Physiological Change Essay

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Physiological Change

What is a drug addiction? Why don’t people just simply quit doing drugs? Well here is a news flash, an addiction to drugs is a disease! Why is it when someone is diagnosed with cancer other people are concerned and feel horrible, however, when someone is diagnosed with an addiction to drugs they are faced with ridicule, and alienation? It seems that it may be this way since cancer has been researched for many years while drug addiction has not. People who abuse drugs are affected by physiological changes that occur in the brain, unfortunately these changes are what leads to addiction and should be treated as the disease it is and not as if it is a choice.

The disease that addictions cause makes many physical changes to the human body but addiction is more than just a behavioral disorder, another thing that it can cause is emotional changes. The disease physically alters the way the user thinks. Over time consecutive use of the drug could make the users body immune to that dosage, therefore it makes them feel they need more to achieve their “High”, and here lies the start of an addiction. Many uninformed individuals would say if its bad quit; however, this problem isn’t that simple. Along with altering the way the user thinks, the disease also alters cells in the body.

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