Physiotherapy practices

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The reason why we choose this problem is because balancing is a very important biological system that enables a human to maintain their gravity line within their base of support (BOS) or maintain a desired position (“Definition of Balance,” 2018). When a person is developing the balance problems, it can result in visual postural sway. Many sign and symptoms as well as some uncomfortable feelings are associated with the problems of balancing. For instance, dizziness (have the feeling of falling down), light headed, wobbly, sense of motion or spinning and so forth.

These feelings and symptoms of diminished balance are more likely to influence the ability of an individual to cope safely and independently, and this puts them at a higher risk of falling down thus develop a severe injury. With a good sense of balancing, we are able to have a smoothly and confidently motion every day such as doing exercises, playing with the kids, walking up and down the stairs and others.

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So, it is important for us to have good balancing as it not helps us react quickly and prevent injuries and accidents but also helps creating happiness in our life. So, physiotherapists play a vital characteristic in helping patients to restore, maintain and maximize their balance, physical strength, motion and function.

The first physiotherapy practices will be single leg balance. First, physiotherapist can ask the patient to stand and face the wall, trying to outstretch the arms and the tips of fingers are touching the wall. Thus, lift the right leg, keep the level of the hips and slightly bend the left leg.

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Then, place your foot to its original position. When lifting the leg, try to hold 5 to 10 seconds and repeat 3 times on each side (“Physiotherapy Exercises: Balance, Range of Motion and Strengthening,” 2016).

Secondly, the exercise will be sideway walking. The patient should stand straight and put the feet together and slightly bend the knee. Then, the right leg moves one step to right side in a slow and controlled manner and move the left leg to joint it. When doing this action, avoid dropping the hips as the step. Repeat 10 steps each way (“Balance exercises,” 2018).

Moreover, one of the exercises will be simple grapevine. Physiotherapist can ask the patient to cross his left foot over the right foot. Then, bring the right foot to join it. Repeat this action for 5 times on each side and put the finger against the wall to maintain stability if required. The smaller the step, the more the patient work on the balance (“Balance exercises,” 2018).

Furthermore, the physiotherapy practice will be heel-to-toe walking. The physiotherapist shall make sure the patient is in standing position, then ask the patient to place his/her left heel on the floor which it is directly in front of the right toe. Then, ask the patient to do the same with his/her right heel. Throughout this process, physiotherapist shall make sure that the patient keeps looking forward. If needed, the patient can also put his/her fingers against the wall to maintain stability. Try attempts at least 5 steps of this action (“Physiotherapy Exercises: Balance, Range of Motion and Strengthening,” 2016).

These physiotherapy practices are crucial in improving the balancing so that we are able to perform our daily activities. Thus, it may also help in improving our body awareness like decrease the likelihood of injury, improving joint stability that aim to prevent ankle sprain and joint problem, improving our body reaction time that our body can re-balance immediately when falling down as well as enhancing our coordination because we are training the entire body to work together and this will reduce the chance of falling down (“Importance of Balance Training,” n.d.).

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