Visiting Bagumbayan Light and Sound Museum
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Pages • 3
I remembered going to this Light and Sound Museum because we were required to visit this museum last school year in our RPH class. At first, I thought the museum is just small but the inside is actually spacious. A diorama of one of the fights battled between the Filipinos and Spaniards. The exhibition hall was separated into various rooms. Every last one of them is portraying a portion of the features of Philippine history. It has dioramas-moving reproductions of…...
Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Energy
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Pages • 10
Introduction As this report is on Solar Power, it is good to start the discussion with some general thoughts on Energy. Which is a very essential part of life and contributes directly to the country’s economy. Energy: Energy is the capacity of a system (physical) to perform work. OR Energy is the ability to do work. It exists in different forms such as heat, kinetic or mechanical energy, light, potential energy, electrical, or other forms. Energy sources could be defined…...
The Role of Physics in Golf
Words • 2492
Pages • 10
Physics plays an important role in the way athletes can perform; this can be seen through types of factors that influence sport performance. In golf, these factors may influence the shape of the golf clubs and how they’re made, as well as the shape and manufacturing of the golf ball. The intent in this report is to highlights certain aspects of physics that, to a great extent, influence sport performance. This will be demonstrated by in-depth analysis through the manufacturing…...
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To investigate the affect
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Pages • 3
Any structure that overhangs e. g. a bride is known as a cantilever. There is a direct relationship between the applied force and deflection of a cantilever. Aim: To investigate the affect of changing the force applied to a cantilever on its deflection. Equipment: Meter stick - to act as a cantilever Meter stick - to measure deflection Retort stand to hold measuring meter stick G clamp - to clamp cantilever to bench 100g masses - to provide the applied…...
The resistivity of constantan
Words • 844
Pages • 4
It is imperative that you do not touch or place loose wires onto the wire that is being tested as it becomes hot during the experiment. Leave the wire after the experiment for a brief period in order to let the wire cool. Apparatus: Varying lengths of Constantan wire (as designated in plan) to be tested Rheostat Power supply Voltmeter Ammeter 2 connecting wires with crocodile clips connecting wires A 1 metre ruler Scissors The following circuit was used in…...
Connex Atom Notebook
Words • 1206
Pages • 5
Laptops offer a ton of benefits to computer users everywhere that desktops simply can’t provide. While you may have to sacrifice a little power or up your budget a little bit to get exactly what you want, in the end it is all worth it as you will take home a computer that is complete and ready to be used without having to spend time connecting a bunch of different wires to it just so you can turn it on…...
Simple pendulum
Words • 233
Pages • 1
Hypothesis The period of an oscillating pendulum is given by the equation: T=2pi sqrt((l)/(g)) Where T is the period time of the pendulum, L is the length of the thread of the pendulum, and g is the gravitational acceleration. The acceleration due to gravity can be calculated using this formula and by knowing both the time period, and the length of the thread of the pendulum. Apparatus Spherical bob, Thread, Stop Watch, Tall Stand Clamp Method Attach a long piece…...
Potassium Iodide
Words • 1080
Pages • 4
I will use 100cm3 cylinders to measure out the solutions, and a pipette to measure the starch. Procedure Serially diluted concentrations of Potassium persulphate were measured out, starting with 10cm3 of Potassium Persulphate giving a concentration of 0.05M. A further 10cm3 of 0.05M Potassium Iodide was measured out. A beaker was taken and using a pipette, 0.1ml of starch was placed into the beaker. The beaker must be wrapped in paper to keep light out so that the temperature is…...
Positive light
Words • 1247
Pages • 5
This setting affects the reader's perception of the monster because the fact he is living in such a place shows us two things about him that have considerably changed since chapter 5. The first is that he has realized that he will never fit into human society, so he has chosen to use his superhuman physical abilities to live in a place where humans cannot reach. The second is that he has gained independence and can now look after himself,…...
Of physics principles fusion
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Pages • 4
This type of nuclear reaction for energy process produces a lot of long term radioactive waste which is quite difficult to dispose off and also there is a high probability of an event of a nuclear meltdown (a severe overheating of the nuclear reactor's core resulting in the core melting and radiation escaping).. a In all these complications of using the right source of energy, this is where the purpose of nuclear fusion research comes into picture. The smart features…...
The longer the wire the higher the resistance
Words • 747
Pages • 3
To make it a fair test the thickness, temperature and type of wire will be kept the same and voltage will be kept at setting 2 as in the 1st experiment. The main reason for using crocodile clips in this experiment is because (as well as the reasons mentioned in the 1st experiment) they can slide easily up and down the wire, making It easy to record the results at different lengths. Safety Using a low voltage setting (2v) will…...
How to protect iron from rusting
Words • 357
Pages • 2
To investigate the ability of metals to act as a sacrificial protector of iron, preventing or reducing rusting. Theory Iron oxide is more stable than iron metal, so when given the opportunity iron will be readily oxidised. Iron reacts with oxygen and water to form a hydrated form of iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3i?? xH2O), known as rust, which is permeable to air and water so the metal underneath the rust layer continues to corrode. The iron atoms readily give away two…...
Kinetic energy
Words • 1660
Pages • 7
Introduction Originally Gravitational potential energy (mph) is stored in a ball before its released. as the ball falls and the speed increases The potential energy of the moving ball is changed to kinetic energy (1/2mv2) then it looses all the potential energy as soon as is touches the floor. If there is no energy loss the energy (I. e. P. E and K. E) remains the same The ball deforms and slows down as it touches the ground. Here the…...
Magnetism and Electricity
Words • 1050
Pages • 4
Diagram Preliminary results. Voltage Length of wire Current Resistance? Preliminary Conclusion. From these results it is evident that two 1. 5 Volt batteries should be used because they produce the desired range of current. However, when the length of wire is 10cm the current is too high because the temperature of the wire increased instead of staying constant. Therefore the range of the lengths in the investigation is 20cm to 100cm. These results conclude that to produce the desired range…...
Electric shock
Words • 1072
Pages • 4
Electric shock: When used inappropriately, electric shock can result and cause serious injury. Explosion and fire caused by electrical sparks, short circuits or overload heating in the presence of flammable material can occur. Parent or teacher supervision is required and was present during the use of electrically powered equipment (electric drill and freezer) in this experiment. Plugs that were cracked or broken were not used. The cable was checked to ensure it was in good condition and free from breaks in…...
The distance travelled by the margarine tub
Words • 911
Pages • 4
These averages will be used to plot a line on a graph. I am predicting that my line on the graph should look something like this: Detailed method In this investigation, there will be variables that I will have to change and ones that are to be kept the same throughout. There are 6 variables that are likely to effect the investigation, these are; the force applied by the hand on the elastic band, the surface area of the base…...
Compare two odes by Keats in light of this observation
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Pages • 3
This shows the author’s view on beauty. He is ambivalent about the permanence of beauty. Keats believes although there is pleasure in beauty, as he says in Endymion ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’, beauty is not perfect everywhere. As he is dying, he sees that beauty in people is ephemeral, unlike the figures on the Urn whose beauty ‘cannot fade’ and the nightingale’s song which is so old it may have been heard by ‘the sad heart…...
Aim To determine the coefficient of static friction
Words • 416
Pages • 2
In this experiment, the coefficient of static friction (s) between a wooden block and granite plane was determined. The coefficient of static friction (s) between the wooden block and granite plane was found to be 0.396 0.0001. The experiment was rather precise as the readings were quite close to the line of best fit when the readings were represented graphically. However, there certainly are sources of error in the experiment. Sources of Error 1. Uncertainty in the triple beam balance…...
Advancing Physics Coursework
Words • 1012
Pages • 4
The Theory of Gravity has been transformed through the last century, from an original and important classical framework to more recent relativistic and then quantum interpretations, eventually culminating in a specific requirement to link it all together with the other forces and create a unified theory of everything. The search for unification is currently very much dependent upon experimentation and raises questions as to the scientific validity of String Theory and whether it exists as science or philosophy - or…...
Young’s modulus of Nylon
Words • 2294
Pages • 9
If all three of these experiments were to be perfect then the final Young's Modulus value would be the same in each, so this will be a good test of how much my investigation has suffered from error when I examine the range in the three values. N. B In my actual practical experiments, I have decided to measure Engineering Stress, as opposed to True Stress. As Engineering Stress does not take into account cross-sectional area changes, this will prevent…...
Why TCXO is preferable over standard crystal oscillator?
Words • 327
Pages • 2
A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that draws on the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material. is the best option, in case you are looking forward to generate an electrical signal with a specific frequency. This type of frequency is basically required for maintaining track of time. It is used in digital integrated circuits to get constant clock signals and to stabilize frequencies in radio transmitters and receivers. The quartz crystal is most commonly used…...
Wavelength of red light
Words • 744
Pages • 3
The target is to take measurements to calculate the wavelength of red laser light by using the diffraction grating formula. Therefore I will use a variety of diffraction gratings. To improve accuracy I will always do the experiment with and in absence of two lenses. With this step I hope to get closer to the real wavelength. The Set-up Equipment list: 1. red laser 2. two metre rulers 3. wall or projector screen 4. double slit 5. slit holder 6.…...
Under/over Speed Detection Using Contactless Tachometer
Words • 247
Pages • 1
The aim of the project is to design a contactless speed sensing device (tachometer) for a motor. Traditional tachometers require a physical contact to the shaft of the motor to measure the speed. In certain applications, where it is not possible to measure the speed directly, it is possible for a contactless tachometer to take the readings from a certain distance. This is the main motivation behind choosing this project. This contactless tachometer uses the IR transmitting and receiving technique.…...
Thickness of a wire
Words • 1043
Pages • 4
The flow of charge (electrons) through a conductor can be compared to an obstacle course. This correlation is sometimes called the Obstacle Course Model of Resistance. As the electrons shift from one part of the conductor to the other, they have to find their way round past the layers of cations (making up the metallic structure of the conductor), which work as obstacles to the solid flow of electrons. Any Factor that causes there to be additional obstacles or makes…...
The Physics of Sailing
Words • 2312
Pages • 9
Sailing is a skill and an art which requires much time, practice and understanding to master. One may not understand the physics behind driving a car, however one can understand the basic principals behind using a car: press on the accelerator and the car will go faster; press on the breaks and the car will stop; turn the steering wheel left and the car will turn left. The same mentality applies in sailing, although in order to understand the physics…...
Gaussian minimum-shift keying
Words • 704
Pages • 3
GMSK ( Gaussian minimum-shift keying or Gaussian filtered Minimum Shift Keying ) is used for transition in GSM. It is a sort of continues-phase frequence displacement keying. Gaussian minimum-shift keying GMSK is inspired by MSK, which is a signifier of PSK. In PSK the sideband extends out from the bearer which overcomes in MSK. In MSK and GMSK frequence alterations occur at the bearer zero crossing points, so there are no stage discontinuities. This is because the difference between frequence…...
The kinetic friction
Words • 390
Pages • 2
1. The roughness of the surface of the objects and the plane/track used in the experiment should be in even condition. Meaning the experimenter should check the roughness by touching the surfaces. For instance, in this experiment, a piece of sand paper is wrapped to the wooden block (to investigate the coefficient of the sand paper surface due to the plane surface which is wood). The sand paper should be the one that has not been used before. This is…...
The history of the atom
Words • 465
Pages • 2
Over the span of hundreds of years science has advanced tremendously improving our understanding of what makes up the world we live in. The atom is one of sciences important findings and has had a changing history of new discoveries, always altering the way we see things. In the early 1800s a man called John Dalton made an atomic theory with predictions about atoms. He stated that atoms are tiny particles that make up elements and that they are indivisible.…...
Technology is a Threat, but Also a Necessity
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Pages • 4
50 years ago, computers were the size of an entire room. Today, a computer can fit inside a backpack or even the back pocket of your jeans. Over the years, technology has been greatly improved affecting the lives of all people. Technology has changed the way people socialize and perform their daily activities. Technology is one of the main driving forces of the future. Technology has enhanced the quality of life for humans. There are many different views of technology.…...
Survey on Wind Energy
Words • 951
Pages • 4
Introduction Wind energy first came to the fore in 1991 with the creation the UK's first wind farm. Wind farms were created in the purpose of harnessing the potential energy that could be created using the wind. Renewable energy is ever increasing whether it be wind, wave or solar power. The great advantage of these renewable energies is their cleanliness for the environment. Ironically however, the issue of wind farms has had strong media attention due to a lack of…...
Spring Investigation (Physics Coursework)
Words • 1553
Pages • 6
For this investigation I will explore and examine the behaviour of springs when applied a weight and a force to them. I am aiming to achieve a direct relationship between the period it take to complete 30 oscillations and the weight applied to the spring. Planning: Prediction: Similar to my aim I predict a directly relationship between the period it takes to complete a number of oscillations and the weight or mass applied to the spring. This means that as…...
Running the swiftness of lightning
Words • 1930
Pages • 8
One of the key settings involving this (and to an extent isolation) is during the beginning and final stages where Walton is stuck in the bleak expanses of the Arctic. An idea which is common throughout Frankenstein is that Victor and Walton are both trying to penetrate nature, going against her will with their respective goals. Walton is trying to travel where man is not supposed to and so nature is angry, striking back with her divine power by trapping…...
A review of “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” by Ernest Hemingway
Words • 959
Pages • 4
Ernest Hemingway was born on July 21st, 1899. He was the son of Dr. Clarence Edmonds and Grace Hall Hemingway. He grew up in a small town called Oak Park, Illinois. Hemingway was brought up in a somewhat conservative household by his parents who pushed the value of politeness and religion. It wasn't until he began English classes in school that his writing talent began to shine. After he graduated from high school Hemingway turned his back on university and…...
Relative atomic mass
Words • 540
Pages • 2
The electron was the first particle to be discovered by J J Thomson, who was looking into passing an electric current through gases. At the positive end of the tube a glow was visible. This glow could be deflected by both electric and magnetic fields, suggesting that there were rays of negative particles travelling from the cathode to the anode. These particles are obviously electrons. Thomson went on to suggest that atoms were like plum puddings with negative electrons embedded…...
Practical Investigation into the Horizontal motion of a Projectile
Words • 364
Pages • 2
The aim of this investigation is to determine the horizontal motion of a uniform particle when released down a ramp at varying speeds. The manipulation of speed will be achieved by positioning the projectile at different heights above a table, on a ramp. I believe that the horizontal component of the particle's travel will be proportional to its starting height, thus, if one is doubled so is the other. Equipment This experiment will require: Ball Bearing - projectile Ramp -…...
Physics Spinning Stopper Lab
Words • 490
Pages • 2
Research Question: How does the time period of the stopper depend upon the length of the string? Source: The centripetal force of the stopper is from the horizontal component of tension. Since the tension is equal to the weight of the hanging mass below: From the diagram above, sinis equal to , and therefore: Data: Controlled Variables: Mass of the stopper: 0.0175±0.0001kg Mass of the hanging mass: 0.0709±0.0001kg. The uncertainty for the masses came from the smallest division of the balance scale rather than half the…...
The Physics of Paper Helicopters
Words • 2177
Pages • 8
In my physics coursework I intend to study 'paper helicopters'. A paper helicopter is a piece of plain A4 paper that has been folded, so that when dropped, it spins whilst falling to the ground. Below is a picture of one of the helicopters used. The top half of the piece of paper is cut down the middle, creating the two wings, and then the rest of the piece of paper is folded up to make the body of the…...
Physics Investigation on Hook’s Law
Words • 1212
Pages • 5
Aim: The aim of my investigation is to find out if Hooke's Law can be proved with a steal spring. Equipment: Ruler, springs(x4), Base clamp, Weights (up 13N), boss clamp, goggles Diagram: Safety feature: * Pupils were not cramped together as they needed room to work. * Goggles were worn to prevent eyes from getting damaged. * People could not play with equipment. * People could not run around in the science laboratory. * Desks were cleared There were not…...
Physics Investigation into the bending of a Cantilever
Words • 2167
Pages • 8
==> Although safety in this investigation is not a paramount concern, one should still be careful as rulers can cause eye injuries and damage breakable equipment in the lab. Introduction ==> This is an investigation into the bending of a cantilever, conducted by changing a variable effecting the deflection of the cantilever when clamped to a table. I have chosen to change the deflecting force, and investigate how a change in this will effect the deflection of the cantilever gradually…...
Physics Experiment
Words • 698
Pages • 3
Prediction: I think that as the weight increases, so too will the friction. The static friction is the amount of force needed to move an object. Therefore, if pulling on a block of wood with a force of 0.3N moves the block, this is its static friction. The sliding friction is the amount of force needed to keep an object moving at a constant speed. Both of these increases if there is more weight as there will be more friction…...
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How to protect iron from rusting

...Therefore if a piece of iron placed in the indicator rusts, a blue colour will appear. If nothing happens, there will be no colour change. If the coating is oxidised, the mixture will turn pink (as the coating's electrons will react with water and ox...

Why TCXO is preferable over standard crystal oscillator?

...The basic importance of TCXO is that it can deliver tremendous temperature stability within a compact, light-weight and low power device. There are several applications for which TCXO is an ideal design such as telecommunication equipment including m...
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