Pit Bull Law In Ontario Essay

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Pit Bull Law In Ontario

The pit bull law is a touch and go law, it is one of those laws that doesn’t get enforced until this dog actually does something that would get it attention of the police, in which case they would take your pit bull away from you and put it down. Most people blame the bad reputation of pit bulls on bad owners, Pit bulls have been known as bad dogs since criminals started adopting them in the 70’s-80’s and using them in illegal dog fights and self defense dogs to protect drugs and money usually, pit bulls are very intimidating dogs that’s why they where chosen for all this stuff. Tons of sources and people all say that pit bulls make amazing family dogs, numerous people say that the key to a good dog is a good and loving owner, and make a great family dog that are good with kids and other animals only if trained right.

The law is also hurting people too, there are a lot of pit bull breeders that are now not legally aloud to breed the only breed they know how to breed which is a violation of there rights. The government cant make you get rid of a pit bull you already own but there are very strict guidelines as to take care and keep these dogs away from society. The bill should be appealed, all dogs bite. Just these dogs need special attention just like every other dog to be a good dog.

First of all the big reason why there is a ban on pit bull breeding and ownership of pit bulls is because of the bad reputation that they have accumulated over the past 40 or so years one of the first uses of the pit bull was to fight bears and bulls and stuff and people used that as entertainment, after that got banned for being rules as cruel to animals they came up with a new sport for the dogs which was to pin them up against each other in a pit for a fight to the death and people would bid money on the winners and ect… the dogs where bred to kill. But it was made very illegal very fast and banned in all 52 states and Canada. That breed was very dangerous, but since the 80’s making that killer breed was illegal so that pure killing machine isn’t really around anymore but you cant take it all out of the gene, but it can be easily controlled with proper training and a loving owner.

But that’s not always the case bad people do get there hands on these dogs to often and treat them with no respect, love or care and give don’t them proper obedience training. “Many of the pit bull attacks are due to a skyrocketing number of poorly bred and badly trained dogs raised by backyard breeders, who are trying to cash in on the pit bull’s growing reputation as a cheap, but deadly effective guard dog, particularly in urban areas.” This is a quote from The Houston Chronicle placing the blame almost solely on the humans. Before the 80’s pit bull attacks where almost unheard of in fact there where an American icon along with bull dogs. Pit bulls where used on military poster for the first world war and in other posters, the pit bull was in a lot of households across America.

The second topic would be how this law in Ontario has affected people’s jobs in breeding. Because of the new law breeders that have perfected there breed and only have knowledge in the pit bull breed, now that that has been taken away from them it is violating there rights as people, they have been stripped of there jobs because of an unfair law that has no reason to even be a law. Ontario breeders argue the ban violates breeders’ constitutional rights. Hundreds of supporters of pit bull-type dogs gathered in front of the provincial legislature to protest.

Other supporters, including the American Staffordshire Club of Canada, say that Ontario’s law is so vague and unscientific that it will affect many animals that shouldn’t be banned. In a widely reported case, Toronto police fired more than a dozen bullets into two pit bulls that had turned on the man who was walking them as a favor for a friend. In another in London, Ont., a woman and her seven-year-old son watched in horror as a pit bull latched onto her husband’s arm as he tried to keep the family puppy out of the dog’s reach. While some breeders are fighting the ban, others are leaving the province.

Pit bulls aren’t really an identifiable breed, added Hillier, so the law only provides a physical description of dogs, which he said could be applied to many breeds. The vague description of pit bulls in the legislation — which speaks of broad shoulders, short hair and a wide forehead Pit bull bans are “ridiculous and cruel,” she added, and have already been lifted in other provinces, many U.S. states and countries around the world. Everyone knows it’s the deed, not the breed, that’s the problem. We know that German shepherds, we know that Labrador retrievers, we know that Chihuahuas are as capable of biting, or more capable of biting, as so-called pit bulls.

What is trying to be said here is that there is no actually law on the breed of pit bulls its just a description and a very vague one at that, This law is very un organized, pit bulls are getting shipped out of Ontario and being pit down even when there not full pit bulls, they are mixes that fit the description. The original Bill 132 was passed on March 1, 2005, and received Royal Assent on March 9, 2005.The Bill prohibits individuals from owning, breeding, transferring, importing or abandoning pit bulls. Now that its 2012 the law has almost been considered being lifted completely it has in other provinces, Ontario is basically the only province that has not lifted it in Canada, and hopefully they let up soon, its unfair to all the breeders and pit bull lovers out there.

In conclusion the Pit Bull has had a bad reputation since the mid 19 hundreds between the illegal dog fights and all the gangsters and terrible breeders using these dogs for attack dogs and to protect drugs, and money, and for intimidation, and ect. But truth is that killer breed has been gone for awhile now, its basically just mixes out there from bad breeders with bad owners, there is no such thing as a “bad” dog, every dog is capable of biting and being viscous, the pit bull is capable of being a good dog, pit bull owners all say, there dog is great with there kids and family and even strangers, other dogs are touchy but can be contained with proper training. Also it putting good breeders out of a job is unfair because they can be breeding great dogs not even the killer ones. It violates their rights and they have been fighting for them back since 2005. The Law is cruel and unusual and should be lifted.

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