Pip's Brother in law

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Pip has been portrayed as being very scared and troubled. In pg 6 he says, “I leaded in terror”; in pg 56 he says that he was scared of miss havesham. Quotation: “for a moment the horror…” Moreover in pg 212 pip says that on returning to the ‘marshes’ from London, there was a revival for a few minutes of the TERROR OF CHILDHOOD. Apart from this: pip was a spendthrift: pg 201 ; had a low self esteem : Pg 67,59,100. Estella: in this novel Estella comes across as pip’s love.

Pip starts liking her right since their 1st meeting at the manor house. Through the character of Estella, Charles Dickens has sent across a meaning to the readers that ‘ one cannot be happy and contented just by being rich and having a high status in the society.’

1. Haughty, cold and brutal: Estella has been portrayed as being extremely haughty, cold and brutal. In page 57 this becomes evident. She insults pip on his face, criticizing him for his rustic and unrefined mannerisms.

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She insults him for wearing ugly clothes and his bad vocabulary. In page 61 pip says, “She contemptuously pushed me out and locked the gate”. This goes to show how cold and rude Estella was.

The best example to indicate the bad nature of Estella is in page 77. I shall read out the quotation; ” she stood looking at me and of course I stood looking at her. ‘ am I pretty? ‘Yes; I think you are very pretty.’ ‘ Am I insulting?’ ‘ Not so much so as you were last time,’ said I.

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‘ Not so much?’ No’. She fired when she asked the last question, and she slapped my face with such force as she had, when I answered it. ‘ Now, you little coarse monster, what do you think of me now?’

2. Was troubled and mislead: Estella is perhaps one of the most unluckiest characters in the novel. She had been trained by Miss Havesham to be a cold brutal animal. Mr. Herbert who knew a lot about Miss Havesham says in page 162 that, ‘ she (Estella) was trained to be ruthless towards men of all kinds.’ In the end Estella acknowledges her appallingly ruthless behavior as she tells pip ” suffering has been stronger than all other teaching,,, I have been bent and broken, but- I hope- into a better shape” thus she also confesses to Pip that she was always troubled by Miss Havesham, forced to do things she actually never preferred doing.

Her husband Mr. Drummle also troubled her. 3. Very attractive: page 58, page 77 Joe: in the novel Joe Gargery is Pip’s Brother in law. He was dearest to pip. Joe plays a major role in Pip’s life. 1. Extremely supportive: Joe deeply loved pip and cared for him. Though he was very na�ve he was very sensible. He would assume the role of a father of an adolescent and talk to pip, guide him, and advise him in various matters to alleviate his troubles. This can be seen in Page 67 were he advises pip ” well pip…”

His love for pip can be seen in page 136 where we read, “he (Joe) never smoked so late, and it seemed to hint to me that he wanted comforting, for some reason or the other”. This indicates that Joe felt very sad about Pip leaving him to go to London. Page 132: Joe refuses to take ‘Compensation’, second paragraph. Also see page 134. 2. Had a large heart. Observed people with an open mind and found something good in everyone: Page 45 and Page 46 where he defends his wife and speaks good about her.

Understood pip well and never sulked hearing his complaints. Page 206 ” our eyes met… GOD bless you!” Pip and Joes touching conversation,. He immediately apologizes Pip for his formal and un -respectful behavior. 3. Was very Nave: pg 205 (1st paragraph). His accent and the way he speaks also suggests that he was very innocent. Page 67, where he says ” Why, see what a letter you wrote last night…” he appreciates Pip’s wriring skills not knowing that pip’s letter were full of grammatical and spelling errors.

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