Physics Branches Essay

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Physics Branches

Atomic physics examines the structure, properties, and behavior of the atom. Biophysics applies the tools and techniques of physics to the study of living things and the life processes. Cryogenics is the study of extremely low temperatures.

Electrodynamics analyses the relationship between electrical and magnetic forces. Fluid physics deals with the behavior and movements of liquids and gases. Geophysics is the study of earth and its atmosphere and waters by means of the principles of physics. Health physics involves the protection of people work with are near radiation. Mathematical physics is the study of mathematical systems that stands for physical phenomena. Mechanics deals with the behavior of objects and systems in response to various forces. Molecular physics examines the structure, properties, and behavior of molecules. Nuclear physics is concerned with the structure and properties of the atomic nucleus, and with nuclear reactions and their applications. Optics is the study of the nature and behavior of light.

Particle physics, also called high energy physics, analyses the behavior and properties of elementary particles. Plasma physics is concerned with the study of highly ionized gases- that is, gases that have been separated into positively and negatively charged particles. Quantum physics includes various areas of study based on quantum theory, which deals with matter and electromagnetic radiation, and the interactions between them. Solid-state physics, also called condensed-matter physics, examines the physical properties of solid materials. Thermodynamics is the study of heat and other forms of energy, and of the conversion of energy from one form to another.

Importance of Physics in Daily Life:There are several things, which have great importance in our daily life. Out of these, physics is the one of them. The main and the important form of energy that is electrical energy is only and only due to the physics. We cannot image the life without electricity. The formation of clouds in nature is based on the physical phenomenon called evaporation. Physics is also applied in our body. Due to electrical signals, which carry the sensation, to mind, we are able to see, listen or to feel the objects. In the cooking of the vegetables, some of the physical laws work. Even we choose the metal of the utensil on the behalf of physics.

We generally use water as a coolant or as a heating liquid due to the high specific heat of water. Physics also explains the several form of energy and their transformation. Such as kinetic energy, potential energy, nuclear energy, etc. Even in the growing of plants the osmosis is used and the photosynthesis is used which is also explained by the physics. Physics gave us very important inventions such as our cars, bikes, watches, bulbs, LEDs, cell phones, TV, computer, laptops, VCD players, microwave ovens, cooking gas stoves, etc.

Conclusion of Importance of Physics in Daily Life:Actually Physics is derived from a Greek word that means nature. The physical observations and the theories are consistent in nature. This is the theory, which makes the prediction of the results. Physics starts with the simple structures and then analyze the phenomenon. Now these days the physics has become indispensable. Physics pertains the new concepts and the materials as solar cells, which are environment friendly, do not produce any pollution. It can creates the situations in which we can solve the several problems.

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