Piece on “The lake” Essay

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Piece on “The lake”

My head rested peacefully against the bark of the willow tree, my back floated on a bed of grass and my feet were gliding in the calm water of the lake, occasionally being nibbled by various fish. It was the perfect atmosphere to have a little nap; however I knew that if I fell asleep I would regret getting to admire the lake’s precious beauty on this spectacular day.

The sky was as clear as sapphire, the sun was a rosy apricot colour and was surrounded by pillows of clouds and somehow my imagination managed to convince me that there were little angels dancing and prancing above them. The sky looked even more radiant in the lake’s refection; it added a glittery appeal to it, magical.

I gazed wondrously towards the other side of the lake where the troop of trees stood, practically hugging each other. I enjoyed watching the giant trees sway with each other as if they were moving towards nature’s music. On my side of the lake, there was a choir of frogs chattering and birds chirping. I sang a little melody too, but the frogs and birds suddenly stopped, they must have disliked my tune.

As I was about to rest my eyes a little, nature woke me up. The calming breeze tickled my ear lobes and I could faintly hear it whispering secrets to me.

Every time the wind passed by, it left behind a scent of maple and berries so strong that it made my nose twitch. It smelt heavenly organic yet delightfully tasty.

When I took a careful look at the lake, it looked similar to a heart shape; just one side was slightly bigger. The colour of the water was like an innocent girl’s eyes, so pure. It was a dark turquoise and if you looked¬†carefully you could see the luminous scales of various fish. Every now and then a heard of teeny tiny jump fish would be racing across the glowing surface of the lake as if they were being chased by the police.

The lake was indescribably beautiful as it was but looking at what was on land around it was just the icing on top of the cake. Flowers bloomed as if they were living the last day of their life; bees flew as if there was no hurry; dears drank water as if there were no predators and birds sang as if they were in a symphony.

The wind softly whispers through the trees as I rest on the soft green bed beneath me, peaceful feelings overtake me and my spirits seem to soar from within just like the birds circling above me.

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