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Pip and Joe’s relationship Essay

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But the main turning point for the relationship of these two characters is when he is told by Mr. Jaggers, lawyer who defends Magwitch, Magwitch orders him to keep track of Pip’s finances. Jaggers serves as Pip’s guardian during his time in London. Pip moves to London and makes new friends and lives a different life to the one he had during his childhood then we he does come back to see the village he is surprised how much London is different from the marshes and how the people talk and act different.

However while Pip is in London he shows a sine of snobbery and vanity and because of this he is ashamed or embarrassed by the arrival of Joe because he thinks it would ruin his reputation with his piers and companions if he was to be seen dinning with a simple person and not the richest and well respected people in London and because of this Pip has to change his personality, his life and most of all his morals and this effects people around him such as Joe and no longer treats him as a best friend but like a far distance friend.

But while Joe is at Pip’s flat little objects and movements shows how Joe has started to treat Pip differently and how he can no longer treat Pip the same way he did at his childhood and how Pip no longer needs help from Joe. One of these objects is the placement of Joe’s hat and how much of a fuss he makes over it and also the vocabulary he uses and how much he is surprised on Herbert’s courtesy towards him.

Also when Pip sees Joe leave he realizes something very important which is even thought he has money, respect and friends Joe has been there throughout his life and always seem to care about him no matter what and finally discovers the amount of loyalty which is shown towards him and also that Joe is not a simple man or a poorer person he is a hardworking person who deserves everything good that comes to him and a very moral man who is a kind hearted friend. Another key part of the story is just after Magwitch dies and Pip falls ill and Joe takes it on himself to nurse Pip back to health.

When Pip does finally awake he is surprised to see Joe “Which dear old Pip, old chap, ‘ said Joe, ‘ you and me was ever friends, And when you’re well enough to go out for a ride – what larks! ‘ in this short piece of writing it shows how excited Joe is to see Pip well and this is almost similar to the start of the story and it is completely different from the vocabulary Joe used in London because now he is in his comfort zone and doesn’t need to act a certain way to be accepted.

The whole story is finished where it starts back home where he meets Estella and decides to back to London in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a proper gentlemen and also becomes closer than ever to Joe and to his new wife Biddy. In conclusion I have discovered that Pip and Joe’s relationship is the main basis of the story and it differs from every event and how even in the worst of times Joe will always be there for Pip no matter what situation as he will never change his opinion of Joe.

Times may change but there friendship will always be there and this is presented clearly by Dickens and it often refers to his own personal life as his father was put in prison like Magwitch and how he was moved to another village with no choice and finally his love with Ellen Turner is very similar to the obsession which Pip shows for Estella. Overall Dickens presents the relationship as thought they are live long friends or soul mates and this is the main talking point through out the story.

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