Physically old but young in mind Essay

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Physically old but young in mind

“Physically old but young in mind”

Late adulthood is a developmental stage where senior citizens belong. It is the period beginning in the sixties or seventies and lasting until death based on our psychology subject. It is the time of adjustment to decreasing strength and health, life review, retirement, and adjustment to new social roles. People are said to be senior citizens when they reach the age of sixty or sixty-five because those are the ages at which most people retire from their work. As teenagers we should respect those people who are now in this stage of their life. One of the simplest reason to respect the elders is that we love them . They care for us when we are sick , cook for us , care for us , talk to us teach us and love us more than life itself. We love them , we follow them and their words .They show us their love by the acts of kindness and care , we show it by respect . Respect is part of love, love doesn’t exist without respect and respect is one of many signs of love.

To let the elders know you care, just respect their words and actions. This will cement your relation and trust will multiply in no time. Life becomes easier for us when we have our elders on our side during our struggles. Also, when we have grandmothers and or grandfathers we want them to be happy. We do all things and spend a lot of time for them to enjoy the last years of their lives. But sadly, many people send or put them in a hospital or home for the agent maybe because they think that it’s a waste of time if they will take the responsibility of taking care of these elders. Being in a senior citizens stage, one must not think that he will stop exploring about things. Living in the past memories alone is to stay inactive. In order to stay active, one must find new interests; create within him a love for life; must not be content to simply watch life move on; rather he must be willing to take part in it. Anyone of us can stir up a new spirit of interest and enthusiasm within. If one starts to think of himself as being too old to make a new start, this is merely an excuse.

One may take up a hobby, call up old friends or relatives, start writing a blog or journal, learn a new art or technology, lead a spiritual life or involve oneself in all other activities one wanted to do, but could not do due to a genuine lack of time before retirement. Senior citizens should involve themselves in engaging activities to stay fit and prevent memory loss because at this stage of life, they may be prone to diseases, syndromes and sickness. Seniors that participate in group activities may share laughter and joy. This develops a bonding experience between them. Playing games can be the answer to relieving depression, anxiety and loneliness. Technology has evolved where game consoles can read the motion or activity of your body. Senior citizens who have never played video games may be intimidated because of the game or complex control schemes. However, there are now games on the market specifically for seniors that are fun and some are even group oriented. Other games provide challenges such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku or brain teasers.

These can enhance a senior citizen’s memory. Seniors also have the opportunity to go on trips and discover things they couldn’t before. This could be due to obligations or responsibilities such as work or being a full-time parent that didn’t allow them to pursue travel earlier in life. Retirees may obtain the free time to explore other cultures in different states or continents. They can go on aerial tours or on cruise vacations to see famous landmarks and experience the world. They also need to exercise, and gardening provides that source. According to “Senior Journal,” gardening is acceptable for seniors to meet the physical activity requirements needed to stay in good health. The report came from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Gardening has a calming effect because seniors are creating and nurturing flower beds or growing their own herbs and vegetables. Another help for senior citizens is the regular massage therapy that can relieve stress, improve posture, circulation, relax muscles and control pain. Therapeutic massages provide relief of daily tension associated with stress and can help with the recovery process of various medical conditions. Another very popular activity for the elderly is ceramics. Many ceramic projects only need light sanding and painting, resulting in a beautiful and rewarding finished piece.

This type of project offers a wonderful way for seniors to pass the time either at home. Other suitable crafts for senior citizens includes painting, photography, sewing, scrapbooking and many others. Playing games and solving puzzles are also an excellent cognitive activities for older seniors. These types of activities engage the brain keeping it stimulated and vital. This includes dominoes, card games, chess, scrable, bingo, jigsaw puzzles crossword and sodoku. By adapting these activities and games to the needs of their limitations, many seniors are able to enjoy the health and social benefits of staying active. The benefits may include Mental stimulation that keeps the mind fit and challenged, Reestablishing recognition skills, Enhancing the senior’s memory, A healthier and longer life, Social interaction and friendships, Lower rates of depression, and A reduction in muscle and joint pain. What get’s old is body, not mind and soul. Soul does not age, and age of mind is a choice. One can be physically young but drained out in mind or physically old but young in mind. It is the people who really develop their own adjustment in whatever condition of life.

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