Physician one day Essay

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Physician one day

Hope began playing a major role in my life when my father was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. I remember the exact day my family and I found out, the terrible feeling in my stomach and my utter disbelief. From that day on it had only grown worse. The doctor bluntly told us that my father had only about three to six months to live. The only thing I had left was hope. It was the hope that he would miraculously get better, but as his illness progressed, I simply hoped to have him with me just a little longer. Nine months later my father died. To this day I still cannot fully fathom the fact that he has passed away.

However, the painful journey that led to his demise is the motivational experience that empowers me to strive for excellence. Having to see the person I love endure painful chemotherapy sessions and watching him slowly deteriorate was the hardest experience I have had to bear thus far. In a way, I was able to benefit from it. When he was diagnosed, I spent all the time I could with my father, trying to ameliorate his pain and mine. I would give him his medications, cater to his every need, and even accompany him to his chemotherapy appointments. Ultimately, I became his personal nurse.

On several occasions, my father could not withstand the pain caused not only by the cancer, but also by the chemotherapy. In these moments, I was distraught because I felt incompetent; I could not help him in any way. With desperation in his voice, he would tell me, “Be a doctor one day, so you can cure people like me. ” His words determined the career path I would take. The few times I could ameliorate my father’s pain were the times when I felt a satisfaction like no other. Helping others in any way became my passion because it reminds me of the instances I helped my father.

My father’s words inspired me to help others who suffer due to illness. His death gave me hope and the drive to become a physician. My father’s battle with cancer was a life changing experience. I am now able to say that it has made me the strong individual I consider myself to be. Hope led me to survive the loss of my father and it is hope that guides me every day. Hope allows me to continue in times of despair, as well as to strive for the best in school. Whenever I am in any predicament, I remember my father and everything we went through together; I immediately gain the courage to overcome the issue.

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