Pirating games is not really easy

Based on the survey that has been conducted 63% of the respondent considered of buying the legal version of a pirated game . 68.9% of them said that legal version of the game allows them to use the multiplayer features in the game.

While 62.2% said that they would consider purchasing the game because of the content that is provided which requires a legal version and also a constant internet connection and 42.2% of them respondent said that they would consider buying the game because the in-game purchase that is featured in the game.

Nowadays multiplayers is a trend and players are likely to be more challenging and entertaining to play against instead of the typical AIs.Which are in most cases boring as they are constructed to do repetitive tasks and are unable to handle conversation.In addition to this, games now are featured with a live service or online components that normally are not accessible when players pirate them. Always-on DRM is one of the form of Digital rights management (DRM) which demands players to be constantly connected to a server through an internet connection for the game to played, also refers to as persistent online authentication are now being implemented into games which are meant solely for the purpose of preventing piracy.

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reason, why multiplayer makin banyakpeople are playing because of multiplayer makin banyak .. online surge development cost gamer developers, said nak kurangkan harga untuk buat bende tu that being said requires players to actualy have an id .. imposible for players to .. then bagthu kebaikan like the replaybility factor.

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. or offline game requires bla bla bla-replaybility factor microtransaction .. converting peple from illegal users to play the game the fact that making character bla bla bla exclusive content when u pay , also subcription which allow players to enjoy companies are selling limited edition .. DLC biar orang tengok ..s eronok + log in rewards and again this requires people to buy legal version.

Pirating games to people are not really easy (reliability)

Based on the result from the survey is conducted, 59.3 percent from respondent claimed that downloading pirated games is actually not easy.It is state that 64.1% of people claim to be cautious of malware that is contained in files that they might download. Although they might download their games from a reputable source , but in the case of downloading public torrents , one would not know if someone would temper the file , adding malware before uploading it . In 2013 , AVG made a research and the result shows that 90 percent of pirated video games are infected with malware. Although the number might be exaggerating , however a 30 chance of a pirated game having a malware is already a large risk to be taken. An example is when the game Watch Dogs was released, players who pirated it on pc was exposed to malware that mines Bitcoin. Ironically, the players who wants to pirate games got themselves robbed off of their Pc system resources for money by the malware creator. It is without a doubt that we can say not every pirated games would contain malware , however if you take into consideration the people who would temper peoples computers just to make money through malware and such , impatient players who would like to get their hands on a new pirated game would obviously becomes their target when they download the first pirated version of the game.

Not only that , players might also get more than what they asked for . When you browse up pirated games or even downloading it , it may expose players to contents that are unwanted such as pornography and others. Explicit pop-ups may emerge and players might even accidentally install programs that may cause harm to their computer by clicking the wrong button download when downloading their pirated games. And if you take consideration about the reliability of the game that you are downloading. Is it safe to say that the game that you are downloading is actually the game that you wanted ? The person breached the copyright protection and made copies of the pirated games is without a doubt someone that has questionable morality. What are the chances that they might not switch the actual game with innapropriate videos or something familiar ? When you put yourself into the world of piracy , you are exposing yourself to everything that is in that segment of the web. It might be not much of a big deal , but don’t expect that the games that you download would not have anything that is more that u wanted apart from the game might not even be working at all.

What has caused piracy ?Affordability

Based on the survey that has been done, a whopping of 57.4% respondents answered that they would not pay for the games and could not even afford to buy the games. While , 22.2% of the respondents answered that they find it hard to actually purchase the legal version of the game , which lead them to pirating them. there is also a fraction of respondent claiming that they wanted to test the game whether the games would meet their expectation or not while having 25.9 % of the respondent saying that they dont know that they are even pirating a game.

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