Pistahan Sa Mdeo Essay

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Pistahan Sa Mdeo

It has been Montessori De Oro’s tradition to celebrate Buwan ng Wika annually. Last August, we once again celebrate it with the theme “Tatag ng Wikang Filipino, Lakas ng Pagka-Pilipino.” Students worked hand in hand with the faculty and staff in coming up with an exciting event. Hence, Poster Making and Essay Writing Contests were held. Students from different year levels were encouraged to showcase their artistic views and informative ideas. The best posters were chosen according to the relevance of the theme, neatness and creativity. While the best essays were chosen on how the ideas were arranged, concretized and expounded. Thus, the winners for the Poster Making Contest starting up with the Lower Division were; 1st place- Klient Añover and Charles Enriquez both from Silver Team and Danica Antigua from the Gold Team. 2nd place- Ann Ross Fernandez from Green Team, Alexandra Femielle Santander from Silver Team and Angelica Olarte from Silver Team. And 3rd place- Nichole Solon from Silver Team. And for the Upper Division winners we have; 1st place – Paola Angelika Agpawa from Silver Team and Kim Zalsos from Green Team.

2nd place- Sherina Ann Afdal, Cara Antigua and Krishna Louise Valdehueza all from Gold Team and 3rd place- Alden Acdal Jr. from Green Team. And for the winners of the Essay Writing Contest in the Lower Division we have 1st place – Ann Ross Fernandez from Green Team. 2nd place- Nichole Solon from the Silver Team, and 3rd place- Alexandra Femielle Santander and Famela Clarice Paghasian both from Silver Team and Danica Antigua from Gold Team. And for the Upper Division, the winners were; 1st place- Paola Angelika Agpawa from the Silver Team, Nie Coleen Ebajay from the Gold Team and Hasmin Pascasio from the Green Team. 2nd place- Mari Chelsi Rey from the Gold Team and 3rd place- Krishna Louise Valdehueza and Minette Cheska Rey both from the Gold Team.

The highlight of the festivities was the “Tagisan ng Talino”. It is composed of chosen students from 1st year to 4th year and were grouped according to their school spirit color- the Green, the Silver and the Gold. Thus, the Representatives for the Green Team were Loulanie Grace Bello from 4th Year, Hasmin Pascasio from 3rd Year, Ann Ross Fernandez from 2nd Year and Mary Margareth Gonzalez from the 1st Year. For the Silver Team, the representatives were Paola Angelika Agpawa from the 4th Year, Kayra Andrea Salcedo from the 3rd Year, Nichole Solon from the 2nd Year and Famela Clarice Paghasian from the 1st Year. And lastly the representatives of the Gold Team were Mari Chelsi Rey from the 4th Year, Minette Cheska Rey from the 3rd Year, Danica Antigua from the 2nd Year and Tristan Tuazon from the 1st Year. All of the contestants did their best to answer the questions correctly despite the time pressure. Finally, the Silver Team garnered 21 pts and won 1st place, followed by the Green Team with 20pts that made them in the 2nd place and lastly the Gold Team in 3rd place with 18 pts.

For the contestants, it was truly a remarkable experience for they were challenged on how far have they learned the Filipino subject. Right after the “Tagisan ng Talino”, all year levels presented a song and dance number. The 1st year Emerald gracefully performed Kuratsa (a Waray dance). Also, some students from the same section prepared a verse choir speech entitled “Ako’y Pilipino” which was written by Isabel Empimo Mendoza. A remix of popular Filipino dance songs such as Kapayapaan, Matinik and Bebot were presented by the 2nd year Diamond. The 3rd Year Pearl sang and danced their hearts out with the song “Wikang Filipino”. And lastly the 4th Year Amethyst danced in the tune of “Choose Philippines” in katutubo costumes.

They also prepared a song number entitled “Ligaya” by the iconic band Eraserheads. But the celebration didn’t end there yet. On the following day, the Senior students prepared Mga Palarong-Pinoy. These were encouraged to instill the Filipino Culture within the students. Such games were patintero, dancing ball, takyan, luksong lubid and many more. Despite the blazing sun, everyone still managed to play the games with beaming smiles. Right after the Palarong-Pinoy was the much awaited- Kakaning Pinoy. Different varieties of Filipino delicacies were presented and shared among the students and teachers including the faculty and staff members.

It also lifted everyone’s festive spirit since the act of sharing and giving were observed during the said event. Everyone was indeed thrilled for the fun-filled activities that happened during the celebration. For us Seniors, Montessori De Oro is a school were students are developed through showcasing their talents and skills in the field of performing, playing sports, writing, drawing and many more. We are not only taught to grasp the knowledge and information we get from our daily encounter with the surroundings but also exposed us to recreational activities that can hone our physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual development. For we believed, that in Montessori De Oro, every student will soar up high!

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