest manner to put your order?

1. Naming a Pizza hut

2. Walk in

3. Online

This inquiry was asked to compare velocity among different services pizza hut provides to take order from clients. This inquiry was really of import to happen out the clear difference between different services. And the reply will demo does online order service is playing its function. Through this question’s answer research worker can happen out on-line telling service impact.

In answer to this inquiry 70 % said on-line ordination is fastest manner to order. 18 % said walk inis the fastest manner to put order and 12 % agreed that naming at pizza hut is fastest manner to put order. ( Jashapara, 2004 ) Identified cardinal drivers for administration cognition direction system is to carry through clients demands. ( Alavi & A ; Leidnere, 1999 ) pointed out cognition direction undertakings helps to heighten procedures. These systems helps to salvage clip, better communicating, better client helping. Researcher found 70 % people said on-line service provide fast manner to order. This clearly shows that ERP ( MICROS ) playing of import function in pizza hut sale.

13. Make you establish particular offer when telling online?

Yes No

This inquiry deals with pizza hut policy to promote clients to order online and to publicize their online telling service and to look into people knowledge about online telling service.98 % said yes they found particular offer when order online and 2 % said no. Figures shows pizza hut scheme to promote people towards on-line service is working. Where 98 % clients said they find particular offer for telling online which promote them to order online. Operation shop director explained MICROS facilitate to shop clients telling form this let them to construct cognition about client behavior for better planning and selling. ( Nonaka, 1994 ) Clarified that formal and organized cognition is valuable cognition. ( Davenport & A ; Prusak, 1998 ) Further argued that information engineering helps to rush up cognition transportation.

14. How you grade bringing clip when order online?

a. Excellent

B. Good

c. Average

d. Below norm

e. Poor

Question 14 trades with speed public presentation of bringing installation. When order placed online how much clip it takes.63 % said they find first-class bringing clip when order online. 14 % said it is good, and 12 % said it is mean, 8 % said it is below mean and 3 % said it is hapless. This primary information shows that most of the people prefer on-line ordination because they find good bringing clip. Shop directors are agreed that MICROS online systems played critical function in order truth. When clients puting their order they are about certain what they are telling. It cut down the hazard of error from order taker chances.

15. How you grade over all on-line telling service?

a. Excellent

B. Good

c. Average

d. Below norm

e. Poor

Finally this inquiry deals with overall public presentation and efficiency and service pizza hut provide through online ordination system. In straight how ERP ( MICROS ) assisting pizza hut as an administration to function clients in better manner. In answer to this inquiry 61 % client said first-class, 21 % said it is good,14 % said it is mean and 4 % replied it is below norm. At the terminal of questionnaire research worker found in general 73 % people replied on-line service is really good and it shows that on-line service is playing critical function in pizza hut sale and service.

Pizza hut direction replied positively on the overall impact of ERP systems. They explained MICROS helped to better operations. From calculating to client service.

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