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Physics of sports Essay

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Physics of sports

Instructions: One of the best (and most fun) ways to explore physics and how it relates to the real-world is through sports. Every sport utilizes multiple physics principles. For this project you will chose a sport and study the physics principles involved. The sport you choose must be an actual sport, not a computer simulation or animation You will create a short PowerPoint presentation (5 slides max) summarizing your project. The following outline is designed to walk you though what you need to include in your project presentation. You will get more out of this project if you pick a sport you play or are interested in.

And who knows, it may even improve your game! Project Outline: Be sure to include the following information in your presentation: Your name Sport Selected (include several illustrative images) Why did you choose this sport? List the physics principles that apply to your sport, and give specific examples of each. For example, all sports involve some sort of collision or impact. Thus the physics of momentum conservation and impulse apply. Include at least 3 relevant physics equations in your examples. Use a few images to illustrate your examples. Include at least 2 calculations in your presentation.

To obtain data for your calculations you may (1) make measurements if possible, (2) make reasonable estimations, (3) do a bit of searching to find sample data. Be sure to explain how and/or where you obtained data for your calculations. All of your equations should be included in your PowerPoint presentation (not handwritten on board as you present). List the top athletes in your chosen sport. Identify what physical characteristics make them uniquely suited to your sport. Use physics to support your answer. Most sports have an upper limit on the possible athletic performance of the participants.

This may be reflected by a world record or an obstacle of some sort. Discuss any such limitations in your sport and how physics may place such limitations on the athletes. For example, do you think it is physically possible for a sprinter to run 100 meters in under 9 seconds? What sort of trends do the world records suggest, and what physics principles apply? Upon completion email your presentation to Professor Brooks. Give your presentation a filename that includes your name and class in the following format: “John Doe phys1401. ppt” For examples of good past student projects you may download these SAMPLES.

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