Pirated DVD in Quiapo Manila Story Essay

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Pirated DVD in Quiapo Manila Story

Manila is one of the most visited and famous cities in the Philippines and Quiapo is the part of Manila. Many Filipinos love to visit Quiapo, because this place is very interesting and you can find many different products to buy in Quiapo. Aside for that you will see the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene also known as Quiapo church and millions of devotees are visiting this Catholic heritage. Quiapo is not only known because of the said church, but also because of the pirated DVD market where in people can buy cheap pirated DVD’s. We cannot blame these people in buying pirated one; the reason is it is cheap and affordable especially for those who cannot afford buying original which will cost them ten to thirty times the price of a pirated DVD.

Before, when you cross the streets of Quiapo you can see hundreds of different store stands and tables full of new and old DVD Movies. People enjoyed looking for DVD to buy. Many Filipinos found a living because of this business. This is illegal but this business fed many Filipino families and they were able to send their sons and daughters to a decent school. For so many years this business had stayed. The year 2012 is not a good year for them, the local and national government took full force to make this business gone in Quiapo.

Many shoppers were sad by this story; they could not imagine that the happy affordable DVD market they found has gone in the wind. Because of what happened most DVD sellers return to their provinces and we never know what kind of life they will face. This is not a happy ending story for many. Lately the vendors shifted from Manila to another place or provinces. We cannot blame this people for in this business they find a way to feed their families. I hope the government will provide more jobs to lessen this kind of way of living.

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