Pinecrest Parkway Vision Plan Goals 

  1. Create A Distinct Pinecrest Brand (identity)
  2. Encourage Environmentally -efficient Redevelopment Of Neighborhood-focused Retail
  3. Protect Neighborhoods, And Provide For Appropriate Transitions Between Residential And Non- Residential Areas
  4. Connect And Create A Sense Of Unity For Commercial Properties

Such targets or goals in its implementation would result in a number of benefits that will arise from Pinecrest Parkway’s solid reconstruction. Additionally, in conjunction with this program for citizens, companies, local government, and investors, a public and private collaboration and strategy is a feasible course of action to reposition this street as a top local attraction.

It is centered on the ultimate goals and objectives of the Village as illustrated in this Vision Plan (Corzo, 2012).

Resident advantages include higher quality of life, safer places to live, functionality, healthy property values, fewer traffic congestion, healthier lifestyles with more exercise and less heat, and greater diversity. These are the advantages for a stronger sense of place and neighborhood identification with more special architecturally attractive buildings (Corzo, 2012).

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Compared to architecture, which operates on the development of individual buildings, urban design deals with the wider scale of clusters of homes, streets and public spaces. It also operates on the developments of neighbourhoods, cities, and entire towns, with the aim of making urban areas accessible, appealing and safe (Corzo, 2012).

Such targets in their essence would result in a number of benefits that will arise from Pinecrest Parkway’s sound reconstruction in conjunction with this program for citizens, companies, local government, and developers. A public/private collaboration and strategy is a feasible course of action to reposition this corridor as a top local attraction, centered on the overall goals and objectives of the Community as illustrated in this Vision Document (Corzo, 2012).

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The Future Land Use Plan designates land area to support a range of commercial uses along the east side of the path of Pinecrest Parkway, the only region within the Village that has accommodated commercial development over time. This place acts as the economic hub of the community, offering options for shopping, industry and technical offices as well as the Community government’s organizational core (Corzo, 2012). This portion of this vision plan illustrates the key teachings of Sagalyn, as for him real estate and the local economy are closely intertwined.

Economic enhancement will be limited to the current conservative corridor of economic development east of Pinecrest Parkway in order to advance successful traffic advancement, achieve methodical change and continue with the Pinecrest tradition of widening open door for very much organized working and living territories (Corzo, 2012).

Pinecrest Village must retain land development guidelines that control land usage, thickness and enhancement strength, and non-private enhancement nuisance results. The Village’s Sustainable Land Use Plan and land development plans should ensure that enterprise or new change protects single family communities from sustainable abuses.

In this section, the Village of Pinecrest is dedicated to allocating land area to meet a housing supply appropriate to the varied housing needs of the current and projected future population; as well as assisting the private sector throughout providing affordable quality housing in communities shielded from conflicting uses and provided by adequate public facilities. The Pinecrest Village will also provide appropriate and inexpensive housing for present and future communities (Corzo, 2012). For Sagalyn, real estate and the local economy are closely intertwined (ppt citation)

The productive existence of the current housing property shall be maintained through the successful enforcement of rules, legislation and programs aimed at maintaining the nature of the area, including the protection of natural resources, the conservation of municipal amenities and code compliance initiatives. Furthermore, the Village shall encourage the restoration and conservation of historically significant housing properties (Corzo, 2012). Wheeler’s teachings are clearly stated in this segment of the village of Pinecrest vision plan.

These goals or targets in their essence would result in a number of benefits that will come from Pinecrest Parkway’s successful reconstruction in conjunction with this strategy for citizens, companies, local government, and investors (Corzo, 2012).

Local government gains include: a stronger tax base; less per resident spent on infrastructure and facilities than typical suburban growth due to the small, low-density existence of projects; a higher tax base due to more building opportunities; reduced traffic congestion due to walkability design; less violence due to the presence of more residents day and night; and less commuting (Corzo, 2012). Barnett* Barnett emphasizes the notion that real civic life is only possible when people may move from one location to another. While people walk they can stop and talk anywhere along the way, find a friend, introduce someone else to all the typical facets of city life, but the rise of urban sprawl design makes it more complex. Why architects create roads, communities and towns affect the citizens’ use of them. (PPT citation)

Resident advantages include: higher quality of life, safer places to live, function, and play; stronger; more secure property values; fewer traffic congestion; healthier lifestyles with more exercise and less stress; more diversity; and a better sense of place and neighborhood pride with more distinctive buildings that are architecturally fascinating (Corzo, 2012).  If the local economy is doing badly, it will be mirrored in prices of immovable property. These are likely to fall as confidence in residing and/or working in Pinecrest will drop. On the other side, if a community grows so quickly, the local government might want to ensure that there is no erosion of neighborhood identity by ensuring that certain protections are put in place (ppt citation).

Local government funds consist mainly of property taxes within an area. Therefore local government services are focused on those property values. Local governments use these funds to provide infrastructure such as police, fire prevention, hospitals facilities, libraries, transportation services, and others that keep a community running. In turn, it encourages people to want to live, work, and move there, thereby generating more taxes. Either this fee extends above what is already collected because it may be where the land is charged by some body rather than taxed (ppt citation) Local officials may also sell off property they hold so that, for example, a contractor may build apartments or co-invest with private entities to use unused land. Land that is publicly owned and often controlled by local governments, land that they do not utilize can be a valuable asset that creates jobs (ppt citation).

Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy And Environmental Resilience To further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce energy use and achieve environmental sustainability, the Village shall encourage the development of energy efficient housing through the introduction of creative policies encouraging energy conservation and environmentally sensitive technology and LEED develo technologies (Corzo, 2012). This portion of the plan illustrates key teachings by Wheeler. According to Wheeler, one often recognized definition of Sustainable Development is growth that addresses present-day needs without compromising the capacity of future generations to fulfill their own needs (Corzo, 2012).

Ensure the provision, in an environmentally sound way, of the necessary public facilities consistent with wastewater management, drinking water delivery and storage, sanitation, solid waste collection and disposal and conservation of natural groundwater aquifer recharge, protect assets in existing facilities and encourage organized, streamlined growth (Corzo, 2012). Barnett is very specific with the importance of an attractive urban design. As Moudon states in his teachings,the development of desirable neighbourhoods, with a number of land uses in close proximity to each other, is good for its residents to live a healthy lifestyle instead of having single family homes block by block. This means that residential neighborhoods have parks and schools within walking distance, as well as some stores and other essential uses (ppt citation).

Human health continues to be a central concern for politicians, but the specific focus is different in response to current trends. Despite rates of obesity and associated levels of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer close to their highest levels, physical inactivity has become more normal. The immediate cause of physical inactivity is sedentary behavior, which is appropriate given the way our cultures are primarily designed for driving, not walking, after the automotive’s emergence. Neighborhoods should, though, be reconfigured to encourage greater physical exercise and access to nutritious food (Corzo, 2012). Moudon explained some ways that we can promote healthier cities.

Investing in public plazas and other places that promote social interaction, encourage socialization and improve mental health. By allowing fresh food supermarket stores to expand people’s opportunities to grow fresh food as well as allowing a better variety of land uses in close proximity to each other, the Village of Pinecrest makes it possible to stroll to a local shop rather than drive. Activity levels and food choices are the two key indicators of behaviors which need to be changed to optimize individual health. (Corzo, 2012). This is an ideal way to promote healthy cities, as Moudon states in his teachings.

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