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Piece of irony Essay

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His odyssey then comes to a halt, as he perceives his friend, Henry Clerval. Coming across this memorable person allows him to forget his horror and misfortune; it allows him to feel calm and serene joy. They exchange stories and Victor reveals the scenario of his created monster. Henry believes it is a disturbed imagination, but the pertinacity of the story allows it to become believable. Where will Frankenstein go from here? This chapter is of pure significance to how the story is concluded.

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It creates suspense, knowing there is a vile monster on the loose. Where will it go? What will it do?

This chapter allows new themes to be created. Death! Love! What will this mean for Frankenstein? Will he live or will he die? How will this gothic novel conclude and what effect will this monster have on the communities’ welfare? The character of Frankenstein should be immensely appreciated. Is Frankenstein who we think he is? From previously read chapters, we see the emotional and diligent side of Frankenstein. He is seen to be energetic, beneficial, well-mannered; a man of determination who would in capacitate at the thought of failure. However, chapter 5 emphasizes the indolent and non-progressive side of Dr.

Frankenstein. We see this by the way he reacts to the form and appearance of his unforgettable monster. For example, he uses a great phrase: ‘With anxiety that almost amounted to agony’. This suggests that the amount of fear and worry was immensely increasing. Victors feelings towards his creature are negative, consequently his use of irony emphasizes this. One piece of irony used is: ‘I had selected his features as beautiful. Beautiful! Great God! ‘ Victor doesn’t mean what he says so he uses sarcasm to overlap his disappointment. Victor also uses a rhetorical question to make himself and the reader think.

He asks himself: ‘how can I describe my emotions at this catastrophe? ‘. This once again clarifies his negativity towards the monster. In this chapter, Victor has two main dreams, one being of relevance. His first dream is about the outcome of his creation; the beauty that had encountered to disgust and breathless horror. The second of the two dreams is the most abnormal. Victor dreamt that his wife Elizabeth had wandered the streets of Ingolstadt in the bloom of health; once embracing her, he kisses her dainty lips and somehow her body reforms to that of his dead mother, wrapped up in cloth, covered scarcely in graveworms.

This is of pure relevance to the rest of the novel as they are seen as signs for what is to come in the future. As it happens, his dream in some phases becomes true. Elizabeth, Victor’s wife gets killed by his vicious creature. From this stage, Victor is forced to create a companion for the monster; not consenting to this would lead to more homicides within Victor’s family. In the novel, Mary Shelley illustrates a poem to correlate with Victors retreat from home. The first line of the poem reads: ‘Like one, on a lonesome road’. Using this sentence suggests that Victor is walking by himself; disassociated with anyone.

At this moment in time, he is feeling poorly and anxious about what the consequences hold. The second line reads: ‘Doth walk in fear and dread’. This emphasizes the fact that he is scared as he triumphants through the streets. The next line reads: ‘And having once turned round, walks on’. This phrase states that he turns around to see his surroundings, and then continues his journey. Victors feels as if the monster has banished him from Ingolstadt. The following line reads; ‘And turns no more his head’. This tells us that Victor doesn’t want to come in contact with the monster again.

At this point, Victor still has the feeling of disappointment and embarrassment in himself. Next the poem reads; ‘Because he knows a frightful flend’. This means he knows a frightful demon, of whom to him is the monster he created. The final line of the poem reads: ‘Doth close behind him tread’. This means that the monster is perhaps close behind him. At this moment, Victor feels paranoid and weary. Within this gothic novel, Victor includes 3 themes: dark science, isolation and weather. Dark science is used to indicate the creation of the fiend, made from scarce rotted bodily parts. His thoughts are deep and out of this world.

His knowledge takes him so deep into science that his tutor tries to prevent him passing a certain stage in his medical degree. His aim is to infuse life into an inanimate body. He succeeds, however is disappointed with his result. During this theme, it is intercepted by weather. During the lonely nights and experimental days, the dark science compacts with horrid weather. For example: ‘it was on a dreary night of November that I beheld the accomplishments of my toils’. This tells us that the night the monster was finalised, the night and atmosphere was very dull. Another example of the weather.

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