Pink Dream Room Essay

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Pink Dream Room

Just picture it, a plush room with gorgeous walls painted pink and the most creative room ever fashioned by an adolescent. Looking around you may conclude that a sociable yet boy crazy teenager lives here. When you first enter the space, the aroma of Moschino Cheap and Chic Fragrance, or Pink dreams body mist greets you delightfully, depending on which day of the week.

Once, the sweet smell has embraced you, you observe spotless brown wooden flooring partially covered by an exotic gorgeous rug. The baby pink walls have entire sections hidden by dozens of posters in different sizes and shapes showing my taste in music and my opinion in handsome boys or divas that I look up to. Two large and one small window let in brightness to the cheery room but also let outsiders have a perfect view of my private room.

A tall dark mahogany shelf stands adjacent to the trendiest red leather chair ever seen. Within the shelf, sit rows of colorful school textbooks and various books. Among those, rest Rebecca, The Giver, Anna Karenina, bibliographies and all sorts or interesting texts. On the other side of the gorgeous book shelf sits a matching desk.

On the surface of the desk, sit a bright beautiful lamp adorned with flowers, a decorative desk organizer and my Dell laptop. The desk is usually covered in homework, magazines, art work and many uncommon things. Above the desk is one of the large windows, which is usually open to let light unto the desk when I work. The desk possesses seven drawers stuffed with miscellaneous objects, ranging from school work to laptop supplies. On the ground beside the desk sits a radio/cd/tape player, which is inevitably always in use.

Alongside the radio is my nightstand where my alarm clock, cell phone, a decorative vase (I had acquired in Europe) and scented candles are placed. At night the scented candle’s shadow dances along the walls and the flame puts a spell on me along with a soothing feeling. Since I own this room, I inevitably have an enchanting pink queen size bed carefully placed in the¬†middle of the room.

As you leave the closet, you have wandered all about my room leaving nothing else to explore. Now that you have caught a glimpse of my “Pink Dream Room” you can rest assured that I fancy and am devoted to my room.

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